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The Quality Connection, Short Movie, 1977

Pictures provided by: Weasel1984

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Weasel1984 PL

2015-03-18 20:20

[Image: 0tyt.6.jpg]
Some info.

So called "mikes962" - can be listed on their own, if can be identified [*]:
[Image: 00mike962.jpg] [Image: 00mike9621.jpg]
1st series Fiat 124 S [*]:
[Image: 00fiat124s.jpg]

Inspector Poirot, when he worked in Leyland:
[Image: 0_poirot_d_suchet.jpg]
along with other... employees:
[Image: 0_wendy_m_smith.jpg] [Image: 0_wendy_m_smith1.jpg] [Image: 0_wendy_m_smith2.jpg] [Image: 0_wendy_m_smith3.jpg]

ElSaxo IT

2015-03-18 20:42

Nice! I remember that this was cited by someone (Sandie?) in the forum some time ago.

Sandie SX

2015-03-18 20:43

I think it would have been me who posted it. I always remember the ending of this which was a bit shocking for an internal company film.

-- Last edit: 2015-03-18 20:43:58

Weasel1984 PL

2015-03-18 20:44

I hope none did book this on the forum or something - I didn't see this forum thread. :(

In case of the end, I was 1st shocked (I saw this scene 1st), but then, when it came out, that it was made for the company workers mostly, it started to have some sense.

EDIT: I see someone has changed year to 1976, then what with the 1977 (made in 1977) Marina: /vehicle_797443-Morris-Marina-ADO28-1977.html ?

-- Last edit: 2015-03-18 21:18:50

DidierF FR

2015-03-18 21:24

Sandie, Weasel, some words about the content of the film… and its shocking ending?

mike962 DE

2015-03-18 21:28

see on youtube yourself

ElSaxo IT

2015-03-18 21:31

DidierF wrote Sandie, Weasel, some words about the content of the film… and its shocking ending?

There's the video on Youtube :) https://youtu.be/VTCfJKNE2hg

Basically a sort of short movie/documentary on factory's working processes, quality production inspection and how much tragic could be the outcome of a bad job. Very courageous I'd say such a production just for a movie intended for a internal consumption.

DidierF FR

2015-03-18 21:42

Grazie, ElSaxo.

Et sans commentaire pour l'autre.

cl82 DE

2015-03-19 02:43

:king: I`m so glad this gem has finally made it to the site. A couple of years ago, I posted the link to the youtube-clip as well, but not on the forum.

Q-Ball JP

2015-03-19 04:49

Its really too bad that British Leyland fell apart in spite of all their noble documentaries and quality control attempts.
I very much like nearly every car in their lineup, especially the ADO16 and the Rover 2000/SD1.
Even the Marina and the Allegro have a place in my heart. Very quirky 1970's cars with soul.
Nice to see David Suchet in one of his earliest acting breaks, too!

johnfromstaffs EN

2015-03-19 09:44

Various members of my family owned various BL products during the period covered by this film. My father had the land crab 1800 in all editions, finishing with a 1974 Morris Mk III, mother an Allegro 1750 Auto, then a Dolomite 1850 Auto. I had an Austin Maxi 1750 Auto and much later an MGB GT. There had earlier been a procession of Morris Minors and Oxfords and a thread of poor quality seemed to run through all the cars. The last car from Leyland, an Austin Montego 1.6 HL Auto was a bag of rats, and mother replaced it with a 1996 Hyundai Lantra estate again auto, which she kept for ten years and which only required ignition coils and a new starter motor in the entire time. You are right that the cars were interesting and quirky, but having spent much time under the bonnets of most of them quality was distinctly in short supply.

If I had to nominate the best car from Leyland in that period it would be the Morris 1800 Mk III, it was roomy enough for the entire family, and seemed to be the best built of a poor bunch. It was discontinued in favour of the "Princess" type cars the year after.

-- Last edit: 2015-03-19 15:28:27

Weasel1984 PL

2015-03-19 15:46

But after all, production of personal cars and the brand(s) survived all these huge quality troubles. Sad thing is, that it has been liquidated after era, which IMHO can't be classified as bad in recent history of this company. There had to be improvement in Honda and BMW times. I knew people who owned Rovers 200/R3 - if they did complain (don't remember now), then not more than owners of other popular compacts.

