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複身犯; 눈물의 여왕; Winnie the Pooh: Blood and Honey 2; 가발; Rendez-vous avec Pol Pot; The Doomsday Flight; Ek Rishtaa: The Bond of Love; Взять Тарантину; 民警故事; Laadla; Aap Mujhe Achche Lagne Lage; 神耆小子; Getting Evidence; Полтергейст-90; すのはら荘の管理人さん; (more...)

American Dad!, US Animation Series, 2005-2024 IMDB

Pictures provided by: IRT_BMT_IND, coopey, wickey, dragonboy, afonso, simpsonsfan123456789, opal

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Also known as:

  • Американски татко (Bulgaria)
  • Padre Made in USA (Spain)
  • Amerikai fater (Hungary)
  • अमेरिकन डॅड (India)
  • アメリカン・ダッド (Japan)
  • 아메리칸 대드! (South Korea)
  • Amerikietiškas tėvelis (Lithuania)
  • Amerikanu tetuks! (Latvia)
  • Pai Americano (Mozambique)
  • Amerykański tata (Poland)
  • Амерички тата (Serbia)
  • Американский папаша (Russia)
  • 美國老爹 (Taiwan)
  • Американський тато! (Ukraine)
  • Американський татусь! (Ukraine)
  • Người Cha Nước Mỹ (Viet Nam)

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garco NL

2007-01-06 15:22

Submitted as above, but I do not recognize many cars. I'll let antp decide which cars will stay of go...

antp BE

2007-01-06 18:33

Well, if I could I would say that all cartoon cars should go, but it is too late, I should have said that long time ago when first ones were submitted :D

firebird86 US

2007-01-06 19:02

antp wrote Well, if I could I would say that all cartoon cars should go, but it is too late, I should have said that long time ago when first ones were submitted :D

Its never too late to right a wrong. :lol:

mister car from 971

2008-09-02 23:27

There's also a black Chrysler 300 driven by Stan Smith in an episode from the 2nd or 3rd season

nubby US

2008-10-13 05:11

Also, there is an obvious 1994-2003 Dodge Ram Van on "Helping Handis". (episode 22 season 1)

dragonboy AU

2009-02-07 09:12

Gonna start working on this series, so that its complete up to the dvds they have released.

vilero ES

2009-03-17 18:30

Added 32 new vehicles courtesy of 'dragonboy'

dragonboy AU

2009-03-17 23:20

vilero wrote Added 32 new vehicles courtesy of 'dragonboy'

Obviously some are going to end up being too generic or unidentifiable to stay and be removed, which is fine, its bound to happen with animation. Dont even have to be moved to comments.

Ford_Guy US

2009-03-17 23:24

I'm sorry to say it but the vast majority of them are too generic, at least to me.

antp BE

2009-03-18 09:26

dragonboy wrote Dont even have to be moved to comments.

Yes they do, to prevent someone else to re-submit them later

vilero ES

2009-03-20 13:26

Merged here 12 unknown 'too generic' vehicles
dragonboy wrote Ep 1.17 Blue Car, Honda Insight or GM EV1? - 1 Star
[Image: 117carlotrx1.th.jpg]
Ep 1.19 Francine's Car, Unknown - 3 Stars
[Image: 119lx6.4487.jpg]
Geo Metro? - 2 Star
[Image: 119metroyk8.8959.jpg]
Unknown Sedan - 2 Stars
[Image: 203ga6.4893.jpg]
Unknown Convertible - 2 Stars
[Image: 203roadsterhk4.th.jpg]
Unknown Coupe - 2 Stars
[Image: 203coupegq9.7451.jpg]
Unknown Sedan - 2 Stars
[Image: 203sedanfw7.th.jpg]
Unknown truck, Peterbilt? - 1 Star
[Image: 203truckai9.6116.jpg]
Unknown Bus - 2 Stars
[Image: 207busir3.9301.jpg]
Unknown (supposed to be from the future)- 1 Star
[Image: 207futureyp9.9642.jpg]
Unknown Pickup - 2 Stars
[Image: 207utexf9.6796.jpg]
Unknwon Hearse - 1 Star
[Image: 208su2.4628.jpg]
Made For Movie (for comments since animated Made for Movie cars aren't allowed) - 3 Stars
[Image: 212an0.th.jpg]

Trainboy12 UK

2009-12-30 12:04

I think I can identify some of the cars pitured above.

Francine's car looks very mutch like a Ford Taurus.

The car from the future is obviously a generic Made for Movie design.

The pick-up looks like a Ford F-Series.

