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아이돌마스터.KR - 꿈을 드림 (THE IDOLM@STER.KR), KR TV Series, 2017 IMDB

Pictures provided by: ChasingX

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Also known as:

  • Aidolmaseuteo.KR - kkumeul deurim (transliterated)
  • The Idolmaster KR
  • 偶像大师.KR:追逐梦想 (China)
  • アイドルマスター.KR (Japan)

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ChasingX KR

2024-01-29 15:29

[Image: dramaname.5.jpg] [Image: dramaname2.2.jpg]

Car Arts:
Ep. 3
[Image: _2024_01_24_03_54_48_404.jpg] [Image: _2024_01_24_03_55_17_752.jpg] [Image: _2024_01_24_03_55_22_688.jpg]

2009 Jaguar XJ: [*]
Ep. 3, 4, 6, 9, 11, 12
[Image: _2024_01_24_03_50_30_594.jpg]

Ep. 5
[Image: _2024_01_24_04_19_48_127.jpg]

Ep. 10
[Image: _2024_01_24_06_13_03_769.jpg] [Image: _2024_01_24_06_13_17_134.jpg]

Bus interior: [*][*]
Ep. 5
[Image: _2024_01_24_04_27_10_52.jpg]

Cars: [*][*]
Ep. 11
[Image: _2024_01_24_06_29_27_661.jpg]

Ep. 21
[Image: _2024_01_25_01_44_48_434.jpg] [Image: _2024_01_25_01_44_56_78.jpg]

Double Decker Bus: [*]
Ep. 24
[Image: _2024_01_25_03_20_40_2.jpg]

Obstructed/Blurry/too small/background vehicles: [*]
Ep. 1
[Image: _2024_01_24_02_16_40_838.jpg] [Image: _2024_01_24_02_18_33_220.jpg] [Image: _2024_01_24_02_30_11_530.jpg] [Image: _2024_01_24_02_37_11_569.jpg] [Image: _2024_01_24_02_52_17_717.jpg]

Ep. 1, 21
[Image: _2024_01_25_01_20_11_827.jpg]

Ep. 2
[Image: _2024_01_24_03_08_35_417.jpg] [Image: _2024_01_24_03_10_26_276.jpg] [Image: _2024_01_24_03_15_24_372.jpg] [Image: _2024_01_24_03_18_32_588.jpg] [Image: _2024_01_24_03_18_49_651.jpg] [Image: _2024_01_24_03_19_19_597.jpg] [Image: _2024_01_24_03_24_12_273.jpg] [Image: _2024_01_24_03_26_11_17.jpg] [Image: _2024_01_24_03_26_48_149.jpg] [Image: _2024_01_24_03_26_57_640.jpg] [Image: _2024_01_24_03_28_11_500.jpg] [Image: _2024_01_24_03_28_16_511.jpg] [Image: _2024_01_24_03_28_34_333.jpg] [Image: _2024_01_24_03_28_24_992.jpg] [Image: _2024_01_24_03_28_48_69.jpg] [Image: _2024_01_24_03_29_26_150.jpg] [Image: _2024_01_24_03_29_37_33.jpg] [Image: _2024_01_24_03_29_57_239.jpg] [Image: _2024_01_24_03_36_05_173.jpg] [Image: _2024_01_24_03_37_00_479.jpg] [Image: _2024_01_24_03_37_15_89.jpg] [Image: _2024_01_24_03_37_23_539.jpg] [Image: _2024_01_24_03_41_11_278.jpg] [Image: _2024_01_24_03_43_20_556.jpg] [Image: _2024_01_24_03_43_48_774.jpg]

Ep. 4
[Image: _2024_01_24_03_59_02_296.jpg] [Image: _2024_01_24_03_58_31_466.jpg]

Ep. 5
[Image: _2024_01_24_04_18_47_298.jpg] [Image: _2024_01_24_04_18_52_58.jpg]

Ep. 6
[Image: _2024_01_24_04_36_34_745.jpg] [Image: _2024_01_24_04_36_33_371.jpg] [Image: _2024_01_24_04_37_26_113.jpg] [Image: _2024_01_24_04_36_09_585.jpg]

Ep. 7
[Image: _2024_01_24_04_44_15_350.jpg] [Image: _2024_01_24_04_45_38_997.jpg] [Image: _2024_01_24_04_50_27_692.jpg]

Ep. 8
[Image: _2024_01_24_04_56_56_941.jpg] [Image: _2024_01_24_05_02_12_250.jpg] [Image: _2024_01_24_05_05_40_937.jpg] [Image: _2024_01_24_05_07_22_892.jpg] [Image: _2024_01_24_05_07_34_793.jpg] [Image: _2024_01_24_05_07_48_758.jpg]