DidierF wrote Sandie, Weasel, some words about the content of the film… and its shocking ending?

The link to description and video was (and is) also in my 1st comment (below the title screen). :)

ElSaxo wrote ... Very courageous I'd say such a production just for a movie intended for a internal consumption.

Have opposite impression :D - I think for the "internal use", it was more easy for them to be honest or even brutal (if we think again about the end of this film).

-- Last edit: 2015-03-19 16:30:40

Q-Ball JP

2015-03-19 16:54

Yes, the ADO16 was very nice. It has a significant following in Japan, with many car companies offering aftermarket kits to make their cars look like the old style.
The most popular is the 1800 version of the Vanden Plas Princess, as it has appeared in several Japanese films, television, and anime posted here.

The Vanden Plas trim-level of the Allegro was also sold in Japan for a very brief period of time. I would guess that it supposedly offered the luxury of a british executive car in a compact form that would be appropriate for Japan's crowded streets. It apparently sold worse than the Rootes Group products sold in Japan during that same era...and they barely sold any product at all.

johnfromstaffs EN

2015-03-20 20:53

I'm a bit confused. 1800 version of the ADO16? I have never heard of this, the largest engine in production cars was 1275cc, called 1300 in the model names. Perhaps you have an aftermarket industry squeezing ADO 17 engines into ADO 16 cars?

Q-Ball JP

2015-03-21 03:54

Ah, my mistake. I meant 1300. I forgot that the 1800 was a seperate BL car entirely.

dsl SX

2015-03-21 04:31

Pretty well everyone I can remember who had Minis, 1100s/1300s and ADO17s talked about them affectionately as cars they enjoyed growing up in or owning - despite rust, fragility, unreliability etc. But nobody got enthusiastic about their Maxis/Marinas/Allegros/Princess and other mid-70s onwards ranges - something was lost. We were a Rootes family so never had any of them, but I always thought there was something likeable about the ADO16's character - it was an honest car.

And Q-ball's comments about Japanese enthusiasm for VdP ADO16 meant in 80s and 90s a huge number of them were hoovered up from UK market and shipped to J - very few available now. Ditto Mini Cooper S, 1275 GT, early Mini Travellers/Countrymen, Elf/Hornet etc. So all these are a lot more expensive in UK now because supply so limited. But if J wants more VdP Allegros, the few that survive here are still dirt cheap because no-one here really gives a monkey's whatnots about them.

As for Rootes in Japan - definitely a subject I want to know more about - what they offered, and when. I've seen a 1969 Japanese leaflet which had Imps, Stiletto, Hunter, Vogue, Sceptre and Rapier - so pretty much the full range at that point. I've never heard of any attempt to sell 1970s Avengers or Chrysler Sunbeam there, nor any of the mid-70s+ Anglo-French Chrysler brand ranges - 180/Alpine/Horizon etc. Did Simca try selling in J - eg 1100, 1301/1501??

DidierF FR

2015-03-21 05:13

dsl wrote (…) Did Simca try selling in J - eg 1100, 1301/1501??
Well, I wouldn't answer for Q-Ball but once upon a time, I found that we could find Simca in Japan: /vehicle.php?id=635711

-- Last edit: 2015-03-21 05:22:11

johnfromstaffs EN

2015-03-21 13:41

Following the 1800s, my father's last car before he died was a Chrysler 2-litre, bought because it was cheap, automatic, (for mother to drive), and could cope with the caravan. Another roomy, comfortable load of junk. It had an appetite for cylinder head gaskets, and a tendency to rust.

dsl SX

2015-03-21 15:24

We had a few 180s (3?) - very roomy, and my dad liked them for comfortable relaxed motorway cruising. Plus the fact that it would start in 3rd gear so was excellent in heavy snow. Apart from those attributes, the only memorable thing about them was two broken throttle cables.

Q-Ball JP

2015-03-21 17:17

Simca would have been a rare brand. But I know that Vauxhall sold several models until the mid 70's.

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