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複身犯; 눈물의 여왕; Winnie the Pooh: Blood and Honey 2; 가발; Rendez-vous avec Pol Pot; The Doomsday Flight; Ek Rishtaa: The Bond of Love; Взять Тарантину; 民警故事; Laadla; Aap Mujhe Achche Lagne Lage; 神耆小子; Getting Evidence; Полтергейст-90; すのはら荘の管理人さん; (more...)

Profile for user Animatronixx - Country: Germany

The massive presence of overly childish users (particularly QueenMDX, Kartkidbut and UKboy205) drives me away from this website, hence I significantly reduced my activities over here - why keep wasting specialist knowledge on what’s become a toddlers' playground? Find me over at coachbuild.com instead.

Just let me know once we have an option to block or at least mute certain users and I'll reconsider the intensity of my input on IMCDb. I still check my mentions, but won't find them if you can't be bothered to properly spell my name.

Spoiler - click here to see it

Solo-admin, dedicated to the historical documentation, not involved in any admin 'group' decisions or discussions, not associated with various fellow admins, their antics and negative or patronising attitudes.

[Image: animatronixx.jpg] Bestattungswagen Literaturarchiv | German Funeral Car Archives In memory of Bernie DeWinter IV (*1951 +2007) [Image: p72902561at9.jpg]

Me: Automotive historian, IMCDb commercial coachbuilding investigator since 2007, socially distancing since 1975 (= Generation X, hence knowledge mainly based on genuine off-screen experiences), retro-melancholiac. On this site, I prefer quality over quantity, information over opinion (that also includes your opinion) and facts over emotion, which is why I treat my posts like each one costs me money - easy and effective quality management, highly recommended!

My self-description: Ebony and irony, together in perfect harmony.

My IMCDb specialist departments: Post-war commercial coachbuilding - mainly funeral vehicles incl. flower cars and service cars (current score: 949 coachbuilders worldwide), professional cars in general, passenger car-based ambulances & specialist vehicles, airport limousines, stretched limousines, station wagon conversions, promotional vehicles, the occasional convertible conversion, vintage custom cars, some Neo Classics, US "Pimp Cars" and Superfly customs 1960s - 1980s, British ice cream vans, civilian security/ value/ armoured vehicles, West-German water cannons, prisoner transport vehicles and cash-in-transit vehicles, broadcast vans, trackless trains and many more niche products of that sort. [20th century only - I started losing my excitement for contemporary cars by the mid-1990s] Oh, and certain classic Cadillacs, of course - especially the modified ones! I also sometimes take care of movie cars that are for sale. My inofficial subdivisions: IMRDb (vintage radios) and IMARDb (vintage amusement rides).

I also low-key take care of German UPS vans, Hymer Hymermobil, GMC MotorHome & TransMode, some buses, some trucks, some special/ limited editions, some campers and a few more things.

My contact info: Please @ me in the comments or send your mail to AnimatronixX.IMCDb(AT)gmail.com. No PM on the forum, please - I left that swamp long ago. Thank you!

Why coachbuilt cars? Each one is unique, bespoke, handcrafted, everything is possible. Individuality, creativity and imagination offer endless possibilities. As explained by fellow member johnfromstaffs: "The customer is parting with a great deal of money, he can have what he wants. It’s no good if someone trying to identify a coachbuilt says “it can’t be one of those, the parking lights are in the wrong place”, or “that model never had spotlamps” if the customer wanted it and could afford it, he got it." That's a bit like identifying a 50 year old (most likely repainted) car by missing or existing badges, moldings or by their wheels - only makes very limited sense in my experience, because the personalization of cars is almost as old as the car itself.

Further interests: I collect vintage tube radios (UK: valve radios), record-players, gramophones, vinyl & shellac records and pretty much everything pre-1960 from furniture to household items. Generally interested in the 20th Century, true crime & cold cases, lost places, popular & avantgarde music, vintage carousels, amusement rides and ghost trains (that's where my screen name comes from). Also, I'm still a hearse driver, an amateur weekend mechanic and you may find me hiking or biking around somewhere, exploring interesting places.

