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Operación Camarón; 탐정: 더 비기닝; 성난 변호사; 작전; संगम; 베이비시터; A Dark Reflection; The Rules of Attraction; The Challenge; 好きでも嫌いなあまのじゃく; Mayavi; The Chill Factor; 出租家人; 学園ベビーシッターズ; Indecent Exposure; (more...)

Pawn Stars, Non-fiction TV, 2009-2024 IMDB

Pictures provided by: tv boy, maxman, Terra, Truck_Guy

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Also known as:

  • El precio de la historia (Spain)
  • Affari di famiglia (Italy)

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tv boy US

2011-08-11 14:08

If the admins are okay with it, I would like to pull the images for this series. Keep in mind it's a "reality" (documentary-type) series, no fictional characters, so that means no traffic or parking lot shots, just the rare motorcycles and cars they deal with on occasion. And there's a lot fewer of those here than on "American Pickers."

antp BE

2011-08-11 14:49

I guess it is ok. Also, this is available on DVD so it is still not "too much TV-show" (hard to explain :D)

Commander 57 US

2011-08-11 15:57

Sure, go for it!
Would love to see the "Old Man's" '66 Imperial and '65 Lincoln here on the site!

tv boy US

2011-08-16 00:50

[Image: pawnop4.9239.jpg]

carcrasher88 US

2011-08-16 01:49

Didn't one episode have an Austin-Healey on it? Plus, I recall another with a red Datsun Z-Car (280Z, perhaps?).

tv boy US

2011-08-16 02:52

Completed: season 1, and the first 9 episodes of season 2. Haven't run across the cars you mentioned, carcrasher88, I'm sure I eventually will.

Commander 57 US

2011-08-16 03:02

Hey! Where's that '65 Lincoln?

tv boy US

2011-08-16 03:05

Haven't found it yet, Commander, probably a later episode.

Commander 57 US

2011-08-16 15:14

Just pulling your timing chain a little bit, TV boy!

(Actually, I see the '65 Lincoln frequently in commercials for the show. Don't really recall a specific episode where it appeared but I hope there is one.)

tv boy US

2011-08-16 20:02

I saw one of those promos last night in fact. It was black and had wide, wide whites much like the Imperial.

carfan US

2011-09-19 07:20

One man tried to pawn a 1978 GMC Motorhome.

tv boy US

2011-10-23 05:31

Completed: season two (and got both of the cars you asked about, carcrasher88).

-- Last edit: 2011-10-23 05:35:18

vilero ES

2011-10-24 18:59

Note for lfisher160 This show is worked by user 'tv boy'. If you see previous comments above (^) you'll see he worked season 1 and 2 so, except if he gives up this show is a courtesy rule to leave the contribution to the user who is the current provider. You can contact him through the forum. Thanks.

ilikeme101 CA

2011-11-14 09:19

I think I saw the old man leaning against a Chevelle in a recent episode. Not 100% sure, but it looked like it was red and black with a vynil top and COWL

carfan US

2012-01-03 23:24

I saw a 2003 Lamborghini Murcielago in one episode. What can I say, I like this show!

StrokerAce US

2012-01-29 05:47

Does anyone else remember Chum buying a Regal?

tv boy US

2012-04-19 12:32

If someone can post a shot from one of the promos, of that '65 Lincoln Continental convertible, it can be listed as "Seen only in preview/trailer." I'm still trying to find it myself (I've seen it on TV but just haven't found a place where I can capture it).

Update: found it!

-- Last edit: 2012-04-19 13:54:13

tv boy US

2012-04-19 13:45

Completed: the first 16 episodes of Season 3, plus ep. 3.25, 3.36-42, and more recent episodes 5.32 and 5.33.

The episode numbers are an absolute mess. They don't even match up from Imdb and the History Channel, and the Imdb numbers are just all over the place. Hulu and iTunes have yet another set of numbers that match each other, and those are the ones I use.

Ddey65 US

2012-08-15 02:31

I'm surprised you didn't get that 1937 Oldsmobile sedan that supposedly belonged to Bugsy Siegel. That thing had a Straight 8!

