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1971 Lincoln Continental Mark III Barris Kustoms

1971 Lincoln Continental Mark III in The Car, Movie, 1977 IMDB

Class: Cars, Custom — Model origin: US

1971 Lincoln Continental Mark III Barris Kustoms

[*][*][*][*][*] The vehicle is part of the movie

Comments about this vehicle



2005-02-04 05:53


A l'origine, c'est une Lincoln Mark III de 1971. 5 ou 6 exemplaires ont été construites dont une seule en acier. Les autres étaient en polyesthère et détruites dans les cascades.

Saturn Simon UK

2005-12-12 17:09


Lincoln Continental Mark III Custom

Jaqob P. NL

2006-02-05 20:15


Cool car!

stronghold EN

2006-02-07 05:06


Quote Cool car!

Yes..very cool.! (good film too.!)

sixcyl FR

2006-02-07 08:27


...what a look ! :D

vilero wrote [Image: Car24.jpg] [Image: Car25.jpg] [Image: Car26.jpg] [Image: Car27.jpg] [Image: Car31.jpg] [Image: Car45.jpg]

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BeanBandit FI

2006-02-07 12:50


Remember the Futurama episode 'The Honking'? On that episode Bender morphs to a car, and looks just like this Barris-custom.

stronghold EN

2006-02-07 15:47


Quote ...what a look ! :D

..I've even included this in my top 100.!! :)

truckface NO

2006-03-23 10:23


One of George Barris` creations :hello:


2006-07-03 21:46


It doesn't really look intimidating. Late 50's Plymouths were pretty intimidating (Furys, Savoys, Plazas, Belvederes).

garco NL

2006-09-29 15:08


[Image: thecar01lv7.7499.jpg][Image: thecar02gj6.th.jpg][Image: thecar03dz4.9763.jpg]

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Jnelson09 US

2006-09-30 18:29


Tell you what looks intimidating: the Dodge Magnum. Looks like a hearse.

lambolover253 US

2006-10-06 06:26


it looks...mean :)

Kenster102.5 CA

2006-10-17 04:31


I wonder if they used a air horn and at what voltage
And it is scary1 You think it could talk with its big grill.

-- Last edit: 2007-04-30 04:47:37

stpaulcarguy US

2006-11-08 07:08


I love this car, I like the way the head lights look as if they're glaring at you.

truckfan US

2007-02-01 22:06


demon car

gliffhanger NL

2007-02-01 22:08



FamousCars.de DE

2007-03-07 09:10


[Image: thecar08_small.jpg]

more: www.famouscars.de/images/teufel-auf-raedern/teufel-auf-raedern.htm - it's in german, but don't worry, pictures got no language ;-)

chief tin cloud CH

2007-03-07 09:25


Never heard about this one. Barris always does fine work. This one also has a slight overtone ov Exner...

nubby US

2007-06-27 01:16


They have the movie on you tube. That car looks creepy!

ferrariphill EN

2007-07-14 21:05


Explorer 4x4,if that car was behind You with its horns blaring away,ready to run You off the road,You'd be intimadated!

stpaulcarguy US

2008-02-24 23:23


This car scared the crap out of me when I was a kid, still kinda creaps me out.

mr.hollwoodcar AU

2008-11-20 22:25



This car remindes me of this.

Animatronixx DE

2008-11-22 07:56


How about listing the Barris cars like "1971 Lincoln Continental Mark III by Barris Kustoms" instead of just "customized"? I think we should do, because Barris isn´t yet another custom shop, but the creator of many famous movie cars and I could imagine lots of visitors of this site are especially looking for those, just to find out their makers.

stronghold EN

2008-11-22 09:54


On my future diecast toy car website i've listed Barris as a maker, he even has his own badge.
Also of note, we already have Dean Jeffries as a maker
[Image: barriscresthd3.1883.jpg]

carfan US

2009-06-20 21:10


I read somewhere that described The Car as being similar to the current Chrysler 300. I agree with them, similar shape, the low roof-line. if they make a remake of this movie, they may want to consider using the 300 as a car although I could come up with a dozen other better looking cars!

cooljoebay US

2010-03-04 04:57


They just don't make cars like that anymore. Just sitting there, that car looks like its looking at you. Wasn't that a diesel horn under the hood? That would scare the daylights out of a pedestrian.

truckface NO

2010-03-21 09:23


One of my favorite scenes, is when Lauren says: "I`d like to see what a creep like you, looks like!"(thinking that the driver would step out). Then the car does a complete 360 degree spin for her, to show what he/it looks like.

mr.mopar69 US

2012-03-16 23:55


Explorer4x4 wrote It doesn't really look intimidating. Late 50's Plymouths were pretty intimidating (Furys, Savoys, Plazas, Belvederes).

so you're telling me that if you were driving late at night anthis car came out of nowhere with lights and horn blaring, you wouldn't be scared? I find that hard to believe

Zodiak DE

2012-03-17 21:11


I didn't think much of the movie, but i really like the car. Looking at it now, I think there is a little bit of Nash-Healey resemblance as well.

Classic Enthusiast EN

2012-03-19 18:00


I sometimes see one of the film cars at a local show I attend.

ngultrum IN

2012-06-27 10:03


Bizzare Coolness

BigRiggs1 UK

2012-07-13 17:07


Lincoln+big-ass radiator grill+enormous wings+truck horn+active exhaust = freaking terrifying car.

jenanistonfan1 US

2012-07-17 22:58


my dad had a 69 mark III

Scoutstr295 SE

2013-04-28 09:38


Cool car, kind of a dumb movie.

mercury man 01 US

2013-04-28 10:03


Scoutstr295 wrote Cool car, kind of a dumb movie.

Is it any good (the movie)?

Nightrider RU

2013-06-24 12:18


^Why you're not kidding?

Nightrider RU

2013-06-24 12:27



Gamer DE

2013-06-25 14:35


Oh, I must have gotten those two cars mixed up. :whistle:

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