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1973 Mini Van

1973 Mini Van dans Operation Filmmaker, Documentaire, 2007 IMDB

Catégorie : Voitures, Break — Origine du modèle : UK

1973 Mini Van

[*] Véhicule d'arrière-plan

Commentaires sur ce véhicle


demanufacture DE

2007-10-29 17:15

Mini Clubman?

Gurgel DE

2007-11-11 19:56

Yes it is a Mini Clubman

rpcm PT

2007-11-11 20:44

The Clubman never had front doors with sliding windows. It's curious because this colour ( without the white roof and stripe ) and what seems to be a rectangular badge on the rear right door would identify a Portuguese-assembled Mini Ima - one of the few with two rear doors from 1976. The Mini Ima was better known for its 1977 version with with just one decklid ( developed and built in Portugal, only ). Nevertheless, I know some were taken to Germany a few years ago and perhaps this came to the Czech Republic from there.

Sunbar UK

2007-11-11 20:55

The rear side glass area looks strange too (aluminium or stainless steel appearance?) for a UK build estate - normally it would be body colour on the all steel body.

DynaMike NL

2007-11-11 22:25

I remember to have seen one of those 1977+ Mini Ima in Freiburg im Breisgau, a few years ago. Btw, just wondering, because of the side windows... could this be a converted van?

rpcm PT

2007-11-11 22:38

Although not silver-painted or polished, the Mini Ima also had sliding rear side windows. But in fact this one seems to have a sort of additional trim casts. Here are some pics of the Portuguese Mini Ima: http://rodasdeviriato.blogspot.com/search/label/Ima

londonitalian UK

2007-11-22 04:07

I`d say its a converted van judging by the windows, it looks like a late 70`s one, if it was the same age as the doors it would have smaller individual rear lights, although these later ones could have been fitted after, as could the sliding window front doors, Minis always tend to have different year parts fitted at some point!

Marcolino97 IT

2008-08-04 14:15

It's a Innocenti Mini Station Wagon

morion PL

2009-02-13 15:22

Well.. I've certainly seen exactly this Mini in Prague [Czech Republic].. with an advertisement of one of restaurants on Old Town. [http://www.frommers.com/destinations/prague/D38627.html] :)

dsl SX

2011-06-02 14:32

Found a photo online:
[Image: ladolcevitaprague.3074.jpg]
I think converted Mini van as argued above. Looks LHD in main but vans in Europe were only UK built apart from briefly (1971-75) by Authi. Door mirrors suggest 73+, simple 1970+ bumper but other trim ambiguous tarting up (eg 1960s wheel trim) - van and pick up kept sliding door windows and external hinges throughout until ended in 1983. So most likely to be 1973+ Mini (as make) Van, probably UK built.

dsl SX

2020-06-07 19:45

No roof vent matches 73+ date. Unclear if has ribbed roof (1966+) in main, but it's a mongrel so can't really say much more.

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