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1993 Toyota Corolla [E100]

1993 Toyota Corolla [E100] in Dawn of the Dead, Kinofilm, 2004 IMDB

Typ: Pkw, Limousine — Herkunftsland: JP — Hergestellt für: CDN

1993 Toyota Corolla [E100]

[*][*][*] Von einem Darsteller oder bei einer Verfolgungsjagd benutztes Fahrzeug

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ahight US

2006-12-22 15:58

[Image: corolla2ja5.2562.jpg] [Image: corolla3nn6.2808.jpg]

-- Last edit: 2006-12-22 16:07:55

Neptune US

2006-12-23 06:28

Its’ a shame the Corolla was wrecked. I have always favored this design over all the others. Maybe because it looks more mature than most small cars…

taxiguy US

2007-12-09 01:48

How do you know it's a 1995? That style was from 1993-95. (They facelifted it in 1996 for the last two years of the generation.)

aaronpourazar US

2008-07-06 05:40

Yeah i knew right away this was a 1997 at first i wasnt sure and judged it to be a 98 but the 1995 and 1996 model was steal and the 97 98 as fiber glass more because being 1997 they started ultra light emision vehicles

aaronpourazar US

2008-07-06 05:44

I actualy got that licens plate from that car

Wisconsin # 462 - T1H

April exipres 05


2012-05-10 20:50

The first few minutes of this film are a great advert for Toyota.


2021-10-10 00:11


Gamer DE

2021-10-10 00:12

1992 was still the E90 in North America.

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