Ep. 9
[Image: _2024_01_24_05_43_29_666.jpg] [Image: _2024_01_24_05_47_06_85.jpg] [Image: _2024_01_24_05_47_59_622.jpg] [Image: _2024_01_24_05_50_53_97.jpg] [Image: _2024_01_24_05_51_21_119.jpg] [Image: _2024_01_24_05_51_23_328.jpg] [Image: _2024_01_24_05_51_29_393.jpg] [Image: _2024_01_24_05_51_49_153.jpg] [Image: _2024_01_24_05_52_07_340.jpg] [Image: _2024_01_24_05_52_41_149.jpg] [Image: _2024_01_24_05_55_58_220.jpg]

Ep. 10
[Image: _2024_01_24_05_59_13_575.jpg] [Image: _2024_01_24_05_59_26_253.jpg] [Image: _2024_01_24_06_02_04_766.jpg] [Image: _2024_01_24_06_02_36_345.jpg] [Image: _2024_01_24_06_04_39_448.jpg] [Image: _2024_01_24_06_12_15_78.jpg]

Ep. 11
[Image: _2024_01_24_06_20_41_732.jpg] [Image: _2024_01_24_06_27_04_81.jpg] [Image: _2024_01_24_06_28_06_29.jpg] [Image: _2024_01_24_06_30_54_981.jpg] [Image: _2024_01_24_06_32_22_106.jpg] [Image: _2024_01_24_06_34_50_420.jpg]

Ep. 14
[Image: _2024_01_24_07_03_57_61.jpg] [Image: _2024_01_24_07_04_41_209.jpg] [Image: _2024_01_24_07_08_50_453.jpg] [Image: _2024_01_24_07_08_57_73.jpg] [Image: _2024_01_24_07_11_33_725.jpg] [Image: _2024_01_24_07_12_21_785.jpg] [Image: _2024_01_24_07_14_16_961.jpg] [Image: _2024_01_24_07_15_58_94.jpg] [Image: _2024_01_24_07_16_42_708.jpg] [Image: _2024_01_24_07_16_53_780.jpg] [Image: _2024_01_24_07_17_31_403.jpg] [Image: _2024_01_24_07_19_48_587.jpg] [Image: _2024_01_24_07_20_33_501.jpg] [Image: _2024_01_24_07_20_26_904.jpg] [Image: _2024_01_24_07_27_44_14.jpg] [Image: _2024_01_24_07_29_44_652.jpg]

Ep. 15
[Image: _2024_01_24_09_07_12_333.jpg]

Ep. 17
[Image: _2024_01_24_10_49_11_423.jpg] [Image: _2024_01_24_10_49_16_801.jpg] [Image: _2024_01_24_10_49_31_87.jpg]

Ep. 19
[Image: _2024_01_24_11_16_24_453.jpg] [Image: _2024_01_24_11_21_25_29.jpg] [Image: _2024_01_24_11_24_02_201.jpg] [Image: _2024_01_24_11_28_54_587.jpg] [Image: _2024_01_24_11_30_48_903.jpg] [Image: _2024_01_24_11_34_57_872.jpg] [Image: _2024_01_24_11_43_10_928.jpg] [Image: _2024_01_24_11_43_30_910.jpg] [Image: _2024_01_24_11_45_05_845.jpg] [Image: _2024_01_24_11_45_06_692.jpg] [Image: _2024_01_24_11_47_19_843.jpg]

Ep. 20
[Image: _2024_01_24_11_53_47_977.jpg] [Image: _2024_01_24_11_56_01_467.jpg] [Image: _2024_01_24_12_01_50_714.jpg] [Image: _2024_01_24_12_04_34_938.jpg] [Image: _2024_01_24_12_07_04_704.jpg] [Image: _2024_01_24_12_15_02_223.jpg]

Ep. 21
[Image: _2024_01_25_01_27_48_628.jpg] [Image: _2024_01_25_01_40_11_77.jpg] [Image: _2024_01_25_01_41_19_792.jpg] [Image: _2024_01_25_01_48_30_692.jpg] [Image: _2024_01_25_01_48_33_573.jpg]

Ep. 22
[Image: _2024_01_25_01_58_28_705.jpg] [Image: _2024_01_25_02_12_18_578.jpg] [Image: _2024_01_25_02_12_39_215.jpg]

Ep. 23
[Image: _2024_01_25_02_44_03_331.jpg] [Image: _2024_01_25_02_56_49_627.jpg]

