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Profile for user Ingo - Country: Germany

This page I've found on the search in the www for more VW K 70 - my favourite car since I was a small boy. Born in 1970, I decided as a primary-school-boy "When I'm grown up, I'll be a K 70-driver". So I did. 1990 I've boght my first one, followed by 20 more (mostly for spare-parts). I'm one of the most hardcore-K 70-freaks in the world. The car is nowadays so rare, that we freaks know us each other - worldwide. Actually I only own one K 70, a 1973-K 70 L with 90 hp, bought in 1998 in San Remo/Italy from an old man. But I own the world's biggest collection of K 70-literature, brochures, magazines on more from around the world. Naturally I'm engaged in the K 70-Club, responsible for the international contacts and -together with two other guys- for the NOS-spare-parts. Our club is the only chance to get them. I'm open for every help for K 70-freaks, just let me know: Ingo.Menker@freenet.de

Annother hobby of mine is collecting license-plates, but only from West-Germany and only from counties or towns, which had lost their own plates in the 70ies.

Since May 2007 I'm married. My wife likes cars, too, but who is not a real K 70-enthusiast. She loves more Opel. And she don't understand, why a man can spend his whole time just for cars. I can agree with her, so I'm always trying to be not too nerdic - often quite hard. :)

We have one common hobby - travelling. Finally I've spent more money for this than for my car. It's o.k. for me. Nice cars you can have, when you are old, but travelling around the world sometimes will be too hard. So we do it now. Soon we must slow down that hobby, because we are planning to buy a house. Let's see.

My actual cars:
- 1973 VW K 70 turquoisemetallic, owner since 1998
- 1999 Opel Omega 2.0 DTI as an all-day-car. Bought in 2004 originally from the German Bundeswehr - still in the authentic NATO-olive

Huh, time for editing - the Bundeswehr-Omega went to a K 70-fellow in Romania already in 2011. There I purchased at the worst car dealer on Greater London (as I saw later at the BBC) a 2008 RHD Vauxhall Vectra DTi, which I used satisfied until August 2020, when I decided to try something totally different: a 2013 Dodge Durango with 5.7l HEMI, originally made with 29 other cars for Argentina as civil patrol cars for the border police. As they were never paid, they were sold in 2015 to a dealer near Hannover/Germany, who pimped them for EU regulations and sold them here.
Marvellous car.

I had in the past:
- 1973 VW K 70, orange
- 1973 VW K 70, red
- 1971 VW K 70, dark green
- 1972 VW K 70, red
- 1974 VW K 70, yellow
- 1974 VW K 70, mossmetallic
- 1971 VW K 70, dark red
- 1973 VW K 70, red
- 1973 VW K 70, turquiosemetalic
- 1973 VW K 70, goldmetallic
- 1973 VW K 70, goldmetallic
- 1973 VW K 70, goldmetallic
- 1973 VW K 70, goldmetallic
- 1973 VW K 70, goldmetallic
- 1973 VW K 70, orange
- 1974 VW K 70, white
- 1974 VW K 70, white
- 1973 VW K 70, light blue metallic
- 1973 VW K 70, turquoismetallic
- 1973 VW K 70, orange

I also had

- 1972 NSU 1200 C (all-day-car 1995-1997, sold to annother NSU-fan, still existing)
- 1969 NSU 1200 C (for parts, now a base for a Thurner RS)

- 1981 Toyota Celica XT (sold to the Senegal)
- 1984 Audi 80 SC (sold to Siberia)
- 1987 VW Passat Variant GT (give a way for free after a break-down)

- for a short time a 1978 Reliant Robin made for NL special edition.

My ultimative dream-car is a Mercedes 300 SEL 6.3 Sometimes the day will come...

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