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2004 Alfa Romeo 156 [932]

2004 Alfa Romeo 156 [932] in Mayonaka otome sensô, Kinofilm, 2022 IMDB

Typ: Pkw, Limousine — Herkunftsland: IT — Hergestellt für: J

2004 Alfa Romeo 156 [932]

Position 00:25:34 [*][*] Fahrzeug mit geringer Beteiligung oder nur in einer Szene sichtbar

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Jnglmpera JP

2022-07-06 02:23

[Image: 00hr25min01sec.jpg] [Image: 00hr25min42sec.jpg] [Image: 00hr27min10sec.jpg]


dhill_cb7 US

2022-07-06 03:38

@bux48 weren’t these made for J?

Bux_48 IT

2022-07-06 11:18

Yes, they were officially exported to J, since January 2004, as 2.0 JTS and 2.5 V6. Pearl White was AFAIK only offered on the GTA, but could have been a special order option, or available for export markets.

johnfromstaffs EN

2022-07-06 14:41

Bux_48 wrote Pearl White was AFAIK only offered on the GTA


I wonder if they asked permission?

-- Last edit: 2022-07-06 14:42:37


2022-07-06 14:50

Officially bianco-something so didn't have to...

Jnglmpera JP

2022-07-06 14:56

I'm looking at CarSensor catalog, and even the basic JTS trim has "Nuova White Pearl" listed as optional color :think:

Now that I think of it I think white Alfas aren't that common since red is the most associated color for these cars :think:

-- Last edit: 2022-07-06 14:57:17


2022-07-06 15:05

I guess they change the names of the colours if exported :/
I thought white was popular in Japan for 'sporty' vehicles. I mean way before it became popular elsewhere.

Jnglmpera JP

2022-07-06 15:18

Yes on both, and while there are Alfas in all sorts of colors, the color red is the most associated for a lot of Italian cars here (except of course the Fiat 500 and Panda)

-- Last edit: 2022-07-06 15:39:45

Bux_48 IT

2022-07-06 15:25

Good to know, so as sometimes happens this colour was available for some export markets :) on my 2003 (facelift) Sportwagon brochure this colour ("bianco perla" on GTA) isn't listed in the colour range, but, as I remembered, there is an optional "extraserie" paint, so possibly was available here too on special order. Never seen one though. White Alfas weren't very popular until the "fashion" of late 00s/10s, for example on Giuliettas is the most common colour, whereas on the 156 (solid "bianco polare") was somewhat rare, and also red was more common on export markets ;)

-- Last edit: 2022-07-06 15:30:51

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