And the herse is obviously a Cadillac Feuneral Coach.

cibup ES

2010-01-23 03:48

AKA: "Padre made in USA" (Spain) http://akas.imdb.com/title/tt0397306/

-- Last edit: 2010-01-27 22:39:04

Sandie SX

2011-11-28 21:43

Generic 'Porsche' in 2.03:
[Image: amdadgenericporsche.1848.jpg]

ingo wrote NOTHING is Porsche 356-like here, not even a little bit :o


2012-01-07 03:21

I think the Porsche is intended to be a 550, rather than a 356.

opal TH

2012-01-16 09:00

Season 1 Complete

Generic Vehicle
[Image: 97926827.655.jpg][Image: 28554776.9514.jpg][Image: 53103682.5238.jpg][Image: 31201148.1073.jpg][Image: 16363501.1328.jpg][Image: 95958217.2448.jpg][Image: 18007844.4278.jpg][Image: 65185810.6519.jpg][Image: 18693974.8021.jpg][Image: gt1n.2953.jpg][Image: suvp.3516.jpg][Image: truck14.6919.jpg][Image: carsm.9085.jpg][Image: cars2ev.5715.jpg]

Ep. 1.03
GMC Vandura, not good detail enough
[Image: dodgevan103.7066.jpg][Image: dodgevan1032.1523.jpg][Image: dodgevan1033.7826.jpg]
[Image: ched.9143.jpg]

Ep. 1.07
Fleetwood RV, not good detail enough
[Image: rv107.9348.jpg]

Ep. 1.09
American School Bus
[Image: schoolbus109.5086.jpg]

Ep. 1.19
Ford Taurus?, not good detail enough
[Image: 98621102.9002.jpg]

-- Last edit: 2020-04-14 16:18:57

Truck boy US

2012-02-10 00:52

The white bus looks like a Ford.

opal TH

2012-05-26 12:31

Season 2 Complete

[Image: mfm.5.jpg]
[Image: gcar6.1.jpg][Image: limo.1.jpg][Image: bus2028.jpg][Image: bus.7.jpg]
[Image: cfc.jpg][Image: fc.jpg][Image: gcar.8.jpg][Image: gcar2.5.jpg][Image: gcar3.3.jpg][Image: gcar4.1.jpg][Image: gcar5.1.jpg][Image: gcar7.1.jpg][Image: gcar8.jpg][Image: sb2021.jpg]

-- Last edit: 2012-05-26 12:34:57

opal TH

2012-05-28 14:01

Season 3 Complete
[Image: car38.jpg]
[Image: atv.jpg][Image: gv.6.jpg][Image: truck.6.jpg][Image: wagon.2.jpg] [Image: gv31.jpg] [Image: gv32.jpg]
[Image: gvan.jpg][Image: tractor2037.jpg]

-- Last edit: 2020-05-01 12:58:55

opal TH

2012-06-01 10:07

Season 4 Complete
[Image: gpt.jpg][Image: gv3.4.jpg]
[Image: semi.jpg][Image: bus.8.jpg][Image: ford.5.jpg][Image: gcar415.jpg] [Image: gt2.2.jpg][Image: taxi.jpg][Image: ce2.2.jpg][Image: corv.1.jpg]
[Image: asbus.jpg][Image: cheair.jpg]
[Image: gcar.9.jpg][Image: gcar2.6.jpg][Image: gf.jpg][Image: gpt2.jpg][Image: gt.3.jpg][Image: gtruck.1.jpg][Image: gv.7.jpg][Image: gv2.4.jpg][Image: taxi2.jpg]

-- Last edit: 2020-05-04 07:32:18

opal TH

2012-06-07 07:30

Season 5 Complete

[Image: gcar4.jpg][Image: ggc.jpg]
[Image: limo2.jpg][Image: jt54.jpg][Image: gsaab.jpg][Image: ggc2.jpg][Image: motoh.jpg][Image: nbus.jpg]
[Image: limo.jpg][Image: gvan.jpg][Image: gv3.jpg][Image: gv2.jpg][Image: gv.jpg][Image: gvb.jpg][Image: gcar.jpg][Image: gpcar.jpg]

1990 Ford Taurus Wagon
[Image: ford512.jpg]

-- Last edit: 2020-05-04 07:21:03

opal TH

2012-06-09 03:31

Season 6 Complete

[Image: gbus.jpg][Image: limo3.jpg]
[Image: mci261.jpg][Image: bus2.jpg][Image: fords.jpg][Image: limo.1.jpg][Image: pt.jpg][Image: mfm.jpg][Image: gpcar.1.jpg][Image: gvtru.jpg] [Image: i001383252.jpg]
[Image: bus.jpg][Image: gcar.1.jpg][Image: jt.jpg][Image: covr.jpg][Image: sb.jpg][Image: gwagon.jpg]

