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Hawaii Five-O, TV Series, 1968-1980 IMDB

Pictures provided by: yvon52, walshga, Chris R, KoolCat, night cub, PanteraL, H50AussieFan

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Also known as:

  • Hawaii Five-0
  • Hawaii-Fünf-0 (Germany)
  • Hawaï, police d'état (France)
  • Hawaii, Squadra Cinque Zero (Italy)

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Raul1983 FI

2007-02-20 16:17


Quote 1968 Mercury Parklane Brougham 4-door. This car was used from the series premiere on September 26, 1968, to its partial destruction during the 1978 season. This car is perhaps the most photographed Mercury in existence, having appeared in approximately 130 Five-O episodes. Three black Mercurys were used by McGarrett during the life of the series; the least frequently seen was a '67 Marquis, black, red interior. [A 2-door car.] This vehicle was used in filming the pilot and for stock footage. My Brougham took over once the series began and was in use by McGarrett through the 1973 season. In '74, McGarrett got his last Mercury, a triple black '74 Marquis Brougham 4-door hardtop.


antp BE

2007-04-06 16:34


c'est ajouté ;)

Hunterman US

2007-12-30 23:02


A 1967 Mercury Marquis 2dr. Hardtop with red interior was used in the "Pilot" movie "Cocoon," as well as for "stock" footage--aka scenes of McGarrett driving to a crime scene. Once the actual series started, a brand new 1968 Mercury Parklane 4dr. Hardtop was McGarrett's car--even though many times with the "driving scenes" the old '67 is still shown. The last car, a 1974 Mercury Marquis Brougham was then instituted for seasons 7-12.

McGarrett's old '68, or should I say the remains of it, were purchased by a man named Michael Timothy in 1986, and was completely restored. The '74 Marquis was given personally by Jack Lord to his stunt man at the end of the show's run. He drove it until the late 90's when I belive he auctioned it off.

Ddey65 US

2008-07-29 18:16


In Episode 7.16, there's a scene were three women hijack a Ford Econoline that had the read end cut off and the side door taken out for tourists.

Remember that Volkswagen Bus from "Hot Pursuit?"
The Ford Econoline was built more or less the same way.

HunterMan US

2009-10-23 05:18


By the way, for whoever created this part of the site for the show, the "O" in the title of the series should be a "0" (zero) and not an actual letter O (even though we pronounce it as the letter O). When trying to find this show here at first for the life of me I couldn't find anything...and I kept thinking surely this show would have something. Then I wondered if the letter O was used instead of a zero and sure enough I found the show! For most fans of the show they're going to be typing in a zero and coming up with nothing. If it's possible changing it to a "0" (zero) might be wise.

-- Last edit: 2009-10-23 05:20:31


2009-10-23 05:22


The reason it is an O is probably because that is what IMDB has it as.

HunterMan US

2009-10-23 06:01


This is true, I just looked and IMDB (and also a fan site by a guy named Mike Quigley) has it listed with the letter "O." I never realized that before. That's pretty sad :( since it is a zero (0) and not an o in the title! The "Five-0" stems from the fact that Hawaii was the 50th state brought into the union. So, they're even talking/referring to or about numbers...not letters. Oh well. Hawaii is the only state that has actually never had a state police force. So, they took the "5-0" idea and created a fictional one for the show.

antp BE

2009-10-24 17:25


"Five" is not a number, it is how the number 5 is said.
"O" is not a number, it is how the number 0 is said (also "Zero").
Sounds more logical to me than "Five-0" actually :D

I added an alternative title in case people do a search with 0 instead of O.

-- Last edit: 2009-10-24 17:26:44

HunterMan US

2009-10-25 08:34


This is true, the number zero ("0") is referred to and/or called the letter "O" a lot of the time. But, in the title of the show, and in actuality with what they meant for the title, it is a zero and not an O. But, I understand that some would think it would actually be the letter O since the title is prounounced "O". I'm not sure why they spelled out the number "5" instead of just putting the number itself along with the number zero?? To me, "Hawaii 5-0" would actually be a "cooler" looking title anyway! But, the "Five-0" does stem from Hawaii being the 50th state.

