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24, TV Series, 2001-2010 IMDB

Pictures provided by: wickey, TaTa, imcdb, Hecubus, antp, garco, IRT_BMT_IND, Neptune, CarChasesFanatic, APS221, Iteza, afonso, CarChecker, MisterZ, Tiggo, shlc647, CRAFT372, acer4666

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  • 24 heures chrono (France)

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antp BE

2005-12-21 22:02

I started to add pictures for 4th season, but I do not know who made the previous ones.


2006-01-26 22:25

is there any car chases

antp BE

2006-01-26 23:47

Probably some minor ones, but nothing important enough to be mentionned I think, since I do not remember :D

CarChasesFanatic ES

2006-02-01 14:45

Nah LH not really cool car chase to mention in this TV series, anyway its a cool one.


2006-02-08 00:22

The chase at the end of the 3th season was not bad


2006-02-08 00:24

J'ai aussi envoyé quelques photos pour la Saison 1


2006-02-12 13:31

the best chase was in the end of season 4 i think lh

antp BE

2006-02-12 13:39

I'm still at episode 9 of season 4 so pictures of that will come later ;)

antp BE

2006-04-28 17:55

I do not really see where there was a car chase at the end of season 4 :??:
Except if you mean the "season 5 prequel", whose vehicles are listed as episode "5.00". It is basically a 10-minute ad for the Toyota Avalon, which is chased by a BMW.

Star Wars Fanatic EN

2006-05-13 11:18

Can anybody please say which episodes of 24 contain a car chase?

imcdb FR

2006-05-26 22:56

none :D

Zett Jukassa PT

2006-07-06 00:35

Who can check out Ep. 5.02? What kind of SL is it in the underground car park?

hughie522 AU

2006-08-05 03:14

There are a lot of Toyotas in Season 5 (makes you wonder about marketing deals :P). There were a few black sedans, two different-make grey sedans and a silver RAV4. Hope someone gets screenshots and identifies them soon.


2006-10-23 03:17

Star Wars Fanatic wrote Can anybody please say which episodes of 24 contain a car chase?

If i'm not mistaken, there is a car chase in the last episode of Season 3.

-- Last edit: 2006-10-23 03:19:47

antp BE

2006-11-01 18:52

I started season 5, so in the next days/weeks I will add pictures from it.

CarChasesFanatic ES

2006-11-01 20:29

Antoine i have already seen this season, im not gonna spoil it of course but when you see a BMW falling into the water please notice me so i can know which episode it is in please.

antp BE

2006-11-01 20:30

Sure, I'll notify you of interesting stuff. In episode 5.01 there is a black Taurus that hits a wrecked Audi.

-- Last edit: 2006-11-01 20:31:14

CarChasesFanatic ES

2006-11-01 20:31

yes i remember it thanks ;)


2006-12-24 12:51

This show is heavily sponsored by Toyota.

antp BE

2006-12-24 12:59

Since 5th season only

CarChasesFanatic ES

2006-12-24 13:07

Yes it depends, in recent ones its Lexus the main brand... for example

antp BE

2006-12-24 13:13

5 is the latest complete season; the 6th only began recently I think. They also used few Lexus but there were more Toyota.

-- Last edit: 2006-12-24 13:14:04


2007-01-18 17:36

i just saw season 6 and heres what i saw:
** 2006 ford crown victoria (black)
**** 2006 ford e-150 (red)
**** 2006 ford expedition xlt (black)
** 2006 ford five hundred sel
** 2002 gmc rts (metrobus)
* 2003 honda accord ex (silver)
* 2006 honda element ex
**** 2001 jeep cherokee sport (white)
*** 1978 oldsmobile cutlass (green)
*** 1999 pontiac bonneville se (gold)
**** 2006 toyota rav4 limited (silver) - prequel
**** 2006 toyota sequoia limited (gold)
**** 2006 toyota yaris s (silver)
**** 2006 volkswagen passat 3.6 (dark blue)


2007-01-19 02:26

Season 6 just started here in Canada, and I have screencaps for the first 4 episodes+the prequel. Should I wait for the whole season to finish before I submit them, or should I submit them after each episode airs?

-- Last edit: 2007-01-19 02:27:06

antp BE

2007-01-19 15:04

As you prefer. For cars that come back in several episodes, it may be easier to wait for the end, else you have to do changes to existing ones (which is not a problem either - so you do as you prefer).

'Bert US

2007-01-21 01:19

anyone know the makes of those buses in the 3rd episode of Season Six?

'Bert US

2007-02-15 03:38

I have season six, more:

Grumman fire truck (early in the episode of graems death, background)
GMC Savana Ext. Cargo Van (i think between 1996 and 2002), that's probably three stars
Chevy Impala (1999-2003) Blue, probably One star
Jaguar XK8 convertible (i think green), two stars
Maserati Quattroporte, silver (give it four stars)

Pics tomorrow or friday.

