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Взять Тарантину; Naenda Mjini; Sherlock de Araque; Une famille formidable; Romeo contra Julieta; Trafic; Al fin a solas; Мясорубка; Infección; आँखें; 蓝色的花; 六畳間の侵略者!?; グランベルム; Hic; 複身犯; (more...)

The Walking Dead, US TV Series, 2010-2022 IMDB

Pictures provided by: Neon, opal

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Also known as:

  • Walking Dead
  • Živí mrtví
  • Të vdekurit e gjallë (Albania)
  • Живите мъртви (Bulgaria)
  • 行尸走肉 (China)
  • Elavad surnud (Estonia)
  • Οι ζωντανοί νεκροί (Greece)
  • 行屍 (Hong Kong SAR)
  • Živi mrtvaci (Croatia (Hrvatska))
  • Mordeye moteharrek (Iran)
  • ウォーキング・デッド (Japan)
  • 워킹 데드 (South Korea)
  • Gyvi numirėliai (Lithuania)
  • Vaikštantys numirėliai (Lithuania)
  • Staigajosie mironi (Latvia)
  • Живи Мртовци (North Macedonia)
  • Żywe trupy (Poland)
  • The Walking Dead: Invazia zombi (Romania)
  • Okružen mrtvima (Serbia)
  • Окружен мртвима (Serbia)
  • Ходячие мертвецы (Russia)
  • Zivi mrtveci (Slovenia)
  • 陰屍路 (Taiwan)
  • І мертві підуть (Ukraine)
  • Ходячі мерці (Ukraine)
  • TWD (USA)
  • Yuradigan murdalar (Uzbekistan)
  • Xác Sống (Viet Nam)

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Neon IT

2010-11-13 00:44

[Image: vlcsnap-65063.jpg] [Image: vlcsnap-65194.jpg] [Image: vlcsnap-87628.jpg] [Image: vlcsnap-88382.jpg] [Image: vlcsnap-80069.jpg]

Filmed in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

-- Last edit: 2017-09-22 18:08:27 (night cub)


2010-11-15 08:42

What was up with the tank "walker"? Why didn't he immediately try to attack the main character?

-- Last edit: 2010-12-12 08:40:29

Ford_Guy US

2010-11-16 08:39

Excellent show.

Mundane detail but: One of the things I wondered was why the production didn't include CGI UH-60 Black Hawk helicopters instead of the obsolete Huey helicopters depicted by the special effects. Most Hueys in US Army inventory have long been retired, with only a few hundred left. The Black Hawks would have made more sense.

Ford_Guy US

2010-11-18 09:59

Do you plan on adding the whole season Neon?

Neon IT

2010-11-18 12:40


Neptune US

2010-11-24 04:37

Well, the last episode was sad ... :/


2010-11-26 22:32

Yeah it was. They really shouldn't have stayed in the same place for so long after seeing the other "walker" that made it there.


2010-12-01 03:29

Great last episode. Looking forward to the finale.

Neptune US

2010-12-01 03:44

I made a discussion page on the IMCDb forum.

Neon IT

2010-12-30 00:56

A couple of too background cars from Ep. 1.04 [*]:

[Image: vlcsnap-85132.jpg] [Image: vlcsnap-85473.jpg]

antp BE

2011-01-10 18:29

Small toy car in 1st episode:

[Image: thewalkingdeads01e01hdt.3312.jpg]

-- Last edit: 2011-01-10 18:29:18

Neptune US

2011-01-27 01:04

Spoiler - click here to see it
It is believed (as far as I remember) that all of the United States has been infected. It is also believed to be global. In the season finale, it was said that the French were the last to hold out among the European nations, and (also as far as I remember) were on the verge of finding a cure, but then all communications suddenly stopped. So we don’t know if they found a cure or not.

SlovakInsurgent US

2011-02-13 04:42

The thing that I'm anxiously waiting for, is to know what the scientist said to Grimes right before he left. Something that should be quite interesting whenever the next season comes around.