-- Last edit: 2009-10-25 08:39:55

Commander 57 US

2009-10-25 13:14


If it was done as 5-0, people might have started saying "Hawaii Fifty" which might have sounded a bit silly.

HunterMan US

2009-10-26 06:27


Maybe. But I think the dash between the 5 and the 0 would have helped seperate that out. When saying phone numbers or numbers of addresses people usually will say the number zero as "O". But I suppose to clarify things that's why Leonard Freeman spelled out the number 5 (Five) and then added the zero (0).

HunterMan US

2009-11-22 20:17


I believe the Complete Eighth Season of "Five-0" is due out on DVD in March!! :king: That leaves only 4 more seasons to go, as there were 12 in all. Until 2003 "Five-0" was the longest lasting crime show in TV history! In 2003 NBC's "Law and Order" finally passed it up.

-- Last edit: 2009-11-30 07:56:03

mister car from 971

2010-06-02 00:18


There will be a new version of Hawaii Five-0 starting this fall on CBS!

chris r NL

2011-07-25 16:54


Hunterman wrote
The '74 Marquis was given personally by Jack Lord to his stunt man at the end of the show's run. He drove it until the late 90's when I belive he auctioned it off.

In the "extra's"-section on one of the DVDs there's an interview with this stuntman telling how he got the car. And a shot of this Mercury
[Image: d7ex038.2706.jpg]

Thomazcars BR

2012-05-17 22:43


Some car pictures of the show:
Link to "www.facebook.com"

Brian2170 MY

2012-07-29 08:50


There are a few types of vehicles that aren't included on this page...

1966 Ford Galaxie- (used by the HPD...)

Harley Davidson FLHP- (also used by the HPD, seen at the ending credits in season 1 of the show...)

night cub US

2012-10-07 08:14


Season 1 complete.

Planes for IMPDB:

-- Last edit: 2018-02-20 21:57:36

sixcyl FR

2012-10-22 23:12


Aircraft at:

night cub US

2013-09-07 20:15


Season 2 complete. There is a lost episode that is not included in the DVD, and was only aired once (Ep 2.16). It featured a controversial apparent suicide, that was someone repeated in real life after the show aired. The producers pulled the episode from airing ever again.

Some notable guest stars in Season 2 include a very young Christopher Walken, Martin Sheen, Loretta Swit (in two separate eps), and Tom Skerritt:
[Image: h50-216-m01.jpg] [Image: h5o-220-00z1.jpg] [Image: h5o-223-000z1.jpg] [Image: h5o-221-00z2.jpg]

night cub US

2013-09-07 20:28


Season 2 aircraft for IMPDB:
Ep 2.02:
[Image: h5o-202-p01.jpg]

Ep 2.04:
[Image: h5o-204-p01.jpg]

Ep 2.07:
[Image: h5o-207-p01.jpg] [Image: h5o-207-p02.jpg]
[Image: h5o-207-p04.jpg] [Image: h5o-207-p10.jpg] [Image: h5o-207-p13.jpg]
[Image: h5o-207-p05.jpg] [Image: h5o-207-p06.jpg]
[Image: h5o-207-p07.jpg] [Image: h5o-207-p08.jpg] [Image: h5o-207-p09.jpg]

Ep 2.09:
[Image: h5o-209-p01.jpg] [Image: h5o-209-p03.jpg]

Ep 2.10:
[Image: h5o-210-p02.jpg] [Image: h5o-210-p03.jpg]

Ep 2.11:
[Image: h5o-211-p01.jpg] [Image: h5o-211-p02.jpg] [Image: h5o-211-p03.jpg]
[Image: h5o-211-p05.jpg] [Image: h5o-211-p07.jpg]
[Image: h5o-211-p06.jpg]
[Image: h5o-211-p08.jpg] [Image: h5o-211-p09.jpg] [Image: h5o-211-p10.jpg] [Image: h5o-211-p11.jpg]

Ep 2.19:
[Image: h5o-219-p01.jpg]

Ep 2.23:
[Image: h5o-223-p01.jpg] [Image: h5o-223-p02.jpg] [Image: h5o-223-p03.jpg]