'Bert US

2007-02-15 04:28

In episode 6.08: found a silver 2006 Dodge Ram 1500 Quad Cab 4x4 (give it two or three)
a Crown Vic police car (LAPD)
and an Acura RSX type S (background on that and the CV)

Pics tomorrow.

antp BE

2007-02-15 11:00

We'll add these at the same time that you will send the pictures, it is not useful to mention them here if you plan to send the picture just after that ;)

CarChasesFanatic ES

2007-03-20 22:36

are there any chases or crashes in season six?

badlymad CA

2007-03-20 23:18

There was a chase between a helicopter and a Maserati.


2007-03-20 23:33

carchasesfanatic wrote are there any chases or crashes in season six?

There's a pretty good crash in episode three - Jack rams a Jeep Cherokee into a Pontiac Bonneville, which loses control and hits a parked Volkswagen Fox.

-- Last edit: 2007-03-20 23:33:18

CarChasesFanatic ES

2007-03-20 23:34

thanks ;)


2007-03-20 23:43

deleted comment

wickey SK

2008-10-27 15:56

started with season 1 today, so lot of pictures will come :)

antp BE

2008-10-27 16:44

I made only 4 & 5, so I know that these are rather complete (except maybe some background ones). I do not know if IRT_BMT_IND included all for seasons 6 or not.
Season 1 was done by TaTa long time ago, same for season 2 by Hecubus and few other pics by Imcdb, so probably lots of cars missing in these.


2008-10-28 00:14

I had pictures for the other half of season six but lost them in a hard drive crash. I will get pictures for season 7 when it starts airing in January.

CarChasesFanatic ES

2009-02-24 20:21

Guys, any fo you who watches this series can please tell me if there's any chase in the latest episode emited? if so could you tell me what episode is it?

Ford_Guy US

2009-02-25 01:05

There was a pretty good chase in yesterday's episode. I think it's hour 7, I can't remember at the moment.

Neptune US

2009-02-25 03:27

There was also a possible goof in that episode. Toward the end, when the screen splits into multiple views,
Jack is shown driving a newer Ford Expedition. Of course, he obviously crashed the last one. So either it’s a
goof or the show plans on introducing a new Ford Expedition in a future episode.

taxiguy US

2009-02-25 04:56

Yesterday's episode had no Expedition, it was a chase between Jack's Taurus and Dubaku's Jeep Grand Cherokee.

ky72x US

2009-02-25 07:10

Besides those two main cars, there were a lot of background ones. I managed to spot a Ford Mustang and a Hyundai, and I think the car Dubaku crashed into was an old Chevrolet. The episode was 7.10.


2009-09-12 17:20

A 3 Star Chevrolet Malibu was used in the last Episode of Season 3


2010-01-19 03:25

Season/Day 8 has started airing in the U.S. and Canada. It is set in New York, but shot mostly in Canada.

vilero ES

2010-02-24 13:53

Iteza, your two pictures waiting validation, are they really HD ones? (885X498)

antp BE

2010-02-24 14:02

I think so, series with channel logo are either divx in 640x... or HD, and this looks more like HD than enlarged picture.

garco NL

2010-06-02 12:51

Anybody has season 7? I see some empty spots here...

MisterZ AU

2013-11-25 04:21

This show is returning to TV in 2014, so the end year of '2010' is no longer relevant.

-- Last edit: 2014-04-16 02:39:52

Gag Halfrunt UK

2013-11-25 11:25

But the new series, "24: Live Another Day", is listed separately on the IMDB.

MisterZ AU

2014-04-19 20:55

Season 3 complete (11 years after it first aired!).

-- Last edit: 2014-05-10 12:29:45

MisterZ AU

2014-04-19 21:47

This show needs a lot of work - can't believe such a popular show could be neglected like this on this site.

1) Season 3 wasn't even done at all, despite airing 11 years ago! I just completed it.
2) Season 6 is only done up to episode 11 (i.e. first half). For some reason, someone gave up half way through?!
3) Season 7 has 4 entries without any photos
4) Only 12 entries have been added for season 2. i.e. it's mostly incomplete
5) Season 1 seems to have no entries beyond episode 1.16. It's unlikely there are no vehicles in the last 8 episodes, so I'd say this season is also incomplete.

karoomay SY

2014-04-19 21:52

Davez621 wrote Season 3 complete (11 years after it first aired!).

This website is 10 years old and in early days of this site, users only added 3-4 star role cars that were used by main characters. The habit of adding small and background role cars came later. Not to mention, people add and complete shows that are by far older than 24.

MisterZ AU

2014-04-19 22:03

karoomay wrote
This website is 10 years old and in early days of this site, users only added 3-4 star role cars that were used by main characters. The habit of adding small and background role cars came later. Not to mention, people add and complete shows that are by far older than 24.

