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Archer, US Animation Series, 2009-2023 IMDB

Pictures provided by: boogieman, maxman, opal, Silnev

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Also known as:

  • Archer Dreamland
  • Archer Vice
  • Арчер
  • Арчър (Bulgaria)
  • Άρτσερ (Greece)
  • アーチャー (Japan)
  • 아처 (South Korea)
  • Arčer (Serbia)
  • 風流007 (Taiwan)
  • Archer Danger Island (USA)
  • Archer: 1999 (USA)

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boogieman US

2010-05-13 12:54

Will do more episodes as I watch them.

IMDB lists this as "2009", But season 2 is scheduled for 2011, so it has not ended yet.

-- Last edit: 2010-05-13 21:31:50

boogieman US

2010-05-14 08:21

I'm not sure if the car I just uploaded (From Episode 8) is too obscured to be identifiable or not. So, if its too hidden to figure out, feel free to delete it.

Ingo DE

2010-05-14 09:43

Where it should have been set locally?

boogieman US

2010-05-14 09:56

They don't really say where most of it is set, But I assume it's USA (It's a Global Spy agency, though.). The only three episodes that are set in specific places are Episode 5 (Miami, Florida), Episode 6 (Russia, I believe), and Episode 9 (France).

Season 1 is done, Here's the episode guide:

01- Mole Hunt
02- Training Day
03- Diversity Hire
04- Killing Utne
05- Honeypot
06- Skorpio
07- Skytanic
08- The Rock
09- Job Offer
10- Dial M for Mother

Also, Season 1 is streamable on Netflix.

The cover of the show (The picture netflix uses) show's a green camaro. It does NOT appear in the show.

-- Last edit: 2010-05-14 21:38:42

maxman CA

2011-07-29 00:29

ingo wrote Where it should have been set locally?

The headquarters are in New York.

maxman CA

2011-07-29 00:35

In one episode, Major (General) Jakov shows the things he has, I'm pretty sure he shows a picture of a 1966 Lincoln Continental stretched limosuine and called it his car, a throwback to Lincoln's commercial for the 1966 Continental.


-- Last edit: 2023-12-05 08:36:12 (antp)

boogieman US

2012-02-23 02:19

Season 2 Finished.

Episode guide:
2.01- Swiss Miss
2.02- A Going Concern
2.03- Blood Test
2.04- Pipeline Fever
2.05- The Double Deuce
2.06- Tragical History
2.07- Movie Star
2.08- Stage Two
2.09- Placebo Effect
2.10- El Secuestro
2.11- Jeu Monegasque
2.12- White Nights
2.13- Double Trouble

Generic looking Armored Truck from Ep. 3 (Feel free to identify, but I think it's generic):
[Image: th_3_Armored.jpg]

Airboat from Ep. 4:
[Image: th_4_Airboat.jpg]

Various planes:
Ep 4:
[Image: th_4_Plane.jpg]

Ep 5:
[Image: th_5_Plane.jpg]

14stutz US

2012-02-25 00:39

Aircraft in episode 4 is a Boeing 707.
Aircraft in episode 5 is a Sopwith Camel.

nickman912 US

2012-03-04 04:29

Havent watched it in a couple weeks, saw some 1970s Chevy K5 Blazers in last weeks episode.

opal TH

2012-03-09 10:33

The Armored Truck is International, but yeah too generic looking.

maxman CA

2012-03-14 23:02

I thought I saw a '58 Chevy, or a Checker, in episode six of season three.

maxman CA

2012-10-25 07:34

There's a blueprint of a 1965 Imperial Crown Coupe in the opening sequence.

I was very sure for a while ('64 to '66 because the rear end isn't visible), then I confirmed it when I found the very blueprint they used.

Link to "m43.narod.ru"

-- Last edit: 2012-10-25 07:49:35

maxman CA

2012-11-06 04:26

[Image: imperial_crown_coupe_65_blueprint.jpg]

Should it be added? Or is it not worth it?

-- Last edit: 2012-11-06 04:28:05

antp BE

2012-11-06 17:43

I think it is enough to have it here in the comments ;)

maxman CA

2013-02-14 01:47

How about the snowmobile in the season two premiere?

[Image: archer.jpg]

Sandie SX

2013-02-14 01:48

Sorry, snowmobiles aren't listed here.

maxman CA

2013-02-14 01:54

They don't count as all terrain or other vehicles?


2013-02-14 02:00

No, they are not accepted.

maxman CA

2013-02-14 02:40


But, I just have to ask why. Is it because they're harder to identify?

antp BE

2013-02-14 17:00

We must put a limit somewhere. These start being rather too far from the usual vehicles (one reason being that they are rather snow-only than all-terrain)


2013-02-14 17:30

Generic truck (Ep. 2.11)

[Image: ep211.jpg]

maxman CA

2013-02-23 04:43

In Space Race, there are several Scud transport erector launchers as seen.


maxman CA

2013-02-23 04:57

[Image: archerambulance.jpg]

Both have Cadillac taillights.