-- Last edit: 2020-05-19 17:28:50

opal TH

2012-06-10 12:35

Season 7 Complete

[Image: limo75.jpg]
[Image: bus.1.jpg][Image: gcar.2.jpg][Image: wagon714.jpg][Image: ce.jpg]
[Image: car.35.jpg][Image: car.jpg][Image: gvan.1.jpg]

-- Last edit: 2020-05-06 17:25:26

opal TH

2012-06-12 03:17

Was listed as Cadillac DeVille Stretched Limousine, but it seems pretty generic:
[Image: i219912.jpg]
[Image: limo3.jpg]
[Image: limo.1.jpg]

-- Last edit: 2012-06-12 12:39:29 (G-MANN)

opal TH

2013-05-18 11:54

Season 8 Complete.
[Image: gv1.11.jpg] [Image: gv2.90.jpg] [Image: gv3.77.jpg] [Image: i001385438.jpg]

-- Last edit: 2020-05-16 14:45:42

karoomay SY

2014-02-22 06:19

Ep 9.03 Generic ambulance
opal wrote [Image: i678032.jpg]

opal TH

2014-05-20 12:18

Season 9-11 Complete.
[Image: rv93.jpg] [Image: rv293.jpg] [Image: gv1.12.jpg] [Image: gv2.91.jpg] [Image: gv3.78.jpg] [Image: gv4.69.jpg] [Image: gt.4.jpg] [Image: i001387900.jpg]

-- Last edit: 2020-05-19 17:29:20

opal TH

2016-03-28 13:44

Upgraded pictures Season 1-3.

antp BE

2016-03-28 14:21

For some cars the "better pictures" seem almost identical to the existing ones...

-- Last edit: 2016-03-28 14:23:12

opal TH

2016-07-04 12:36

Season 12 complete.
[Image: sedan126.1.jpg] [Image: van127.jpg] [Image: gv1.14.jpg] [Image: gv2.93.jpg] [Image: gv3.79.jpg] [Image: van.26.jpg] [Image: van2.14.jpg]

Generic Volvo:
[Image: i001388569.jpg]

-- Last edit: 2020-08-05 14:39:51

opal TH

2017-12-29 16:12

Season 13 complete.
[Image: rv133.jpg] [Image: wagon137.jpg] [Image: buggy.jpg]

opal TH

2019-05-15 20:38

Season 14 complete.
[Image: gv1.15.jpg] [Image: gv2.94.jpg] [Image: gv3.80.jpg] [Image: gv4.70.jpg]

-- Last edit: 2020-05-22 14:17:55

opal TH

2019-05-21 17:38

Ep. 15.05, 1967 Cadillac Eldorado car-boat.
[Image: cadillac155.jpg] [Image: cadillac2155.jpg]

ThePattonTank US

2020-02-12 04:34

Sandie wrote Generic 'Porsche' in 2.03:
[Image: amdadgenericporsche.1848.jpg]

It's the Phallus ES!

opal TH

2020-04-29 13:03

Season 15 complete.

opal TH

2020-09-19 18:39

Season 16 complete.
[Image: i001379596.jpg] [Image: i001403585.jpg] [Image: i001403796.jpg] [Image: i001413152.jpg]

Gamer DE

2020-09-19 23:30

Isn't that last thumb a Simca 1307/08/09?...

-- Last edit: 2020-09-19 23:31:22

antp BE

2021-01-14 19:33

Ep 16.22
[Image: i001464786.1.jpg]
mike962 wrote generic/ fictional

it's way too thick for a real crane boom for a truck

-- Last edit: 2021-03-03 04:54:47 (opal)

night cub US

2021-03-02 23:24

opal wrote Season 7 Complete

[Image: limo75.jpg]

@SM99 - Opal has this vehicle listed already in the comment above

-- Last edit: 2021-03-02 23:24:35

Nick Rynearson US

2021-04-01 02:50

You ever notice how oddly more detailed the cars are in this show then they are in Family Guy?

antp BE

2021-08-02 11:12

ep 16.06:
[Image: i001403576.jpg]
mike962 wrote generic

closees one I found is this and its not a full match

[Image: gbdrmbaqsgbhmbitibfzmebl1.jpg]

opal TH

2021-10-27 04:05

Season 17 complete.
[Image: gvvan.5.jpg]

-- Last edit: 2022-03-05 16:54:32

opal TH

2023-02-13 07:51

Season 18 complete.

antp BE

2024-03-13 19:54

ep 6.15:
opal wrote [Image: i507890.jpg] [Image: trac1.jpg] [Image: trac2.1.jpg]

lightninboy wrote Might have some Massey influence.

Gamer wrote McCormick, I think.

mike962 wrote IMO this is fictional based maybe on IH

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