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Rederiet, TV Series, 1992-2002 IMDB

Pictures provided by: Bobjork, polit1

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Bobjork SE

2013-03-05 17:47

Rederiet, Season 1, 1992
[Image: rederiet-logga-s1.jpg]

[Image: reidar-intro-s1.jpg]
"Elinor Dahlén" (Season 1) and "Reidar Dahlén" (Season 1 - 17)

[Image: gustav-s1.jpg]
"Gustav Sjögren" (All seasons)

[Image: tony-s1.jpg]
"Tony Sjögren" (All seasons)

[Image: uno_joker-s1.jpg]
"Uno Kronstedt" (All seasons) and "Joker" (All seasons)

[Image: freja1.jpg] [Image: freja_stockholm-s1.jpg]
M/S Freja (Actual ship: Birka Princess, may she rest in peace)

[Image: 118-sally_albatross.jpg]
"M/S Mega Star" on fire in episode 1.18.
Actual pictures from the Sally Albatross fire in 1990.

-- Last edit: 2013-03-05 18:01:47

Bobjork SE

2013-03-05 17:49

This really is a crazy project. 18 episodes finished, only 300 to go!

antp BE

2013-03-05 17:52

Maybe not put too many background ones then
e.g. /vehicle_578048.html or /vehicle_578052-Scania-CN113.html (very blurry)

Bobjork SE

2013-03-05 17:55

I will delete the Scania, but that orange thing is very nice so I think it fits here.
In some episodes there are onlu background ones.

Bobjork SE

2013-03-15 05:26

Rederiet, Season 2, 1993
[Image: rederiet-logga-s1.jpg]

[Image: reidar-intro-s2.jpg] [Image: gustav-s2.jpg] [Image: tony-s2.jpg] [Image: joker_s2.jpg]

[Image: uno-s2-1.jpg]

In the next season there is a car crash if I remember correctly.

-- Last edit: 2013-03-15 05:27:05

Bobjork SE

2013-05-09 10:06

Just so you all know. I havent forgot about this but I had onlu bad copies of the series.
But! Now Swedish Television have put up ALL episodes online. So... I will continue soon :)

Sandie SX

2013-11-03 17:36

Episode numbers needed for these last two.

Bobjork SE

2013-11-03 18:27

Sandie wrote Episode numbers needed for these last two.

I have to check for that last one. Forgot to write it down.

Bobjork SE

2013-11-03 19:46

Bobjork wrote

I have to check for that last one. Forgot to write it down.

Found the episode and managed to see the license plate so now I know what model it is.

Bobjork SE

2013-11-03 20:11

Rederiet, Season 3, 1993
[Image: rederiet-logga-s1.jpg]

[Image: s3-reidarrenate.jpg] [Image: s3-gustavsofie.jpg] [Image: s3-tony.jpg]
[Image: s3-jokeruno.jpg]

[Image: s3-rolf.jpg]
Last season with Rolf Dahlén (Season 1-3)

Car crash in Episode 3.15
[Image: Vehicle 644933] and [Image: Vehicle 644932] involved.
[Image: 315-htx273-inredning.jpg] [Image: 315-buu556-2.jpg] [Image: 315-buu556-3.jpg] [Image: 315-buu556-inredning.jpg]
[Image: 315-htx273-1.jpg] [Image: 315-htx273-2.jpg] [Image: 315-htx273-3.jpg]

Background cars:
[Image: 305-bakgrund1.jpg] [Image: 305-bakgrund2.jpg]
[Image: 308-bakgrund1.jpg] [Image: 309-bakgrund.jpg]
[Image: 315-bakgrund1.jpg]

Ends with cliffhanger:
[Image: 315-sista-rutan.jpg]

-- Last edit: 2013-11-04 21:04:19

Bobjork SE

2013-11-07 16:32

Rederiet, Season 4, 1994
[Image: rederiet-logga-s1.jpg]

[Image: s4-reidar.jpg] [Image: s4-gustav.jpg] [Image: s4-tony.jpg]
[Image: s4-joker.jpg] [Image: s4-uno.jpg]
[Image: s4-silver.jpg]
First season with "Pehr Silver" (Season 4-11)

This season the characters was presented with short scenes instead of by being scrolled over the screen as earlier.
This also meant that the outcome from the car accident in the last episode in season 3 was spoiled:
[Image: s4-yvonnejr.jpg]
Yvonne (Rolf's wife) and Reidar Jr (son of Rolf Dahlén) crying together.