Ep 2.25:
[Image: h5o-225-p01.jpg] [Image: h5o-225-p03.jpg]
[Image: h5o-225-p05.jpg] [Image: h5o-225-p06.jpg] [Image: h5o-225-p07.jpg]

sixcyl FR

2014-01-04 22:33


Aircraft up-date:

-- Last edit: 2014-01-04 22:34:37

night cub US

2014-08-16 08:23


Season 3 complete

night cub US

2014-08-16 18:00


Season 3 Aircraft for IMPDB:
Ep 3.01, Hughes 500:
[Image: h50-301-vlcsnap-00001.jpg] [Image: h50-301-vlcsnap-00009.jpg] [Image: h50-301-vlcsnap-00012.jpg]

Ep 3.03:
[Image: h50-303-vlcsnap-00013.jpg]

Ep 3.04:
[Image: h50-304-vlcsnap-00075.jpg] [Image: h50-304-vlcsnap-00084.jpg] [Image: h50-304-vlcsnap-00086.jpg] [Image: h50-304-vlcsnap-00090.jpg]

Ep 3.09:
[Image: h50-309-vlcsnap-00047.jpg] [Image: h50-309-vlcsnap-00071.jpg] [Image: h50-309-vlcsnap-00078.jpg]

Ep 3.11:
[Image: h50-311-vlcsnap-00268.jpg] [Image: h50-311-vlcsnap-00279.jpg]

Ep 3.15:
[Image: h50-315-vlcsnap-00110.jpg] [Image: h50-315-vlcsnap-00111.jpg] [Image: h50-315-vlcsnap-00115.jpg] [Image: h50-315-vlcsnap-00119.jpg]
[Image: h50-315-vlcsnap-00123.jpg] [Image: h50-315-vlcsnap-00138.jpg]

Ep 3.16:
[Image: h50-316-vlcsnap-00185.jpg] [Image: h50-316-vlcsnap-00188.jpg]

Ep 3.18:
[Image: h50-318-vlcsnap-00073.jpg] [Image: h50-318-vlcsnap-00055.jpg] [Image: h50-318-vlcsnap-00074.jpg] [Image: h50-318-vlcsnap-00086.jpg]
[Image: h50-318-vlcsnap-00088.jpg] [Image: h50-318-vlcsnap-00090.jpg] [Image: h50-318-vlcsnap-00093.jpg] [Image: h50-318-vlcsnap-00097.jpg]
[Image: h50-318-vlcsnap-00091.jpg] [Image: h50-318-vlcsnap-00092.jpg] [Image: h50-318-vlcsnap-00094.jpg]

Ep 3.19:
[Image: h50-319-vlcsnap-00107.jpg]

somas1 US

2014-11-08 08:04


The 1968 Mercury Parklane has become one of the biggest stars from Hawaii Five-O, not as big of course, as Jack Lord. I have a black 1968 Mercury Parklane Brougham for sale if anyone is interested. Contact Mike at selby5@charter.net if interested.

HunterMan US

2014-11-16 06:39


night cub wrote Season 2 complete. There is a lost episode that is not included in the DVD, and was only aired once (Ep 2.16). It featured a controversial apparent suicide, that was someone repeated in real life after the show aired. The producers pulled the episode from airing ever again.

This is true. The episode "Bored, She Hung Herself" was aired only once in 1970 during the show's 12-year run. Someone then tried the hanging technique depicted in the episode (supposedly yoga related but more like autoerotic asphyxiation) and killed them self. The content of the episode was then deemed too “dark” for the time and the episode was never aired again—none of the networks airing reruns after the show went of the air in 1980 ever aired the episode. This is also the only episode not included in the 2nd Season DVD set. However, most of the boot-leg/homemade complete series DVD sets (most put out before CBS finally decided to start releasing the show to DVD officially) include this episode! Most copies are poor original airings somehow obtained by someone somewhere along the line. But, they're still very watchable non-the-less. If you're a serious fan, like me, you're very grateful to have a copy. :king:

-- Last edit: 2014-11-16 06:41:45

Nightrider RU

2014-11-16 06:49


HunterMan wrote

...more like autoerotic asphyxiation) and killed them self.

