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Pegaso Tecno 1223 Sides

Pegaso Tecno 1223 dans The Grid, Mini-série, 2004 IMDB Ep. 03

Catégorie : Camions, Pompiers — Origine du modèle : ES

Pegaso Tecno 1223 Sides

[*] Véhicule d'arrière-plan

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2015-05-17 20:56

[Image: extra.44.jpg]

zodiac SE

2015-05-17 22:28

I belive this model was called "Tecno" collecively.
Apart from that, all models had a four digit number depending on:
First digit: 1 = One axle driven, 2 = Two driven axles.
Second digit: Number of axles in total.
Last two digits: Probably load capacity in tonnes.

As far as I can work out, this is a Pegaso Tecno 1214 or 1217, with a 1989+ upgraded design of the cabin.

Link to a brouchure http://www.pegasoesmicamion.com/PEGASO%20TECNO%20CATALOGO.htm
Plenty of information here http://www.pegasoesmicamion.com/PEGASO%20CABINAS%20CUADRADAS%20ENLACE%20.htm , main page here http://www.pegasoesmicamion.com/

Exiv96 BE

2015-05-18 09:13

Tecno was a later name for this type of cab (and after that, they were called Mider, in reference to the bigger Troner). Earlier versions only had numbers.

This one has the Mider grille, but not its plastic headlight trim. This catalog shows an "Obras" range in addition to the Mider, but it didn't seem to be available as a two-axle truck : http://www.pegasoesmicamion.com/PEGASO%20MIDER%20OBRAS.htm

zodiac SE

2015-05-23 09:48

I'm sorry not having had time to answer the post.
I don't know a lot about Pegaso in general, but as far as I can work out the only major difference (seen from this direction) between the two (or three) models are the grille and the headlight trim.
I understood from my research that the "Tecno" model name was a later name of the cabin, but as this has the old plastic headlight trim and the newer grille I believed it was made somewhere between the models. Or perhaps an exchanged grille after an accident. Not unlikely as fire engines sometimes live a hard life.


2015-06-04 20:50

I found. :D
Pegaso Tecno 1223
Very similar:

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