My favourite TV shows: Auf Achse (Manfred Krug and/or Rüdiger Kirschstein episodes only), Der Alte (Siegfried Lowitz episodes only), Der Fahnder (Klaus Wennemann episodes only), PS - Geschichten ums Auto, Starsky & Hutch, Diese Drombuschs, Derrick

Cars & vehicles I currently own: 1993 Volkswagen Passat Variant CL 'Trend' Rappold RAKOLA Bestattungswagen [35i|B3] (Vehicle used a lot by a main character or for a long time), ~1860 horse-drawn wagonette, 1988 Hercules Estrella, ~1995 Recker JR 500, 1991 Siegel REC 75 shopping cart

MY 2020: [Image: 1993volkswagenpassatvariantcltrendrappoldrakolabestattungswagen35ib3.jpg] Steampunk version: [Image: unnamed.jpg] MY 2023: [Image: passsatrappoldrakola2023.jpg] MY 2024: [Image: passsatrappoldrakola2024.jpg] [Image: 1860horse-drawnwagonette.jpg]

Current project - building my VW Passat Rappold hearse in scale 1:87: German English translation [Image: prototyp.jpg]

Cars I previously owned (a total of 74 to date, + the trailers): OPEL: Rekord C Sedan (1967), about 20 x Rekord E (1977-86), Rekord C Rappold Bestattungswagen (1970), 2 x Rekord D Vogt Bestattungswagen (1973/ 74), Rekord D Welsch Bestattungswagen , Rekord E Rappold Bestattungswagen (1980), Rekord E Stolle Bestattungswagen (1979), 2 x Rekord E Welsch Bestattungswagen (1978/ 79), Rekord E Pilato Bestattungswagen (1979), Rekord E Miesen Krankenwagen (1981), 3-4 x Commodore C (1977-82), 10 x Senator A (1977-86), Senator B LWB by Karosserie Wendler (1990), Monza (1986), Manta B (1986), Kadett D (1983), Kadett D Bieber Cabrio (1984), 2 x Kadett E hatchback (1986 + 1989), Ascona B, Admiral B, 3 x Omega A Caravan | MERCEDES-BENZ: Mercedes-Benz 230.6 [W114] (1971), Mercedes-Benz 280 SE Bestattungswagen Rappold [W116] (1975), 2 x Mercedes-Benz 190 E [W201] (1991), 200 E [W124] (1990), Mercedes-Benz E 320 T Sportline [S124] (1995), 230.4 Bestattungswagen Rappold [W115] (1974), 350 SE Bestattungswagen Pilato [W116] (1973), 260 SE [W126] (1988). | Volkswagen: Polo [86C]+ Golf D [19E], BMW 528i [E28], 1990 Vauxhall Carlton, 1984 Ford Granada III, 1985 Volvo 740 GL [745], 1991 Volvo 940 GL [945], Nissan Micra [K10], Seat Ibiza, 1990 Nissan Sunny Traveller [B12], 1985 + 1989 Volvo 740 GL [745], 1991 Volvo 940 [945], 3 x Westfalia funeral trailer (1963, 1972, 1973), 1955 Griebling Funeral Trailer.

[Image: 1973mercedes-benz350sepilatoautotrasformazioni.jpg] [Image: wowe1.jpg] [Image: opelrekordemiesenkrankenwagen1981.jpg] [Image: opelrekorderappoldbestattungswagen1980.jpg] [Image: opelrekorddvogtbestattungswagen1974.jpg] [Image: mercedes-benz2304bestattungswagenrappoldw1151974.jpg] [Image: mercedes-benz280sebestattungswagenrappoldw1161975.jpg] [Image: pilatoopelrekorde1diesel.jpg]

