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1954 Ferrari 250 MM Spyder Morelli [0276]

1954 Ferrari 250 MM Spyder [0276] in Checkpoint, Kinofilm, 1956 IMDB

Typ: Pkw, Rennwagen — Herkunftsland: IT

1954 Ferrari 250 MM Spyder Morelli [0276]

[*] Fahrzeug im Hintergrund

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ben68 BE

2006-04-07 21:23

1954 Ferrari 250 Monza? Open question...

wrenchhead US

2006-04-07 21:26

I think the 250 monza had a different shaped grill opening See: http://www.gpx.it/img/articles/Storiche/07.jpg

ben68 BE

2006-04-07 21:31

Possibly. But your link shows one bodied by Scaglietti. Pinin Farina made bodies as well, which are a bit different. This link http://www.pbase.com/threefourfive/image/33717593 shows one bodied by Pinin Farina.
It's anyway a Ferrari :)

-- Last edit: 2006-04-07 21:32:35

wrenchhead US

2006-04-07 21:41

@ben68 I agree your link looks much closer than mine - I am satisfied to call it a 250 monza. Shoud we put pinin farina body in extra info?

ben68 BE

2006-04-07 21:47

Why not. But let's wait for a confirmation from "colleagues" before, as I'm only 60% sure it's a 1954 250 Monza. I suggest to let it as "unknown" so far.

-- Last edit: 2006-04-07 21:48:10

wrenchhead US

2006-04-07 22:04

Yes, I am not 100% either. ;)

wrenchhead US

2006-04-07 22:47

I just noticed that some of the others have the coachbuilder (Scaglietti) as part of the model name. We should probably be consistent I guess.


2006-04-07 23:26

Definitely very Monza-like in appearance and proportion, but the Monzas I've seen indicate a side vent just ahead of the door. This could either be a rebodied car or (perish the thought) possibly a kit?


2008-04-09 15:22

This is a 250 MM, unique spider body probably built by Morelli of Ferrara. Original serial number believed to have been 0276.

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