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Annika, TV Series, 2021-?? IMDB

Pictures provided by: dsl, 72sonett, Ayrshore

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72sonett ES

2021-11-19 21:19


-- Last edit: 2023-05-27 20:39:39 (dsl)

Sandie SX

2021-11-19 22:45

Been trying to find this series, but it has proved difficult

-- Last edit: 2023-05-27 20:40:02 (dsl)

chicomarx BE

2021-11-24 07:26

Another crime series where the main character drives an old Saab. Maybe I'm paranoid but I think they're doing it to get on IMCDB.

72sonett ES

2021-11-26 21:21

There are so many; Halifax fp, Midsomer murders, Dalziel & Pascoe, Dicte, Inspector Morse, Ruth Rendell, Silent witness, Wallander... I could go on...

-- Last edit: 2021-12-26 13:56:52

dsl SX

2023-05-27 21:16

[Image: title.663.jpg]

Page now tidied - several Saab comments moved to the Saab page.
Sandie wrote Been trying to find this series, but it has proved difficult

In the end not worth a lot of effort - it's very disappointing.
Plus points:
- good use of locations in and around Glasgow and the Clyde, and some excellent aerial/drone shots of snowy landscapes and distant mountains
- almost everything with Nicola Walker in it is worth watching
But ...
- the plotlines are really pants - they don't hold any tension or excitement
- there's far too much cliched backstory - single parent detective with rebellious teenager yet a-bloody-gain - which is pushed so far forward it starts becoming a soap opera
- the heavily emphasised Fourth Wall trope where Nicola keeps talking straight at the camera is appallingly badly done and becomes very irritating. All she spouts is pretentious twaddle about Norse mythology and Greek tragedies as if these explain the cases they're working on. But they don't.

The bad news is a second series may be arriving soon.

- Marine Homicide Unit control truck glimpses in eps 1.01 and 1.04
[Image: r02-36marineunit.jpg] [Image: r02-36marineunitbep4.jpg] [Image: r02-36marineunitc01-33.jpg]

- assorted stuff outside a pub "on Bute" in ep 1.02
[Image: r36-01pub.jpg]

- a pink thing suspended from the ceiling of a tattoo parlour in ep 1.06
[Image: r23-22pinktattoo.jpg] [Image: r23-22pinktattooc.jpg]
.... can't tell if it's real, but some Glaswegian establishments do things like this with scooters or Fiat 500s so anything's possible

Location moment - the Govan Graving Docks used a few times and scene of the ep 1.06 finale - see 72sonett's yt link in 1st comment on this page and foreground here
[Image: 02-09skodapl13fkkdock.jpg]
- it was also used in Sam Mendes film 1917 for the Western Front in WW1 where they cross a canal.

-- Last edit: 2023-05-27 23:55:56


2023-05-27 22:00

dsl wrote
- Marine Homicide Unit control truck glimpses in eps 1.01 and 1.04
[Image: r02-36marineunit.jpg] [Image: r02-36marineunitbep4.jpg] [Image: r02-36marineunitc01-33.jpg]

/vehicle_1551215-Mercedes-Benz-Axor.html maybe

dsl SX

2023-05-28 02:03

Planes for impdb in ep 1.02
[Image: planesep2.jpg] [Image: planesep2b.jpg]

[Image: planesep2c.jpg] [Image: planesep2d.jpg]

[Image: planesep2e.jpg] [Image: planesep2f.jpg]

[Image: planesep2g.jpg]

The isle of Bute does not have an airport, but there is a landing strip.

ayrshore SX

2023-07-25 02:11

SM99 wrote
/vehicle_1551215-Mercedes-Benz-Axor.html maybe

No. It was this. Now scrapped and replaced with a Citroen for the second series.

[Image: fcde0a83-4374-48c7-b7dc-d5e04c77ae70.jpg]

dsl SX

2023-08-17 23:34

S2 underway - first 2 eps being posted. And they're awful - stories are shite, the cast have stopped trying to act, and Nicola's Fourth Wall commentaries direct to camera are complete twaddle.