[Image: s4-rolf_urna.jpg]
Rolf Dahlén was killed in the accident.

Background cars:
[Image: 403-bakgrund2.jpg] [Image: 403-bakgrund3.jpg]

[Image: 406-helikopter.jpg] [Image: 408-se_hmo.jpg]
SE HMO in Ep. 4.06 and 4.08
Bell 206L Long Ranger

[Image: 410-helikopter.jpg]
Episode 4.10

[Image: 412-grongult-trafikljus.jpg]
Traffic light showing Yellow over green in ep 4.12

[Image: 412-katarinahissen.jpg]
Katarinahissen, today closed. Future unsure.

Sandie SX

2013-11-08 01:12

Again, episode number needed for this car. ;)

Bobjork SE

2013-11-08 06:51

Sandie wrote Again, episode number needed for this car. ;)

Why do I forget that all the time?? I save the pics with episode number in the name...

Bobjork SE

2013-11-10 15:48

Rederiet, Season 5, 1994
[Image: rederiet-logga-s5.jpg]
New look on the logo

[Image: s5-reidar.jpg]
The characters are now presented with still pictures in a "radar", a presentation used for the rest of the series.

[Image: s5-beatrice.jpg] [Image: s5-beatrice1.jpg]
Actor Gaby Stenberg returns as "Beatrice Ericson", the twin sister of her previous character "Elinor Dahlén"

[Image: s5-gustav.jpg] [Image: s5-tony.jpg] [Image: s5-joker.jpg] [Image: s5-uno.jpg]

Background cars:
[Image: 502-bakgrund1.jpg] [Image: 503-bakgrund1.jpg] [Image: 503-bakgrund4.jpg]

[Image: 508-bakgrund.jpg] [Image: 509-bakgrund.jpg]

[Image: birka_princess.jpg]
"Henrik Bjurhed" looking at Freja. But the ships real name is seen here: Birka Princess.

[Image: 503-real_train.jpg]
A real train. This is how they looked when I was a kid.

Bobjork SE

2013-11-16 22:16

Rederiet, Season 6, 1995
[Image: rederiet-logga-s5.jpg]

Same presentation of actors as last season.

[Image: s6-viggo.jpg]
Last season with "Viggo Strieber" (Season 4-6)
Even if he only was in the series for three seasons early in the series, he is remembered by everyone that have seen it.
The actor is famous for playing this psychopatic captain and for his cooking show.

Background cars
[Image: 609-bakgrund1.jpg]
Ep 6.09

[Image: 610-bakgrund1.jpg]
Ep 6.10

[Image: 611-pick-up.jpg]
Ep 6.10

[Image: 610-sparvagnsmodell.jpg]
Tram model in Ep. 6.10
This is an type A1 of Stockholm Tramway.
A1 76 is preserved and actually the actors name, Gösta Prüzelius, can be seen on a plate in the tram as he was sort of a "Godfather" to it.

-- Last edit: 2015-01-03 19:04:09

Corkeyandpals US

2014-01-08 19:32

Aircraft at: http://impdb.org/index.php?title=Rederiet

Bobjork SE

2015-01-03 19:23

Rederiet, Season 7, 1995
[Image: rederiet-logga-s5.jpg]

Same presentation of actors as last season.

[Image: s7-georg_lager.jpg]
First season with "Georg Lager" (Season 7-12)

Background cars
[Image: s7-bakgrund1.jpg]
Several episodes

[Image: s7-interior.jpg]
Ep 7.05
Interior of a Ford taxi.

