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Polite Society; Trailer Park Boys; Sweet Liberty; John Wick: Chapter 4; Reality; Sha zhi lian; Missing Johnny; Zwischen gestern und morgen; The Wicked Dreams of Paula Schultz; Una abuelita de antes de la guerra; Riceboy Sleeps; Monster Force Zero; High Heat; My Little Assassin; Melonas; (plus...)

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stock footage

I love PM Entertainment's films, H.B. Halicki's films, old carsploitation films, Alarm für Cobra 11... and yeah, car stunts in general.

I first came here as Harlan B. Hollis.

I have high-functioning autism. Pretty sure it's obvious at times.

One thing that frustrates me is how cringy I act sometimes, and I don't even realize it until later. If you see an old comment of mine deleted, that's because I was ashamed of it.

If you see that certain comments I made towards some people's behavior - if anybody even remembers them - have been deleted, that's me, out of shame. I was being an idiot. Just thought I'd put it out here.

If you still see some of my UNGODLY STUPID rants from years ago, that's because I obviously could never erase every trace of it, other people's replies remaining. I consider that my punishment for having acted stupid. Just look through my oldest comments and laugh your butt off.

Last thing to mention. If I see that something is made of stock footage, then, HOLY CRAP, expect me to say so. It's my job. I should know, I just said so. Yeah, that's how it works.

Yeah. I have an absolute PASSION for the use of stock footage in movies and TV shows, FROM movies and TV shows. Can't explain it. :p


SCL, Stunt Fan (main channel which includes car stunts): www.youtube.com/c/StuntFan

PM Stunt Fan (exclusively for PM Entertainment-related videos): www.youtube.com/c/PMStuntFan


You'll regret clicking this link:

stock footage

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