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Furious 6, Movie, 2013 IMDB

Pictures provided by: walter, mike962, badlymad, potter, antp, JB, CRAFT372, Parrilex304, Ben_M

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Also known as:

  • Fast & Furious 6
  • Velozes & Furiosos 6 (Brazil)
  • Rapides et dangereux 6 (Canada)
  • Kiired ja vihased 6 (Estonia)
  • A todo gas 6 (Spain)
  • Forsaji 6 (Georgia)
  • Brzi i žestoki 6 (Croatia (Hrvatska))
  • Halálos iramban 6. (Hungary)
  • Mahir va'atzbani 6 (Israel)
  • Raftaar ka Junoon (India)
  • Wild Speed: Euro Mission (Japan)
  • Greiti ir isiute 6 (Lithuania)
  • Atrs un bez zelastibas 6 (Latvia)
  • Rápidos y furiosos 6 (Mexico)
  • Szybcy i wściekli 6 (Poland)
  • Velocidade Furiosa 6 (Portugal)
  • Furios si iute 6 (Romania)
  • Paklene ulice 6 (Serbia)
  • Hizli ve Öfkeli 6 (Turkey)

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Sandie SX

2012-08-30 22:38

Being filmed in Glasgow doubling for London.

Some pictures of cars being used on the set: Link to "www.flickr.com"

cl82 DE

2012-08-30 22:56

Oh dear, not another sequel. Will they ever stop?

Sandie SX

2012-08-30 22:59

A Police Academy for the noughties. Can't say I've ever watched one of these films in full. I guess being set in Britain will make it more interesting to me, as it's rare to see a reasonable budget action film shot here. I probably still won't watch it mind.

antp BE

2012-08-31 14:15

As long as Jordana Brewster is part of the cast, its not so bad :whistle:

carcrasher88 US

2013-02-04 02:19

I had just posted this to the Fast Five page, not realizing this page already exists (oops...).

Still, here's the new trailer released tonight. Enjoy.


dsl SX

2013-02-04 03:10

^ A very unconvincing "Jensen" gets trashed in the trailer. Does anyone else think it slightly silly that the star of The Fast And The Furious is a bloke called Diesel?

carcrasher88 US

2013-02-04 03:29

Seems pretty obvious that that Jensen is a replica. I mean, why would they trash a car that these days sells at near triple digit prices?

Also, that police car that gets flipped...Vauxhall Vectra?

dsl SX

2013-02-04 03:54

Close - it's a Vauxhall Astra - also see the photos in Sandie's comment at top eg Link to "www.flickr.com" . The "Daytona/Superbird" looks very fake - much too short and you'd expect it to be able to go faster than the Escort in the Tenerife clips, otherwise you might as well save petrol and get a 2nd Escort. Glasgow street scenes look the same blocks in office area immediately west of city centre used in /movie.php?id=81182 , /movie.php?id=1371111 but a few blocks from /movie.php?id=816711 .

Gag Halfrunt UK

2013-02-04 15:44

The IMDB lists locations in the UK and Spain, but the list might not be complete yet.

Gag Halfrunt UK

2013-02-06 00:00

Here are some behind the scenes photos of filming on Lambeth Bridge, passed off as Moscow with East German IFA fire engines. :)
Link to "www.flickr.com"

You can see shots from this scene in the extended trailer at 1:26. I wonder if they'll use CGI to replace the buildings in the background, which include Lambeth Palace and the International Maritime Organization headquarters.

carcrasher88 US

2013-04-29 18:20

That 'unknown armored truck' is an International MXT-MVA, the armored version of the military spec MXT-MV, itself a military spec version of the MXT Limited (civilian version).


antp BE

2013-05-13 11:02

"Dodge Gets Fast and Furious: How Film Rebuilt a Classic Car Brand": Link to "www.brandchannel.com"

-- Last edit: 2013-05-13 11:03:29

XeroRamCharger PH

2013-05-14 08:44

I wish they would stop killing the charger. :no:

