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坏孩子的秋天; Jatt & Juliet 2; Barsaat; Väikelinna detektiivid ja valge daami saladus; تهمين; Róza, strážné strašidlo; Bros; 장수상회; 그놈이다; 개들의 도시; 여타짜; My Spy: The Eternal City; هاری; Papá al Rescate; Come Play; (more...)

Profile for user Leoz - Country: United Kingdom / England

Been a member on this site since I was 14 ('07). I used to be quite a frequent poster, now I just visit without posting much. :) I used to have many posts on this site (near 50+ pages, in fact). But there came a day when I just thought "did I really post all this shit???!!!" and deleted a lot of them (you can find traces of my older posts as people quoted me - before I deleted them! XD :lol: ). Don't know why, must have hit the bottle hard. Lol :D yeah everybody laugh at me! :lol: Plus I used to occasionally contribute pictures of vehicles to the site, but rarely do it anymore - being that most I would do have already been done! :lol:
If you happen to see anything really stupid posted under my name, it either isn't me, or I may have been drinking! :beer: (Now I'm just making excuses!) :D

Cars I have owned:

'00 Ford Fiesta Zetec (1.2 5-Door Hatchback) MKIV Facelift
'03 Ford Fiesta Finesse (1.3 3-Door Hatchback) MKV
'10 Ford Fiesta Edge (1.2 3-Door Hatchback) MKVI
‘19 Ford Fiesta Zetec (1.1 3-Door Hatchback) MKVII (current car) :sun:

Hopefully one day I will own a ‘59-‘68 Ford Anglia 105E Saloon (maybe even a 123E Super?) :king:

And hopefully one day a classic American car, too!

Also - I'm aware people refer to a 2-Dr Hatchback as a '3-Door' and a 4-Dr as a '5-Dr', etc. But I have always considered the extra door as a 'boot'! :D


Favourite cars: Way too many to list, but (at least from an aesthetic point of view), I've always adored Classic & Vintage cars - especially '30s/'40s Hot Rods, chrome-rich, big-finned American Gas-guzzlers of the '50s & Muscle cars of the '60s! :D And many, many European as well as some Japanese classics too! Of course I do like modern cars (apart from MPVs, Crossovers & City cars!), and interested in what common cars today will become future Classics or Collector cars many years from now (some '80s/'90s 'Retro' cars already are!). :)

Just some of my favourite on-screen cars: :love:
:love: 4-Doors have really grown on me! : /vehicle_5327-Chevrolet-Impala-1719-1960.html
This Version DMC: /vehicle_2967-Delorean-DMC-12-1981.html
Though I grew out of these specific films very young: /vehicle_2077-Dodge-Charger-1970.html
Favourite Concept/Proto: /vehicle_523633-Phantom-Corsair-1938.html :love:
One of the first movies to really get me into cars: /movie_64603-The-Love-Bug.html
And every single car in this film: /movie_69704-American-Graffiti.html, this film: /movie.php?id=67779, this one /movie_190590-O-Brother,-Where-Art-Thou.html, this one: /movie_412080-The-World-s-Fastest-Indian.html and (most) in this one: /movie.php?id=106677

No cars in this one, though: http://m.imdb.com/title/tt0120737/ :lol:

Films: Own a large collection of titles, but favourites are really good Drama, decent Thrillers and lots & lots of Horror! (A lot of the classics, as well as foreign Extreme Horror!).
Music: Metal.

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