Neon IT

2011-02-18 01:37

Season 1 completed :)

boogieman US

2011-10-10 07:46

Season 2 starts Oct. 16th (I think...). :)

Neon IT

2011-10-10 13:55

Confirmed. Of course I will do HD pictures also for the 2nd season

vilero ES

2011-10-17 11:31

Note for seb8808 This TV Series are actually worked by another user. When a TV Series gets some seasons, usually same user or users who worked previous seasons leave here comments about if he/they will work futures seasons. In theses cases we leave these TV Series only can be worked by these users. As you can see in the comment above this one ^ Neon confirmed he will do HD captures for the 2nd season
Neon wrote Confirmed. Of course I will do HD pictures also for the 2nd season

So only if he gives up this TV Series (just aired 2nd. season yesterday according IMDB but I don't know if also in Italy from where Neon comes from) others users will can upload new pictures. This is just a courtesy rule we should try to follow. Thanks.

vilero ES

2011-10-21 20:49

Note for sthor: please, see same note above ^ for seb8808. This TV Series are worked from the beginning in HD quality by Neon

-- Last edit: 2011-10-21 20:50:22

Neon IT

2011-10-23 03:18

Two background trucks at the beginning of Ep. 2.01 [*]:

[Image: vlcsnap-94164.jpg] [Image: vlcsnap-94246.jpg]

Some views of the car cemetery on the highway:

[Image: vlcsnap-102780.jpg] [Image: vlcsnap-111367.jpg] [Image: vlcsnap-113359.jpg] [Image: vlcsnap-125637.jpg] [Image: vlcsnap-143698.jpg]

Neptune US

2011-10-24 02:47

Season two of The Walking Dead shatters a 10 year old record for a single drama telecast on basic cable, and sets a new standard for quality television.

The Walking Dead Season Two Premiere Breaks Record for Basic Cable

Q-Ball JP

2012-03-26 20:24

Season 2 just ended and the third season should be even better.

colannelson US

2012-04-03 08:55

I just want to know one thing, how do they manage to build a brand new car (The Hyundai Tucson) if most of the world is zombies?

stronghold EN

2012-04-03 09:02

Some of the Zombies must be entitled to a 9 to 5 job ..with Pension plan! :)

antp BE

2012-04-03 15:39

It is listed as a 2010 model, isn't that possible in the series plot?

mwahglren7 US

2012-04-09 04:36

real question is why would they WANT a hyundai tucson?

antp BE

2012-04-10 14:14

Indeed. The choice of the Dodge Challenger in the 1st season was more plausible, when you can pick anything you do not pick a Hyundai. Or they only found that.

mwahglren7 US

2012-04-15 07:26

antp wrote Indeed. The choice of the Dodge Challenger in the 1st season was more plausible, when you can pick anything you do not pick a Hyundai. Or they only found that.

Mhhm. And it doesn't fit at all with the rest of the show's look. Many of the other vehicle are old and simple.

Neon IT

2012-07-14 00:26

Season 2 completed :)

chicomarx BE

2012-10-21 23:59

@NIX someone is working on this series so no need to submit things.

Neon IT

2012-12-14 00:37

A far Jeep Cherokee in Ep. 3.01 [*]:

[Image: kmplayer2012-11-3016-40-23-53.jpg]

Neon IT

2012-12-14 00:52

An helicopter used at the beginning of Ep. 3.03 [*][*][*]:

[Image: kmplayer2012-12-0217-44-26-93.jpg] [Image: kmplayer2012-12-0217-44-30-81.jpg] [Image: kmplayer2012-12-0217-44-19-73.jpg] [Image: kmplayer2012-12-0217-45-07-54.jpg] [Image: kmplayer2012-12-0217-45-37-59.jpg] [Image: kmplayer2012-12-0217-45-18-96.jpg] [Image: kmplayer2012-12-0217-45-46-96.jpg] [Image: kmplayer2012-12-0217-46-56-05.jpg] [Image: kmplayer2012-12-0217-48-27-62.jpg] [Image: kmplayer2012-12-0217-50-28-93.jpg]

maxman CA

2012-12-15 23:53

93montero wrote What was up with the tank "walker"? Why didn't he immediately try to attack the main character?