AlexS DE

2013-05-15 16:14

Did they really bring down a huge plane with cars, a fishing rod and a hook? Or did I miss someting in the trailer?
The director gets an 'F' in physics.

jettalover US

2013-05-16 02:20

In real life when the plane takes off, the car connected to the plane by a grappling hook would stay connected to the plane, bobbing in the air like a kite in the wind? :think:

-- Last edit: 2013-05-16 04:47:11

rjluna2 US

2013-05-16 03:44

I think it is time to call Mythbuster! :D

AlexS DE

2013-05-16 14:10

jettalover wrote In real life when the plane takes off, the car connected to the plane by a grappling hook would stay connected to the plane, bobbing in the air like a kite in the wind? :think:

Reminds me of "Con Air" and the Corvette: /vehicle_5282-Chevrolet-Corvette-C2-1967.html

XeroRamCharger PH

2013-05-20 04:32

Let's find out in the movie about the whole plane scene. But most of the movie has impossibilities.

ErikE NO

2013-05-23 06:24

carcrasher88 wrote That 'unknown armored truck' is an International MXT-MVA, the armored version of the military spec MXT-MV, itself a military spec version of the MXT Limited (civilian version).

According to TopGear who have behind the scenes knowledge to the movie: http://www.topgear.com/uk/photos/fast-and-furious-6-cars-2013-03-18 - this vehicle is a Navistar MXT-MVA - http://www.navistardefense.com/NavistarDefense/vehicles/mxt_mv/mxt_mva_armored - not an International.

And a car game on Facebook, with licensed vehicles, also call this a Navistar: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=542628252442483

I'm no expert in these military vehicles, so Navistar and International may in this case be the same as with VW Sharan / Seat Alhambra / Ford Galaxy, same vehicle except brand and model badges, but since it's known as a Navistar on the two mentioned sources, it should perhaps be changed to that in the database as well? :-)

Sandie SX

2013-05-23 17:42

Navistar are the parent company of International. I'm not sure what the situation with branding is, but you can find these named as both International and Navistar on the web.

night cub US

2013-05-25 01:50

Story today on Car and Driver website with 67-photo album:
Link to "www.caranddriver.com"
Link to "www.caranddriver.com"

m.pfaffeneder DE

2013-05-25 12:23

I saw it yesterday, too. It´s really an awesome film. Great story, an unexpected turn, nice stunts and a lot of nice cars!

-- Last edit: 2013-05-25 12:23:35

Game-oholic 94 US

2013-07-15 00:04

AlexS wrote Did they really bring down a huge plane with cars, a fishing rod and a hook? Or did I miss someting in the trailer?
The director gets an 'F' in physics.

Don't forget all the cargo that was inside the plane. But yes, they may get an "F" in physics, but I say it gets an "A+" in entertainment. The film actually turned out great that way.

Aolju FR

2013-07-15 18:06

I enjoyed this movie a lot, because it had very good car chases and amazing stunts. The stuntmen on that movie made a very good work (better than the actors).

mike962 DE

2013-07-25 16:53

[Image: snapshot20130721122116.182.jpg] [Image: snapshot20130721122116.180.jpg]

-- Last edit: 2013-07-25 16:58:36

Corkeyandpals US

2013-08-17 01:59

Aircraft at: http://www.impdb.org/index.php?title=The_Fast_and_the_Furious_6

Aolju FR

2013-09-02 18:07

I think The Fast and the Furious 7 will start filming tomorrow in the Pikes Peak road, in Colorado. We should create its page...