They also show up in 4.01.
[Image: archercadillacambulance.jpg]

Too background?

-- Last edit: 2013-02-25 07:13:59


2013-02-23 05:08

maxman wrote In Space Race, there are several Scud transport erector launchers as seen.


MAZ 543

maxman CA

2013-02-25 00:35

The KGB hit squad sent after Archer uses what looks like a Galaxie 500 XL, or something Mopar, in Fugue and Riffs.
[Image: archer.1.jpg]

-- Last edit: 2013-02-25 01:51:11

maxman CA

2013-02-25 04:33

Malory marries a Cadillac dealer in season four, so there will be plenty of Cadillacs this season, starting with the limo Archer carjacks, and a DeVille convertible owned by Archer's stepfather Ron, both in the first episode. In the fourth episode, he's driving an identical white DeVille convertible (which he crashes), then a red Coupe DeVille.

Background vehicles that are actually already listed (Galaxie 500, Galaxie 500 XL, Rolls Royce Silver Shadow).
[Image: archerbackgroundcars.jpg]

-- Last edit: 2013-02-25 08:17:58

maxman CA

2013-02-25 05:17

Also, this season Archer is apparently driving an El Camino. It's not an SS however, because it lacks any SS trim.

It shows up in episode two, but there aren't any really good views of it until episode three.

-- Last edit: 2013-02-25 06:30:29

maxman CA

2013-02-26 02:14

Some background car.

[Image: archermontrealbackgroundcars.jpg]

Looks like a Stingray in Montréal.

[Image: archerunknown.jpg] [Image: archerunknown2.jpg] [Image: archerunknown3.jpg] [Image: archerunknown1.jpg]

And some Harleys outside a barn.
[Image: archerbikes.jpg]

Think any are worth listing? I'm thinking they're either too generic or too background.

-- Last edit: 2013-02-26 02:47:36

CougarTim US

2013-02-26 03:35

1/ The "Stingray in Montréal" is the Ferrari 250 GTO in red: /vehicle_301854-Ferrari-250-GTO-1962.html
4/ Inside the garage I see a couple Corvettes, a 1959 Cadillac, and a 1940 Ford. The red convertible on the lift looks like a BMW 501 or 502; might be worth listing.
5/ Outside the garage are two 1955 Chevrolet Bel Air.

-- Last edit: 2013-02-26 03:39:36

maxman CA

2013-02-26 03:41


Is the Bel Air worth listing?

Also, a 1958-61 Corvette and a 59 Eldorado.
[Image: archercovette.jpg]

CougarTim US

2013-02-26 03:45

The Bel Air would probably be fine in the comments at /vehicle_301850-Chevrolet-Bel-Air-1955.html

opal TH

2013-02-26 17:23

So who is continuing this series?

maxman CA

2013-02-26 18:34

I've been submitting images, but FX is still airing season four.

opal TH

2013-02-27 03:47

I have complete of season 1-4 with HD, can I add it?

karoomay SY

2013-02-27 04:01

If the episodes are really in HD, then why not.

maxman CA

2013-02-27 04:41

But season four hasn't even finished airing. How do you have a complete season?

Sandie SX

2013-02-27 04:48

I think as maxman has started to add series 4 in HD then he should be allowed to complete that. Opal can replace images for Series 1-3 to start with.

maxman CA

2013-03-02 04:04

[Image: archercheckermarathon.jpg]
Looks like a Checker in 3.09, 00:07:06

[Image: archerbackgroundcars2.jpg]
And several background cars from the same episode.

antp BE

2013-03-28 18:20

ep 3.07:
[Image: i581892.jpg]

maxman CA

2013-04-02 01:12

[Image: archerlubyanka.jpg]

A VAZ 2105 taxi outside the Lubyanka in Moswow.

Worth adding?

-- Last edit: 2013-04-02 01:24:38

maxman CA

2013-04-06 04:31

maxman wrote In one episode, Major (General) Jakov shows the things he has, I'm pretty sure he shows a picture of a 1966 Lincoln Continental stretched limosuine and called it his car, a throwback to Lincoln's commercial for the 1966 Continental.

On review, Jakov's car looks just like a ZIL-114, which makes perfect sense, unlike a Lincoln.

-- Last edit: 2023-12-05 08:30:27 (antp)

maxman CA

2013-11-07 03:12

FX has just released a season five promo that parodies/remakes both Top Gun and Kenny Loggins' music video Danger Zone.