Ep. 24
[Image: _2024_01_25_03_00_09_480.jpg] [Image: _2024_01_25_03_01_36_534.jpg] [Image: _2024_01_25_03_02_06_932.jpg] [Image: _2024_01_25_03_07_25_91.jpg] [Image: _2024_01_25_03_07_37_169.jpg] [Image: _2024_01_25_03_10_15_899.jpg] [Image: _2024_01_25_03_09_23_208.jpg] [Image: _2024_01_25_03_08_39_56.jpg] [Image: _2024_01_25_03_12_25_367.jpg] [Image: _2024_01_25_03_12_26_573.jpg] [Image: _2024_01_25_03_13_17_697.jpg] [Image: _2024_01_25_03_15_05_785.jpg] [Image: _2024_01_25_03_15_06_799.jpg] [Image: _2024_01_25_03_16_10_332.jpg] [Image: _2024_01_25_03_17_07_832.jpg] [Image: _2024_01_25_03_17_45_717.jpg] [Image: _2024_01_25_03_18_02_640.jpg] [Image: _2024_01_25_03_18_15_136.jpg] [Image: _2024_01_25_03_18_21_7.jpg] [Image: _2024_01_25_03_15_55_131.jpg] [Image: _2024_01_25_03_15_34_282.jpg] [Image: _2024_01_25_03_20_03_280.jpg] [Image: _2024_01_25_03_21_34_642.jpg] [Image: _2024_01_25_03_23_32_418.jpg] [Image: _2024_01_25_03_24_32_325.jpg] [Image: _2024_01_25_03_27_45_417.jpg] [Image: _2024_01_25_03_27_47_880.jpg] [Image: _2024_01_25_03_29_11_290.jpg] [Image: _2024_01_25_03_29_40_647.jpg] [Image: _2024_01_25_03_36_25_420.jpg] [Image: _2024_01_25_03_39_11_6.jpg]

2009 Hyundai Sonata [YF]:
Ep. 1 [*]
[Image: _2024_01_24_02_20_14_683.jpg] [Image: _2024_01_24_02_22_24_454.jpg]

Ep. 2 [*]
[Image: _2024_01_24_03_29_09_528.jpg] [Image: _2024_01_24_03_23_48_553.jpg]

Ep. 6 [*]
[Image: _2024_01_24_04_36_35_848.jpg]

Ep. 8 [*]
[Image: _2024_01_24_05_05_39_794.jpg] [Image: _2024_01_24_05_06_26_663.jpg]

Ep. 14 [*]
[Image: _2024_01_24_07_18_37_265.jpg]

Ep. 19 [*]
[Image: _2024_01_24_11_25_39_285.jpg] [Image: _2024_01_24_11_33_05_824.jpg] [Image: _2024_01_24_11_33_40_934.jpg]

Ep. 24 [*]
[Image: _2024_01_25_03_16_32_412.jpg] [Image: _2024_01_25_03_17_27_732.jpg]

-- Last edit: 2024-01-31 20:17:15

Baube QC

2024-01-29 18:20

ChasingX wrote [Image: _2024_01_24_03_29_57_239.jpg]

pink balloons.. Penny Wise ? .. :whistle:

Gamer DE

2024-01-29 18:26

우리 모두가 여기 아래로 떠내려가는지 !

-- Last edit: 2024-01-29 18:28:04

UKboy205 EN

2024-01-30 19:32


GodzillaFan54 CA

2024-01-30 19:36

Most unusual title I've seen all year.

Jnglmpera JP

2024-01-31 00:45

GodzillaFan54 wrote Most unusual title I've seen all year.

I'm guessing that's because the series is a Korean adaptation of a Japanese arcade game-turned smartphone game.

We have at least one or two other IM@S titles on IMCDB if I remember correctly by the way...


2024-01-31 13:39

:lol: To Baube and Gamer. :D

RushCars24ID ID

2024-02-01 12:43

Nah, nope, sorry, nothing has to do with Stephen King's It (1986) in references, full stop, what I'm more care and correction is the passing background car which I may guess; possibly a third-gen Lexus ES [XV30] or third-gen Samsung SM5. Again, a pass due to blurriness, something we're not allowed to list.

Additionally, also in Ep.2, I spotted a second-gen Audi TT Roadster in the 8th-10th thumbs, but since there isn't any more visible vantages for listing, pass.

@Jnglmpera - Actually, it is, this is the South Korean live-action adaptation of the long-running Japanese idol media franchise, THE iDOLM@STER series, produced by Bandai Namco Entertainment. I would say it's more like a potential Korean spin-off of IM@S with a dedicated idol agency, similar to the Japanese IM@S installments that succeeded the original from 2005 (e.g. Cinderella Girls, Million Live!, SideM, Shiny Colors). Don't ask and it's obvious, I'm originally not care about IM@S and didn't know there's even a Korean adaptation of it until my motivations I finally got in Yakuza/Like a Dragon-Judgment and Love Live!

As for the other titles you've mentioned, there are THREE IM@S titles already listed in IMCDb prior to KR: the original, Cinderella Girls and SideM.

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