Ford_Guy US

2013-09-07 22:16

Shouldn't "Fast & Furious 6" be the appropriate title? That's how it is listed on IMDb and that's how it was released here in in the States.

antp BE

2013-09-08 23:52

:??: to me IMDb dispays just "Furious 6" (but that wouldn't be the first time they display different things depending on the visitor country) and that's how it was also written in the movie itself, hence why I changed the title:

[Image: ff6_000417_t.jpg]

As the previous one was named "Fast Five", it somehow makes sense :D

-- Last edit: 2013-09-08 23:54:15

chicomarx BE

2013-09-09 00:06

When I'm logged out it says
Fast & Furious 6 (2013)
"Furious 6" (original title)

You can change that in your preferences to have the original title as default. (and also to have the old IMDb lay-out which is a lot more useful)

-- Last edit: 2013-09-09 00:22:05

antp BE

2013-09-09 16:56

One more plane for IMPDb :
[Image: ff6_005701_c26.jpg]

Model cars:
[Image: ff6_001253_c53.jpg] [Image: ff6_001258_c00.jpg] [Image: ff6_001330_c48.jpg]

antp BE

2013-09-09 17:00

The opening credits show footage of cars from the previous F&F movies. Here they are, listed by order of appearance in this movie:

[Image: ff6_000216_c54.jpg] [Image: ff6_000221_c05.jpg]
= /vehicle_8540-Mitsubishi-Eclipse-1995.html

[Image: ff6_000218_c00.jpg] [Image: ff6_000232_c35.jpg]
= /vehicle_2671-Toyota-Supra-JZA80-1995.html
= /vehicle_9545-Peterbilt-359-1987.html

[Image: ff6_000229_c23.jpg]
= /vehicle_9556-Acura-Integra-DB8-1994.html

[Image: ff6_000230_c29.jpg]
= /vehicle_3716-Honda-Civic-Coupe-EJ1-1993.html

[Image: ff6_000235_c40.jpg]
= /vehicle_2077-Dodge-Charger-1970.html
= /vehicle_9547-Freightliner-FLD-120-1994.html

[Image: ff6_000240_c47.jpg]
= /vehicle_116960-Chevrolet-Chevelle-SS-1970.html

[Image: ff6_000243_c54.jpg]
= /vehicle_2065-Mitsubishi-Lancer-Evolution-VII-2002.html

[Image: ff6_000244_c58.jpg]
= /vehicle_935-Chevrolet-Camaro-1969.html

[Image: ff6_000245_c00.jpg]
= /vehicle_2881-Saleen-S281-2003.html

[Image: ff6_000255_c18.jpg] [Image: ff6_000256_c20.jpg]
= /vehicle_190357-Chevrolet-C-Series-1967.html
= /vehicle_190354-Chevrolet-R-3500-1989.html

[Image: ff6_000259_c36.jpg]
= /vehicle_190362-Peterbilt-359.html

[Image: ff6_000302_c50.jpg]
= /vehicle_190356-Buick-Grand-National-1984.html

[Image: ff6_000309_c07.jpg] [Image: ff6_000310_c14.jpg]
= /vehicle_226037-Plymouth-Road-Runner-1970.html
= /vehicle_190365-Ford-Gran-Torino-1972.html
also seen later in this movie: /vehicle_628647-Plymouth-Road-Runner-1970.html

[Image: ff6_000316_c21.jpg]
= /vehicle_239578-Mazda-RX-7-FC-1986.html

[Image: ff6_000327_c36.jpg]
= /vehicle_177301-Dodge-Charger-1970.html
= /vehicle_190355-Subaru-Impreza-WRX-STi-GH-2009.html
= /vehicle_226039-TechArt-GTsport-987-2007.html

[Image: ff6_000328_c41.jpg]
= /vehicle_239543-Cadillac-Sedan-DeVille-1971.html

[Image: ff6_000332_c57.jpg]
= /vehicle_239558-MCI-MC-9.html / /vehicle_395203-MCI-MC-9.html

[Image: ff6_000333_c59.jpg]
= /vehicle_226038-Acura-NSX-NA2-2003.html / /vehicle_401960-Acura-NSX-NA2-2003.html

[Image: ff6_000343_c23.jpg]
= /vehicle_357086-Chevrolet-Corvette-Grand-Sport-Replica-C2-1963.html