Because he was just starting to realize Rick was there (he's the other kind of zombie - the kind that waits for someone to come by to bite them).

Incidentally, he was played by the guy who played Darth Maul, and was going to be part of a web series like the Bicycle Girl before Frank Darabont was fired in season two (though I think he was rehired).

mwahglren7 US

2012-12-18 01:59

Does anyone know what they do with vehicles like the jeep after they're written out of the show?

maxman CA

2013-01-09 01:47

Probably auctioned off.

Neon IT

2013-03-12 01:01

Far vehicles in a parking lot from Ep. 3.06 [*]:

[Image: kmplayer2013-03-0418-28-55-81.jpg]

Corkeyandpals US

2013-06-10 23:50

Aircraft at: impdb.org/index.php?title=The_Walking_Dead

Neon IT

2013-09-30 01:04

A couple of lawn mower from Ep. 3.15 [*]:

[Image: kmplayer2013-09-2100-54-26-06.jpg] [Image: kmplayer2013-09-2100-58-25-43.jpg] [Image: kmplayer2013-09-2101-00-28-56.jpg]

Neon IT

2013-09-30 02:10

Season 3 completed :)

modell US

2013-09-30 09:16

Well done, Neon. I'm looking forward to the upcoming season.

SirSonicSlipper EN

2013-11-19 21:12

A pic from the intro of season 3/4, I'm curious as to what the big green car is on the right hand side.
[Image: untitled.jpg]

atom SE

2013-11-19 21:42

1972 Ford LTD I'd think.

mpuone CA

2014-10-25 22:58

In the second episode of season five, Daryl and Carol use a Black Cadillac Seville, post 2000.

When Carol investigates the car, she finds a battery charger in the truck. Later you see her closing the hood and is ready to use the car. I assume she was charging the battery, but in a Cadillac Seville (at least the newer one) the battery is located under the back seat, not under the hood.

Sandie SX

2014-11-07 16:16

@Jack Kwong: Neon is working on this series, and will add this vehicle in due course in higher quality.

Neon IT

2014-12-02 03:54

Season 4 completed :)

billybob0987 UK

2015-03-13 23:33

Pretty sure the Daryl's next bike is going to be a Honda CB750 Nighthawk, probably in more of a flat tracker style than a chopper


2015-03-22 23:46

billybob0987 wrote Pretty sure the Daryl's next bike is going to be a Honda CB750 Nighthawk, probably in more of a flat tracker style than a chopper

Daryl's new bike and there might be some Honda CB750 Nighthawk parts somewhere on the bike :) :) :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LmNmjzDSkBk

Neon IT

2015-09-30 00:01

Background trucks from Ep. 5.14:

[Image: kmplayer2015-08-3016-50-59-65.jpg]

Neon IT

2015-09-30 00:38

One of the new main characters collects plates for every American state, some are visible in Ep. 5.11:

[Image: kmplayer2015-08-2900-52-38-71.jpg] [Image: kmplayer2015-08-2900-52-53-01.jpg] [Image: kmplayer2015-08-2901-08-12-65.jpg]

And another one from very far in Ep. 5.16:

[Image: kmplayer2015-09-0123-27-50-62.jpg]

Neon IT

2015-09-30 12:42

Season 5 completed :)

shlc647 US

2015-10-11 17:24

New season tonight at 9pm West Coast Time.

ocmdog US

2015-10-19 22:28

Neon, I have 17+ pictures to add to Season 6 for 6.01 and 6.02. I would like to continue adding submissions. I spoke to AntP who told me to leave you a message here. Is there a way we can talk directly?

Neon IT

2015-10-19 23:45

Absolutely no. I'm doing this series since the first episode and I want to continue doing it by myself

ocmdog US

2015-10-28 17:30

Ok, well three episodes of Season 6 have aired and you have yet to add a single photo. I (now) have over 25 screen grabs with cars I've been able to identify, but because I'm not you we all have to wait until you get good and ready.