And the replacement for the Saab is a black Toyota something boring with a fake plate from a Skoda. Don't the police check even the simplest things these days??


2023-08-18 01:22

ayrshore wrote

No. It was this. Now scrapped and replaced with a Citroen for the second series.

[Image: fcde0a83-4374-48c7-b7dc-d5e04c77ae70.jpg]

can you comfrim if this is also the same one

johnfromstaffs EN

2023-08-18 08:55

Thanks for your summaries dsl, I didn’t watch the first series, now it seems I have a perfect excuse for not watching the second.

Not bothering to arrange access to Sky, Netflix et al, also helps in my personal crusade to avoid wasting my ever shrinking time on earth watching garbage, the quality of the output seems to be shrinking to meet my expectations of it!

-- Last edit: 2023-08-18 09:01:18

dsl SX

2023-08-28 15:48

An odd feature of ep 2.03, which according to story lines occurs about 2-3 weeks after ep 2.02. The actress playing DC Blair Ferguson (Katie Leung) announces she's pregnant in ep 2.01, and has a slight bump apparent in 2.02, and then a huge bulge in 2.03. At this rate when the full nine months is up, she'll be too big to fit in an ambulance .....

dsl SX

2023-09-01 19:51

Ep 2.04 - no updates on the ballooning pregnancy as "Blair" doesn't really feature in the ep - a [*] role mostly on zoom calls.

Ep is supposed to be set on Islay and Jura, but much of the identifiable locations are Dunure in Ayrshire
[Image: dunurea.jpg] [Image: dunure.jpg] [Image: dunureb.jpg]

... which was also used in "The Last Bus" as a stand-in for Lands End. I can't say they never went to Islay or Jura, but there are no specific scenes with characters in which are clearly on either island, only lots of general fly-by shots from drone footage or similar sources. And Annika keeps talking Annika-twaddle about George Orwell's 1984, which he wrote during an isolated retreat on Jura.

Rejects from ep:

- a camper on a pier (footage used twice)
[Image: r03-37camper.jpg] [Image: r03-37camperb.jpg]

- back of an ice truck; VW Camper on anti-social media
[Image: r11--44icetruck.jpg] [Image: r24-33vw.jpg]

dsl SX

2023-09-08 03:16

Ep 2.05 - Blair's bump is now ginormous, looks as if Annika's angling to get the yellow Stag to replace her Saab from S1, and the rest of it is still drivel, rapidly descending into soap opera cliches.

One reject - supposedly Norway
[Image: r10-29norway.jpg]
... 2[*] but no other view.

dsl SX

2023-09-14 16:59

Ep 2.06 done to complete S2.

Another barmy episode which didn't make much sense, and a really stupid plot twist at the end which stretched belief beyond breaking point. Lots of plotlines frantically crammed in to set up a potential S3, but I hope they don't. And an update on the ballooning pregnancy - it happened - thankfully offscreen - so (drumroll) "Blair went into Labour".

Planes for impdb

Ep 2.04 - chopper to Islay
[Image: ep204plane.jpg] [Image: ep204planeb.jpg]

[Image: ep204planec.jpg] [Image: ep204planed.jpg]

[Image: ep204planee.jpg]

Ep 2.05 - probably filmed on Loch Lomond
[Image: ep205plane.jpg] [Image: ep205planeb.jpg]

[Image: ep205planec.jpg] [Image: ep205planed.jpg]

[Image: ep205planee.jpg] [Image: ep205planef.jpg]

[Image: ep205planeg.jpg] [Image: ep205planeh.jpg]

[Image: ep205planei.jpg] [Image: ep205planej.jpg]

[Image: ep205planek.jpg] [Image: ep205planel.jpg]

[Image: ep205planem.jpg] [Image: ep205planen.jpg]

Ep 2.05 again - things on a wall
[Image: ep205spit.jpg] [Image: ep205spitb.jpg] [Image: ep205spitc.jpg]

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