[Image: 714-bakgrund1.jpg]
Ep 7.14
Plus two icebreakers. They were harboured there then, but today are harbored elsewhere.

[Image: 702-335.jpg]
Tram. A12 335 of the Stockholm Tramway.

[Image: s7-malmo_aviation.jpg]
Airplane from Malmö Aviation taking off.

Bobjork SE

2015-01-05 20:29

Rederiet, Season 8, 1996
Episode 8.01 = Episode 100 in total
[Image: rederiet-logga-s5.jpg]

Same presentation of actors as last season.

[Image: s8-micki_sandell.jpg]
First season with "Micki Sandell" (Season 8-20)

[Image: s8_irma_nilsson.jpg] [Image: s8_siv_svensson.jpg]
Last season with Irma Nilsson and Siv Svensson (Season 1-8)

Background cars
[Image: 8-bts-scania_double_cab.jpg]
Scania double cab from "Behind the scenes" episode, sent before Episode 8.01 (Episode 100)

[Image: s8_bakgrund1.jpg] [Image: s8_bakgrund2.jpg]

[Image: 812_background1.jpg]
Unknown (Kähsborer-Setra?) bus in Episode 8.12

Special spotting:
[Image: 815-junior.jpg]
"Reidar 'Junior' Dahlen" on a bike. In the background a production truck...

-- Last edit: 2015-01-05 20:30:15

Bobjork SE

2015-01-11 02:38

Rederiet, Season 9, 1996
[Image: rederiet-logga-s5.jpg]

Same presentation of actors as last season.

Background cars
[Image: 903-bakgrund.jpg] [Image: 905-bakgrund.jpg] [Image: 905-bakgrund2.jpg]
[Image: 905-bakgrund3.jpg] [Image: 908-bakgrund.jpg]

Bobjork SE

2015-01-11 02:40

Rederiet, Season 10, 1997
[Image: rederiet-logga-s5.jpg]

Same presentation of actors as last season.

[Image: s10-vera_bengtsson.jpg]
First season with "Vera Bengtsson" as regular character (Season 10-20)

Background cars
[Image: 1001-bakgrund1.jpg] [Image: 1003-bakgrund1.jpg] [Image: 1005-bakgrund2.jpg]

-- Last edit: 2015-01-11 02:44:58

Bobjork SE

2015-01-11 02:44

Not much cars in these episodes. And these middle seasons are sometimes quite boring.
Will take a little break for other films now :)

Lateef NO

2015-01-11 13:11

Bobjork wrote Background cars

I'm listing that 1992+ Toyota Camry Touring. Well visible and not too common.

Bobjork SE

2015-01-11 13:14

Lateef wrote
I'm listing that 1992+ Toyota Camry Touring. Well visible and not too common.

Aha... couldn't decide if it should be listed... there already are some Toyotas in this series (just like in Beck and other swedish series. We seem to love Toyota and Volvo here in sweden :))

Lateef NO

2015-01-11 13:16

:) what episode was it in, BTW?

Bobjork SE

2015-01-11 13:47

Lateef wrote :) what episode was it in, BTW?

Let me see. It is saved as "1003-bakgrund1.jpg" so it's in 10.03.

Bobjork SE

2015-01-25 17:01

Rederiet, Season 11, 1997
[Image: rederiet-logga-s5.jpg]

Same presentation of actors as last season.

[Image: s11-per_silver.jpg]
Last season with "Pehr Silver" (Season 4-11)

Background cars
[Image: s11-bakgrund1.jpg] [Image: 1106-bakgrund1.jpg] [Image: 1113-bakgrund1.jpg]
[Image: 1113-bakgrund2.jpg] [Image: 1113-bakgrund2.jpg] [Image: 1115-bakgrund1.jpg]

[Image: 1118-bakgrund1.jpg]

Internet Movie Train Database:
[Image: 1118-rc3_1050_spar19-cst.jpg]
SJ Rc3 1050 on platform 19 at Stockholm C

[Image: 1118-60-talsvagn.jpg]
60s stock 1 class coach.

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