I'm not sure why you and IMCDB are so territorial about this.
As long as the info/picture is appropriate, why does it matter *who* puts up a photo?
Shouldn't the emphasis be on identifying the cars in the show?

No, it's about ego.

-- Last edit: 2015-10-28 17:32:36

Neon IT

2016-02-12 01:39

Far background Ford Focus from Ep. 6.03:

[Image: kmplayer2016-01-2215-03-23-68.jpg]

Neon IT

2016-02-12 02:19

Poster with a Mercedes-Benz A-Klasse from Ep. 6.06:

[Image: kmplayer2016-01-2422-45-58-99.jpg]

Neon IT

2016-02-12 02:23

Some toy cars from Ep. 6.07:

[Image: kmplayer2016-01-2822-57-26-29.jpg] [Image: kmplayer2016-01-2822-57-35-62.jpg]

And from Ep. 6.08:

[Image: kmplayer2016-01-2922-00-00-07.jpg] [Image: kmplayer2016-01-2922-00-05-10.jpg]

night cub US

2016-07-29 10:36

@Jacky 550 - Neon is working on this series, please do not add any new entries

Neon IT

2016-10-18 17:26

Season 6 completed

midnight US

2017-07-10 19:52

Missed by Neon from the pilot episode.

It's not well shown however an early Series Land Rover is rare in the US, especially to be seen in Georgia.

[Image: thewalkingdeads01e01-ctumkv_snapshot_003648_20170528_150041.jpg]

Since this is uncommon to see in the US it could get its own page.

opal TH

2017-07-30 10:47

Neon have been gone for 5 months already (base on his comment history). Maybe we could ask afonso to takeover or anyone with a HD copy.

chicomarx BE

2017-08-04 03:49

New submissions not from Neon... Let's be absolutely sure he wants to stop doing it first. I know a takeover won't be his favourite thing.

Neon wrote Absolutely no. I'm doing this series since the first episode and I want to continue doing it by myself

night cub US

2017-08-07 19:16

Chicomarx - Have you tried contacting Neon? He hasn't posted for a while.

walter IT

2017-08-08 12:39

I contacted him almost a month ago and he said that he would have come back sooner or later - I think we shouldn't accept these new lower quality pics from latest random episodes

chicomarx BE

2017-11-16 02:15

The ones by Jacky550 are all different sizes so these can't be accepted.

@Neon please check the admin forum, topic Validation of contribs, for a decision on The Walking Dead.

Nightrider RU

2018-04-19 12:21

Looks lkie this stupid series never came to end.

-- Last edit: 2018-04-19 12:59:25

opal TH

2018-04-19 12:24

Season 7 Complete.

Some far/not very visible background
[Image: bv72.jpg] [Image: bv273.jpg] [Image: bv79.jpg] [Image: bv710.jpg] [Image: bv711.jpg] [Image: bv712.jpg] [Image: bv3713.jpg] [Image: bv714.jpg] [Image: bv2714.jpg]

Footage from movie/series.
[Image: bv73.jpg]

opal TH

2018-10-06 16:47

Season 8 Complete.

Some far/not very visible background
[Image: bv81.jpg][Image: bv281.jpg] [Image: bv83.jpg] [Image: bv283.jpg] [Image: bv86.jpg] [Image: bv286.jpg] [Image: bv88.jpg] [Image: bv288.jpg] [Image: bv388.jpg] [Image: bv810.jpg] [Image: bv2810.jpg] [Image: bv3810.jpg] [Image: bv4810.jpg] [Image: bv814.jpg]

midnight US

2018-11-07 18:11

They are going to make a series of movies following Rick Grimes character after leaving the show in 9.05 episode. It's unknown where the filming location will be or if it will still be Georgia. It would be interesting to see what's happening in another state(s).

opal TH

2019-04-01 12:33

Season 9 Complete.