Yes, but *none* of season 3 was even done at all, not even the 3-4 star cars.

karoomay SY

2014-04-19 23:31

Davez621 wrote This show needs a lot of work - can't believe such a popular show could be neglected like this on this site.

Well it happens, some popular TV shows on this site hardly get any contributions until someone decides to buy the DVD sets and add all the cars for each season. For example, Seinfeld sat for years with only some contributions here and there until I bought the DVD sets for all the seasons and completed the entire series. Anyways, good work on completing the seasons you worked on so far.

MisterZ AU

2014-04-20 08:22

Well, that may be true, but you don't need to buy the DVDs to upload the show. You can download them as well (although seasons 1 & 2 are quite hard to find, and usually poor quality). I think the problem might be that someone comes to this page, sees the vast number of entries, and just automatically assumes the show is complete (being so old, how could it not be?). That's what I assumed, initially, until I looked closer at the episode numbers and saw huge missing gaps.

antp BE

2014-04-22 17:36

I watched seasons 1 to 3 on TV (so no captures), 4 and 5 on my PC (hence why I completed these here back then, but probably with only main vehicles)
At the time of the first seasons, we didn't had many people on the site, and series weren't yet common amongst contributions.
And I guess that after that no-one took time to rewatch the old seasons to complete them here... until you did ;)

-- Last edit: 2014-04-22 17:37:04

Neptune US

2014-05-11 23:12

24 is returning next May (2015)with all-new episodes. Fox reported that Kiefer Sutherland will reprise his role as Jack Bauer.

It will be for one season, for now, but if ratings stay strong, the series could continue for future seasons...

-- Last edit: 2014-05-11 23:15:08

MisterZ AU

2014-06-04 03:42

Here's an update on my progress with this show:

Season 1: fully complete in HD (finished May 12, 2014)
Season 2: fully complete (finished May 10, 2014), 93% in HD so far
Season 3: fully complete in HD (finished May 17, 2014)
Season 4: fully complete in HD (finished April 21, 2014)
Season 5: fully complete in HD (finished April 23, 2014)
Season 6: fully complete in HD (finished May 19, 2014)
Season 7: fully complete in HD (finished July 15, 2014)
Season 8: fully complete in HD (finished June 29, 2017)

Total new vehicles I've added: 196

Please note that vehicles from deleted scenes will stay in SD only (as well as the season 5 "prequel" episode 5.00).

-- Last edit: 2017-06-29 05:35:48

Ford_Guy US

2014-06-04 18:21

Good work.

shlc647 US

2016-01-12 01:36

In my opinion this is one (if not) the best show on TV.

shlc647 US

2016-01-25 05:56

I have a good deal of the show on DVD, 5 out of the 8 seasons for the main (not including the TV movie in 2008 and Live Another Day in 2014) and growing by the month. I am noticing some cars missing that aren't too background. Am I allowed to add some? The additions from the seasons may be out of order.

shlc647 US

2017-03-04 04:54

Gonna start in a little bit with Season 4 and work my way back around to the previous seasons if that is alright.

shlc647 US

2017-03-04 07:30

A barely visible 2004+ Ford Taurus that Jack gets into:

[Image: screenshot2017-03-03at83914pm.jpg]

shlc647 US

2017-03-05 06:39

Leighton Meester has a small role in Season 4:

[Image: screenshot2017-03-03at92948pm.jpg]

Her fate is unfortunate, not saying what it is because it will spoil the show.

shlc647 US

2017-03-10 08:03

The Phone Number that is recurring throughout Seasons 4-6:

Season 4:
[Image: screenshot2017-03-09at95534pm.jpg]
[Image: screenshot2017-04-02at105335pm.jpg]

-- Last edit: 2017-04-03 09:15:44

shlc647 US

2017-03-11 07:57

[Image: screenshot2017-03-10at103924pm.jpg] [Image: screenshot2017-03-10at103935pm.jpg]

A tribute to a real life soldier at the end of episode 4.06 who was in a scene during that episode. This is why the show is my favorite TV show of all time, because they show respect for Police Officers and Soldiers no matter what people think about them.

Rest In Peace Lt. Col. David Greene (July 28th, 2004).

shlc647 US

2017-03-11 09:52

Imhotep shows up in Season 4:

[Image: screenshot2017-03-10at112427pm.jpg]

shlc647 US

2017-05-23 02:18

I'm back for uploading. I just added a Mitsubishi Mighty Max.

MisterZ AU

2017-06-21 10:47

Very old stock footage of NYC from 1996, in season 8 (dead giveaway: "NY96" sign on post):

[Image: vlcsnap-2017-06-21-18h44m15s043.jpg]

As if a 1991 Caprice taxi would still be in service in 2010!

More old 1990s era footage in episode 8.19:

Apparently very little of season 8 was actually filmed in NYC, but how hard could it be to get more recent stock footage??

-- Last edit: 2017-07-01 13:56:15

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