Like David Carradine did?

HunterMan US

2014-11-17 02:02


Nightrider wrote

Like David Carradine did?

Probably. Pretty sad, in my opinion, when you have to resort to slowly strangling yourself in order to experience some sort of so-called "pleasure". :??: :/

-- Last edit: 2014-11-17 07:08:02

night cub US

2015-07-12 21:39


From Ep 4.22, looks like a 4-door version, pre-1968, so MG? Worth listing as rare non-Austin America version?:
[Image: h5o-422-vlcsnap-00097.jpg] [Image: h5o-422-vlcsnap-00099.jpg] [Image: h5o-422-vlcsnap-00098.jpg]

night cub US

2015-07-12 23:01


Season 4 finished.

I do have planes and helicopters to add for IMPDB, but it appears that they are not keeping up with us. I can add later if they are interested.

Corkeyandpals US

2015-07-15 22:53


night cub wrote Season 4 finished.

I do have planes and helicopters to add for IMPDB, but it appears that they are not keeping up with us. I can add later if they are interested.

Oh no, we'd happily take them! I can't speak for sixycl, but I've been working through a backlog of movies here, so I haven't gotten to the more recently posted ones. But yeah, we'd be glad to have them.

rjluna2 US

2015-07-22 02:30


Here I received October 2015 Collectible Automobile, Volume 32, Number 3 and found a sidebar on page 49:
Collectible Automobile wrote Mercury in Paradise: The Cars of Hawaii Five-0

One of the best-remembered televison shows from the late Sixties and the Seventies was the police drama Hawaii Five-0. Filmed on location in Hawaii, Jack Lord starred in the role of Steve McGarrett, a detective in charge of the elite--but fictional--Hawaii Five-0 special police unit that reported directly to the governor. (Fun fact: Hawaii is only U.S. state without a state highway patrol or state police agency.)

For whatever else he may have been, Steve McGarrett was a Mercury man. After the show premiered on September 20, 1968, he drove around in a black 1967 Marquis two-door hardtop for the first few episodes. Then he moved up to a triple-black 1968 Park Lane Brougham four-door hardtop that would be his ride of choice through early part of the 1973-74 season.

In fall 1973, the McGarrett character was still driving the Park Lane Brougham. Then, after several episodes, he traded it in for a new 74 Marquis Brougham four-door hardtop--once again all black. He continued to drive this car until the series ended in 1980. After the production stopped, Lord gave the car to one of the stuntman on the show, and the last we heard, the car was still in Hawaii.

When CBS presented a new Hawaii Five-0 series in 2010, Alex O'Loughlin was cast as a modern-day Steve McGarrett drawn back to Honolulu to find the murderer of his policeman father before being recruited to head of the titular investigation unit. In a nod to the original show, a black 1974 Mercury made a cameo appearance when a grieving McGarrett, inspecting his father's garage, threw back a dust cover to reveal the front of the car that Lord had used the original series.

For the 1974 model yar, Mercury produced just 4189 Marquis Brougham four-door hardtops. It makes us wonder if any original owners of these cars were influenced to buy after watching Steve McGarrett chase down bad guys in the Aloha State on Tuesday nights.

Paul G. McLaughlin

-- Last edit: 2015-07-22 02:30:31

night cub US

2015-07-22 02:40


Paul G. McLaughlin should have looked here and he would have found out that the 1967 Marquis fastback was used in the pilot only. The Park Lane started in Episode 1.01.

night cub US

2018-02-20 21:52


Season 5 is complete, except 5.07


[Image: h5o-501-084.jpg] [Image: h5o-501-085.jpg]

[Image: h5o-505-012.jpg] [Image: h5o-505-014.jpg]

[Image: h5o-506-071.jpg] [Image: h5o-506-097.jpg] [Image: h5o-506-073.jpg]

[Image: h5o-510-024.jpg] [Image: h5o-510-026.jpg]
[Image: h5o-510-041.jpg] [Image: h5o-510-043.jpg]

[Image: h5o-512-072.jpg] [Image: h5o-512-076.jpg]