Some far/not very visible background
[Image: bv91.jpg] [Image: bv291.jpg] [Image: bv391.jpg] [Image: bv491.jpg] [Image: bv591.jpg] [Image: bv93.jpg] [Image: horsetruck93.jpg] [Image: bv95.jpg] [Image: bv97.jpg] [Image: bv297.jpg] [Image: bv99.jpg] [Image: bv299.jpg] [Image: bv399.jpg] [Image: bv499.jpg] [Image: bv911.jpg] [Image: bv913.jpg]

[Image: plane95.jpg]

midnight US

2020-01-01 08:47

This is my second time trying to have the prison entry on the IMDB filming locations deleted for being incorrect. They built the prison set from the studio buildings and then took it down afterwards. They never used a real prison. I have doubt they will believe me even a second time. :o

midnight US

2020-05-29 19:28

Still awaiting S10E16 that was postponed because of Covid-19.

midnight US

2020-07-26 00:52

It was announced that S10E16 will be released in October and an additional six episodes early next year. Then I think Season 11 will begin in fall 2021. This is if the plan isn't changed.

opal TH

2020-10-27 08:52

Season 10 Complete.

Some far/not very visible background
[Image: rv1.2.jpg] [Image: rv2.13.jpg]
[Image: bv1.21.jpg] [Image: bv2.59.jpg] [Image: bv3.45.jpg] [Image: bv4.36.jpg] [Image: bv5.33.jpg] [Image: bv6.29.jpg] [Image: bv7.19.jpg] [Image: bv8.16.jpg]

midnight US

2020-10-27 18:16

@opal, there are six additional episodes for Season 10 being made for 2021. It was also announced that the show will end with Season 11.

ayba US

2021-11-06 17:54

"The Walking Dead, TV Series, 2010-2022"

Finally the zombie apocalypse is going to end next year!

Chris_twd US

2021-12-28 11:46

[Image: 2021-07-125.jpg] i found a chevy cavalier in s6 e1

Chris_twd US

2021-12-28 12:01

[Image: dale_on_rv_highway_watch12.jpg] nissan altima on highway

Chris_twd US

2021-12-30 12:25

[Image: r2.jpg] chevy C/K on highway

Chris_twd US

2021-12-30 12:31

[Image: r3.jpg] toyota 4runner on highway

seignix115 US

2022-09-13 02:43

[Image: mysterycar.jpg]
Walking Dead Season 2 Ep 5 I dont see it on the list? Anybody have an idea of what it is?

Jnglmpera JP

2022-09-13 03:04

@seignix115 It's listed, but with a different main: /vehicle_886837-Ford-Explorer-UN150-1998.html
Neon wrote Another one in Ep. 2.05 [*][*]:

[Image: KMPlayer202012-01-132000-04-38-60.jpg] [Image: KMPlayer202012-01-132000-07-36-45.jpg]

ayba US

2022-11-18 07:32

One of the Walking Dead survivors uses a Steyr AUG.

Also, it would be very cool if one of the survivors was armed with a G36.

[Image: g36_cmag.jpg]

ayba US

2022-11-18 07:45

Nevermind my previous comment, there's a G36C on Season 6.

night cub US

2023-01-26 23:57

@opal - are you planning on doing Season 11?

opal TH

2023-01-27 07:26

Yes, I'm planning to finish in one go.

Stevenafc11 PL

2024-03-21 11:17

opal wrote Yes, I'm planning to finish in one go.

But it's takes a year... wheres updates of 11 Season

Maizena BR

2024-05-27 17:06

opal wrote Yes, I'm planning to finish in one go.

Hello, opal. Do you need help finishing S11? I took photos of the vast majority of vehicles that appear on the scene. If you need help, you can contact me or I can send you the photos.

opal TH

2024-05-29 00:28

no thanks, I'm over half way and almost finish with Season 11.

Maizena BR

2024-05-29 01:14

Does anyone have any idea what that is in Ep. 1.06 in the top left corner? Totally stranger of the US Army
[Image: vehicle.jpg]

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