-- Last edit: 2012-12-28 03:14:10

maxman CA

2012-10-04 01:56

Or the Dodge Brothers sedan.

maxman CA

2012-12-11 21:55

Or the Beetle with a bum engine they bought as a father-son project.

maxman CA

2012-12-11 21:56

Or Steve McQueen's Indian.

garco NL

2013-04-14 19:52

I think this show is closed. No new pictures will be accepted.

maxman CA

2013-08-20 04:23

Why? It's still being made, plus it still says Add a Vehicle.

antp BE

2013-08-20 17:35

garco wrote I think this show is closed. No new pictures will be accepted.

:??: I do not think this one was decided to be closed/removed
though that I am not sure if it is worth having on the site indeed... (even if accepted previously)

-- Last edit: 2013-08-20 17:37:27

chicomarx BE

2013-08-21 01:03

Ones that are actually closed could have the "Add a Vehicle" link removed, or a lock symbol?

maxman wrote Why? It's still being made, plus it still says Add a Vehicle.

antp BE

2013-08-21 17:32

I didn't had such feature because there is no real reason to have pages which are "closed".
If we do not validate new additions to a page it is rather waiting for its deletion... which is then only a temporary state. There are comments on the movie page that people could/should read before adding new vehicles that would allow to know such info.

maxman CA

2013-08-21 22:53

Does garco have the authority to say a show is closed to new additions?

maxman CA

2013-08-21 23:14

Just submitted the Oldsmobile supposedly owned by Bugsy Siegel. I have several more images of it, if the main image is unsuitable.

chicomarx BE

2013-08-22 00:12

Reality-tv is discouraged now, although the first messages say it's good to list, that's why I don't think all the previous work should be deleted.
And this particular show doesn't look so unacceptable, tv-boy, Commander57 and others seem keen on having it. Also a high number of IMDb votes which means it has interest.

maxman CA

2013-08-22 00:30

I also submitted the 1957 Chevy 150 Rick had restored for the Old Man.

chicomarx BE

2013-08-22 17:43

It's not HD anymore /vehicle_622964-Oldsmobile-Eight-L-37-1937.html
any new pics should at least be HD. Either the source is no good or process them differently...

antp BE

2013-08-22 17:43

If we do not plan to delete it in the future, there is no reason to "close" it. We can be strict on what we accept in it, but if we keep it then interesting vehicles can still be added.

About the non-HD pic, we can just resize them... Though that if the quality is bad, it is not worth adding.

-- Last edit: 2013-08-22 17:44:42

maxman CA

2013-08-23 00:13

Just resized all the images. I'd say they're much clearer.
[Image: 1937oldsmobilel37.jpg] [Image: 1937oldsmobilel371.1.jpg] [Image: 1937oldsmobilel372.1.jpg] [Image: 1937oldsmobilel373.1.jpg] [Image: 1937oldsmobilel374.1.jpg] [Image: 1937oldsmobilel375.1.jpg] [Image: 1937oldsmobilel376.1.jpg] [Image: 1937oldsmobilel379.jpg] [Image: 1937oldsmobilel377.1.jpg] [Image: 1937oldsmobilel3716.1.jpg] [Image: 1937oldsmobilel3717.1.jpg] [Image: 1937oldsmobilel3718.1.jpg]

And yes, I also resized the 150 and Mustang.

maxman CA

2013-08-23 01:37

Replaced the main images with the higher quality ones.

Should I replace the main image with one of the last three thumbnails?

rjluna2 US

2014-05-19 20:00

Last night, I saw an episode that Rick has acquired /vehicle_204974-Chevrolet-Styleline-De-Luxe-2134-1951.html

Gamer DE

2014-05-19 20:04

carfan wrote One man tried to pawn a 1978 GMC Motorhome.


Truck_Guy US

2018-03-15 15:02

I'm going to add some more entries since there are many seasons missing, my latest additions were validated, so I assume that's okay. I'm only planning to add actual cars and bikes that were attempted to be sold to the pawn shop.

Corkeyandpals US

2018-07-30 18:29

Aircraft at: http://impdb.org/index.php?title=Pawn_Stars

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