Archer is Maverick, Cyril is Goose, Lana is Charlie, Pam is Goose's wife, Barry/Other Barry is Iceman, Ray is Archer's commander, and Krieger is Kenny Loggins.

maxman CA

2014-01-23 23:30

So far, season five has more of the same cars as last season, except for a Pontiac Catalina convertible.

-- Last edit: 2014-01-23 23:37:16

maxman CA

2014-01-23 23:40

Also, ISIS was shut down and the show is now Archer Vice and it's about drug dealing.

night cub US

2015-06-21 19:04

Is anyone working on this series? Maxman?

BrentMosher420 US

2015-07-03 02:33

ingo wrote Where it should have been set locally?

New York City, New York, USA.

CanesBart US

2016-11-23 01:47

No Krieger "Rush" vans????

Baube QC

2016-12-26 04:37

can't say for the vehicles that i don't know but the ones i do are pretty realistic... some cartoonists should take notes...

-- Last edit: 2016-12-26 04:37:40

Izzy53 US

2017-01-07 19:48

I cant believe that the airport stair car seen in various episodes is not listed. it closely resembles a 2002-2009 Dodge Ram 3500 chassis cab

Skinman DE

2017-01-14 11:51


does anyone know the white car parking on the left side of the street, in front of that Citroen 2CV?
Archer Episode 5.01 "White Elephant"

[Image: archer5x01.jpg]

dsl SX

2017-01-14 13:55

^ looks like a 1958-ish Corvette, but invented by the artist as a coupe and without the body side scallops??

Skinman DE

2017-01-16 10:11

dsl wrote ^ looks like a 1958-ish Corvette, but invented by the artist as a coupe and without the body side scallops??

It's supposed to be a '53 corvette, I asked on quora.
They just drew the tailfins a bit funny and you don't often get photos from that perspective.

opal TH

2017-01-18 12:22

Season 1-5 complete + upgraded pictues.

@maxman, if you still working on this series. Please work properly, you miss alot of vehicles and you should finish one season first before moving on to next season.

Are you still doing Season 6-7? it's been half a year late now. If not, I'll finish them.

-- Last edit: 2017-01-18 12:23:02

opal TH

2017-01-18 19:16

Too far background

Ep. 2.03/5.02 Mini Cooper
[Image: mini23.1.jpg] [Image: mini52.jpg]

Ep. 5.13 Dodge Ram Stair Truck
[Image: dodge513.jpg]

antp BE

2017-01-31 21:13

ep 1.01:
[Image: i995969.jpg]
1965 Imperial
but just a drawing like that it is a little too few for its own page

maxman CA

2017-04-30 06:37

antp wrote ep 1.01:
[Image: i995969.jpg]
1965 Imperial
but just a drawing like that it is a little too few for its own page

Yes, I mentioned that several comments up several years ago, along with the ChryslerCorp sales brochure.

antp BE

2017-04-30 11:18

I posted it here because someone added a page for it, forgetting the previous mention ;)

opal TH

2017-05-06 12:45

Season 5 complete. (it's been 2 years late already and someone ramdomly add it too. So I finish it anyway)

antp BE

2017-06-02 15:42

ep 6.12:
opal wrote [Image: i001031760.jpg] [Image: gc612.jpg]

CougarTim wrote I can't ever recall seeing one with three wheels and two rows of seats.

mike962 wrote indeed

think it's fictional

maxman wrote Looks like the same type Captain Murphy uses in season four, episode 13.
[Image: archergolfcart.jpg]

opal TH

2017-06-22 13:21

Season 6 complete. (it's a year late already)

burnoutgt24 CA

2017-07-08 04:29

I get confused thinking these are real pictures on this page.

opal TH

2017-10-20 13:50

Season 8 Complete.

Whole episode set in 1947.

-- Last edit: 2017-10-20 18:24:15

opal TH

2018-06-15 13:14

Season 9 Complete.

Whole episode set in 1939.

Corkeyandpals US

2019-03-19 04:42

Aircraft at: http://impdb.org/index.php?title=Archer

opal TH

2020-09-28 22:52

Season 10 Complete.

Whole episode set in space, 1999. (No vehicles)

opal TH

2020-11-01 15:00

Season 11 Complete.

Ser Ciappelletto US

2021-08-27 14:17

There was a 1990s Ferrari parked outside the hotel in the season premiere. Also some 2000s era Humvees that deserve the two star rating.

opal TH

2021-10-07 11:19

Season 12 Complete.
[Image: gv1.45.jpg] [Image: gv2.126.jpg]

CougarTim US

2021-10-08 00:21

^Slotcars look like they are based on the BMW M1 Procar

opal TH

2022-10-15 05:12

Season 13 Complete.

opal TH

2023-12-20 00:54

Season 14 Complete and final series.

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