[Image: h5o-514-042.jpg] [Image: h5o-514-044.jpg] [Image: h5o-514-045.jpg]
[Image: h5o-514-058.jpg] [Image: h5o-514-060.jpg]

[Image: h5o-515-043.jpg] [Image: h5o-515-046.jpg]

[Image: h5o-516-101.jpg]

[Image: h5o-517-018.jpg] [Image: h5o-517-019.jpg]

[Image: h5o-519-016.jpg]

[Image: h5o-520-094.jpg] [Image: h5o-520-096.jpg]
[Image: h5o-520-115.jpg] [Image: h5o-520-124.jpg]

[Image: h5o-521-023.jpg] [Image: h5o-521-024.jpg]

[Image: h5o-522-036.jpg] [Image: h5o-522-038.jpg] [Image: h5o-522-040.jpg] [Image: h5o-522-041.jpg]
[Image: h5o-522-089.jpg]

[Image: h5o-524-028.jpg] [Image: h5o-524-033.jpg]

night cub US

2018-02-20 22:26


I realized I never added S4 planes for IMPDB. Some are already listed, looks like someone took them from the car pics:

[Image: h5o-401-vlcsnap-00044.jpg]

[Image: h5o-402-vlcsnap-00064.jpg] [Image: h5o-402-vlcsnap-00066.jpg]

[Image: h5o-404-vlcsnap-00171.jpg] [Image: h5o-404-vlcsnap-00173.jpg]

[Image: h5o-406-vlcsnap-00073.jpg] [Image: h5o-406-vlcsnap-00076.jpg] [Image: h5o-406-vlcsnap-00083.jpg]

[Image: h5o-407-vlcsnap-00120.jpg] [Image: h5o-407-vlcsnap-00147.jpg] [Image: h5o-407-vlcsnap-00159.jpg] [Image: h5o-407-vlcsnap-00178.jpg] [Image: h5o-407-vlcsnap-00181.jpg]

[Image: h5o-411-vlcsnap-00123.jpg]

[Image: h5o-412-vlcsnap-00140.jpg] [Image: h5o-412-vlcsnap-00142.jpg]

[Image: h5o-413-vlcsnap-00032.jpg] [Image: h5o-413-vlcsnap-00034.jpg] [Image: h5o-413-vlcsnap-00037.jpg]

[Image: h5o-414-vlcsnap-00129.jpg]

[Image: h5o-416-vlcsnap-00282.jpg] [Image: h5o-416-vlcsnap-00285.jpg] [Image: h5o-416-vlcsnap-00286.jpg] [Image: h5o-416-vlcsnap-00288.jpg] [Image: h5o-416-vlcsnap-00289.jpg] [Image: h5o-416-vlcsnap-00292.jpg] [Image: h5o-416-vlcsnap-00294.jpg]

[Image: h5o-417-vlcsnap-00014.jpg]

4.19, not sure if this one is usable:
[Image: h5o-419-vlcsnap-00108.jpg]

[Image: h5o-420-vlcsnap-00127.jpg] [Image: h5o-420-vlcsnap-00133.jpg]

[Image: h5o-422-vlcsnap-00040.jpg] [Image: h5o-422-vlcsnap-00044.jpg] [Image: h5o-422-vlcsnap-00051.jpg] [Image: h5o-422-vlcsnap-00158.jpg]

[Image: h5o-424-vlcsnap-00248.jpg] [Image: h5o-424-vlcsnap-00250.jpg] [Image: h5o-424-vlcsnap-00264.jpg] [Image: h5o-424-vlcsnap-00266.jpg] [Image: h5o-424-vlcsnap-00266.jpg] [Image: h5o-424-vlcsnap-00297.jpg] [Image: h5o-424-vlcsnap-00300.jpg] [Image: h5o-424-vlcsnap-00302.jpg] [Image: h5o-424-vlcsnap-00316.jpg] [Image: h5o-424-vlcsnap-00317.jpg] [Image: h5o-424-vlcsnap-00325.jpg]

S 415 GT DE

2018-02-20 22:50


Great work on this show night cub!

night cub US

2018-02-20 22:55


Thanks, I'm trying to play catch up while everything is on hiatus for the Winter Olympics.

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