Most notable cars I have driven so far: CADILLAC: 1953-57, 59-76 (Fleetwood) Eldorado (Biarritz) Convertibles, 1957+59 Eldorado Brougham, 1957-60 Eldorado Seville, 1958 Eureka Landau, 1953-65 Fleetwood 60 Special, 1982+84+87+88+91+93+94+95 (Fleetwood) Brougham, 1952+59+62+65+68 Fleetwood Series 75, 1973+75 Miller-Meteor Landau Traditional, 1990 S&S Victoria, 1976 Eldorado “Bicentennial” + Rumble Seat + Low Rider, 1978 Eldorado Custom Biarritz Classic, 1978 Hess & Eisenhardt Le Cabriolet, 1978 Sedan de Ville American Custom Coachworks Paris Convertible, 1984 Eldorado Biarritz ASC Convertible, 1986+88 Cimarron, many more Cadillac Convertibles/ Sedans/ Coupes & Limousines (1947 - 1994). LINCOLN: 1960 Continental Mark V, 1967 Continental Convertible, 1972 Mark IV, 1978 Continental Town Car, 1984 Continental Givenchy, 1988 Town Car Limousine DaBryan Coach Builders. BUICK: 1949 Roadmaster Convertible, 1953 Skylark, several 1954+55+58. CHEVROLET: 1958 Task-Force Apache Stepside, several Corvette 1956-60, various Caprice Station Wagons, S10 Blazer. GMC: 1985 Vandura. PONTIAC: 1955 Star Chief, 1986 Trans Am. OLDSMOBILE: 1952+58 Super 88, 1983 Cutlass Ciera. MERCURY: 1968 Cougar. FORD USA: 1955 Customline, 1957 Fairlane 500 Skyliner Retractable Hardtop, (allegedly Mickey Rourke's) 1963 Galaxie Convertible, 1972 Mustang Convertible. BMW: M3 (+CSL) [E46], 5-Series [E39] & [E60/61], 7-Series [E65], 8-Series [E31]. MERCEDES BENZ: [W108, W114, W115, W116, W123, W124, W126, W140, W163, W164, W168, W201, W202, W203, W204, W210, W211, W220, R107, R129, R170, C219, C30 AMG, LP]. 1987 Classic Motor Carriages Classic Tiffany, 1968 Checker Marathon Sedan + Station Wagon, Maserati 4.2, several Porsche 996/ 997, Jaguar S-Type/ X-Type/ XJR, Land Rover Defender 90, 4 x Range Rover, VW Touareg R5 2.5, Honda S2000, Trabant 601 A, 1998 Dodge Ram, 1940 LaSalle, 1979 Volvo 264 Welsch Bestattungswagen... altogether more than 1000 cars - and rising.

I never owned the Cadillacs pictured below, but I worked for Europe's largest classic Cadillac dealer for many years, so these cars were my close workmates for either a couple of months or years and I did various jobs with each one of them. The funeral cars were all mine, though.

Further movie cars & projects:
- Die Schwelle (2007, never released) 1975 Mercedes-Benz 280 SE Bestattungswagen Rappold (my own car & I participated in the filming on set by playing a funeral director)
- Festool educational film (2012) 1971 Mercedes-Benz 230.6 [W114] (my own car, received a full polishing treatment on camera)
- Weil ich gut bin! (2002) 1958 Cadillac Convertible Series 62
- Happy Friday (2004) same as above (I participated in the filming on set - off camera! Never aired! They re-shot the show and used a late 1950s Mopar convertible instead)
- Die Harald Schmidt Show (1999) still the same as above
- Die Story von Monty Spinnerratz (1997) 1976 Cadillac Eldorado Convertible
- ZDF-Fernsehgarten (Aug 11th, 2002) 1959 Cadillac Convertible Series 62 (Live show! I participated by driving the host on stage - on camera!)

Logbook entry: It's 2022, people are still arguing taste and aim to limit other people's freedom of how to treat their own belongings. A simple "I like my coffee black, you like your tea with milk" aka. "live and let live" doesn't settle this. Be faithful in shape and appearance to what the original designers and manufacturers of an item once gave you or strong opinions will hunt you down, because you violated a perceived celibate of authenticity. People's creativity of breaking the unwritten rules of originality by modifying or personalizing an item is still an issue that raises tempers. I repeat: It's 2022.

Common cars are boring - boring cars are common. ^v^

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