[Image: ff6_000356_c43.jpg]
= /vehicle_357082-Chevrolet-Suburban-2001.html

[Image: ff6_000356_c51.jpg]
= /vehicle_373876-Armet-Gurkha-F5.html

[Image: ff6_000405_c01.jpg]
= /vehicle_357076-Dodge-Charger-SRT-8-LX-2010.html

[Image: ff6_000409_c23.jpg]
= /vehicle_385655-Lexus-LFA-2011.html

[Image: ff6_000413_c28.jpg]
= /vehicle_357087-Nissan-GT-R-R35-2010.html
= /vehicle_357088-Dodge-Challenger-SRT-8-2009.html
which are used in this movie too:

-- Last edit: 2013-09-09 17:12:48

Aolju FR

2013-09-09 18:46

I think there's a car left. The old Lada that is seen crashed into a building.

antp BE

2013-09-10 14:25

Where in the movie? (in which scene?)

Aolju FR

2013-09-10 18:20

antp wrote Where in the movie? (in which scene?)

At the start, when the police arrives at the bridge in Russia (filmed in London, I think) and they see an old Lada Niva police car crashed very high into a building. I remember seeing it at cinema.

XeroRamCharger PH

2013-09-11 10:22

antp wrote
Model cars:

Dom's Charger made a cameo appearance as a model 1/18 toy. There's also Dom's Charger as a picture when Roman receives a call from Dom in his airplane.

antp BE

2013-09-13 15:39

I added the Lada: /vehicle.php?id=629479

Gag Halfrunt UK

2013-09-13 16:59

Aolju wrote At the start, when the police arrives at the bridge in Russia (filmed in London, I think)...

Yes, it's Lambeth Bridge.

Aolju FR

2013-09-14 13:30

I' ve created a page for Fast & Furious 7 (2014) and I included (in the comments) some photos of the cars on the set. /movie_2820852-Fast-and-Furious-7.html

-- Last edit: 2013-09-14 13:30:54


2013-12-01 16:50

I just heard about the tragic dead of Paul Walker and I was curious to know what the rest of you felt about it :( :( :(

rjluna2 US

2013-12-01 19:55

Wow! :wow:

michail2003 UA

2016-07-19 09:12

deleted comment

michail2003 UA

2016-07-20 15:41

deleted comment

yeong77744 KR

2017-04-29 16:47

Korean name:Bunnoei Jilju:The Maximum

train68 US

2018-11-30 02:31

Paul Walker, we still miss you.


2019-01-14 01:39

The main pictures for this movie really need to be updated

night cub US

2019-01-15 10:48

Pictures that belong in the comments:
[Image: i001225462.jpg] [Image: i001225463.jpg] [Image: i001225464.jpg]

NitroPlus US

2019-07-04 07:58

I love this movie. It takes everything from Fast Five and cranks it up to 11. I especially love the callbacks to the previous entries.


2020-10-14 15:40

It has an image showing three sports cars of different colors and brands. One seems to me to be the orange Mitsubishi Lancer and the other two I couldn't find out. Could anyone tell me and if there are more images of them? I want to reproduce them at 1:64 scale.


2021-10-12 01:28

Behind the Scenes pictures shows other Met Police vehicles used in the Movie or unused

One of which is a Ford Mondeo Estate, there's also a Land Rover Police but that's not visible


-- Last edit: 2021-10-12 01:37:40


2021-10-12 01:30

[Image: vbdf.jpg]

Land Rover Police car


2021-10-12 01:32

[Image: kjljkj.jpg]

Ford Mondeo Estate Police car, https://www.flickr.com/photos/seifracing/7893228752


2021-10-12 01:44

Unused Hyundai Police car




Unused Vauxhall Insignia Estate


More Hyundai Police cars

Note EN61 YFT, a common police prop mainly seen on Emmerdale is seen here, /vehicle_649225-Hyundai-i30-GD-2012.html

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