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Hey, I'm Bryan. 23 years old From Cincinnati, OH. I'm not the smartest person to talk to about cars but I do enjoy them. Just recently ran across this site and love it. I enjoy talking to others about cars and learning from them. I have owned alot of cars since I got my drivers license 5 years ago. Nothing fancy most of which being junkers I paid less than $300.00 for just to hold me over til I could afford to buy my next junker. Here is a list of cars I have owned over the past 5 years.... (Not in order)

1. 1989 Geo Spectrum Red 5 spd 1.5L I4 FREE! TIPPED ON IT'S SIDE!! Was given to me just to get it out of someones backyard. This was my first car. Clutch was bad and I never fixed it. Sold it for $50.00

2. 1991 Ford Probe LX Blue Auto 3.0 V6 $257.00 1 OWNER!! LIKE NEW Bought it from my aunt, She bought it new. I wrecked it into a guardrail and it was impounded.

3. 1985 Ford Thunderbird Goldish-Green Auto 5.0 TBI V8 $200.00 GOOD CAR!! Bought from a friend of mine, Didn't drive it much, Sold it for $700.00

4. 1985 Cadillac Seville Grey Auto HT4100 V8 $350.00 LOOKED LIKE IT WAS KEYED WITH GRENADE!! Horrible condition exterior, No brakes the entire time I drove it. Sold it for $200.00

5. 1988 Pontiac Grand Prix Maroon Auto 2.8 V6 $1,200.00 GOOD CONDITION First car I made payments on. Wrapped it around a Phone pole first time driving in the snow. Continued driving it. Sold for $500.00

6. 1989 Pontiac Grand Prix White Auto 2.8 V6 $200.00 (Used for parts) Bought this car for the body parts to fix the 1988 that I hit a pole with. Took what I wanted and had it towed off, No Money

7. 1990 Pontiac Grand Prix Blue Auto 3.1 V6 $100.00 GREAT CAR!! Bought this car as a fluke. Got home from work and someone was getting ready to abandon it in front of my house since the master cylinder went out, Offered him $100.00 and he signed the title over. Fixed it next day and it was a great car.

8. 1986 Ford Escort L Wagon Black Auto 1.9 I4 Carb $1,000.00 1 OWNER CONDITION LOW MILES!! Bought this from a Ford Dealer when all other cars broke down. Was awesome until I was knocked off the highway by a Semi truck. Spun backwards into a sign. Totalled but I continued driving it. Used it for a while then when I bought another car is used this one for 4 wheeling. Worked great. Sold it for $200.00 bucks when done with it.

9. 1987 Ford Escort Pony White 4 spd 1.9 CFI $300.00 (lasted 2 days because caliper froze causing me to burn clutch)OKAY!! Bought this because it seemed like a good deal. On my way home from the dealership where I bought it, The caliper froze and I burnt up the clutch driving it to the shop to have repaired, Clutch lasted 2 days. Never fixed. Sold it for $50.00

10. 1989 Ford Escort LX Gold Auto 1.9 I4 CFI $275.00 (Great car! Over 320,000 miles all original) RUSTY!!! Had this car until recently. Rusted out everywhere you looked. Had exhaust clamps holding the rusted seats in. Drove it forever, wouldn't die. Junked it due to horrible gas mileage. 7MPG. Sold for $100.00

11. 1992 Pontiac Firebird White Auto 3.1 V6 $400.00 BEATER!! Bought for the hell of it. No front bumper but it had t-tops. Nice to cruise around in. Sold to a friend for $400.00

12. 1991 Lincoln Towncar White Auto 4.6 V8 $??.?? OKAY TIL TRANNY WENT OUT Bought from my dad.

13. 1991 Nissan Sentra Black 5 spd 1.6 I4 $25.00 (LOL Great car for 25 dollars) Bought froma not-so-smart guy. Battery kept dying due to him leaving the ignition at ACC when out of the car, Car wouldn't start since the floor mat was shoved under the pedals so the clutch safty switch wouldn't engage. Great car when I changed the battery (under Warranty due to finding his reciept in the glove box)

14. 1984 Plymouth Voyager Red Auto 2.2 I4 $300.00 PROBABLY WORST BUY IN MY HISTORY Bought it because I needed a car. Story was brakes needed to be bled. Turned into an $1,100.00 project that still wasn't raod worthy when done. Junked it for $80.00 (After removing all my new parts + some of course)

15. 1990 Dodge Grand Caravan Blueish-grey Auto 3.3 V6 $300.00 + Trade GOOD SHAPE!! I don't remember much about this one other than the fact it ran horrible 5 hours after buying it. Junked it a few months later for $150.00

16. 1991 Plymouth Voyager ES Maroon Auto 3.3 V6 $2,500.00 MINT CONDITION Great van but kept breaking fuel rails. After spending $500.00 on new front tires, Rack and Pinion and alignment the fuel rail broke for the third time ($300.00 a pop) Had enough and let it get repoed

17. 1994 Dodge Grand Caravan Cargo White Van Auto 3.3 V6 $600.00 MINT CONDITION!! 64,000 Miles Got it for a $600.00 debt someone owed me. Was good except for major Transmission leak. Sold it for $1,000.00

18. 1995 Plymouth Voyager Hunter Green Auto 3.0 V6 $3,000.00 OKAY CONDITION!! Bought it buy here pay here when the timing belt broke on the 1986 Ford Escort Wagon. Was ok. Had transmission rebuilt 3 times (paid once, rest under warranty) Hit a deer in it on city streets LOL. Bought next van to repair this one. Sold this one for $600.00

19. 1995 Plymouth Voyager Hunter Green Auto 3.3 V6 $100.00 TOTALLED BUT BEST CAR I EVER HAD Bought this one to fix deer damage to the other one. Totalled on the drivers side quarter panel. Broken windows everything. Drove it home and decided it wasn't worth parting out. ran and drove like brand new so I replaced the windows and drove it for over a year. To this day it is still the best car I have ever bought. I sold it 2 years ago for $400.00 and a 1990 Ford Taurus and the van is still on the road. Would buy it back today for more than I sold it for. Great Car!!!

20. 1988 Audi 80 Burnt Orange 5 spd I5 $100.00 NICE!! This car had been sitting in a guys backyard for 3 years. He was moving so it had to go. Said to me it didn't run. I went over, pumped up the tires and drove it home. Ran great. After a wax and interior cleaning it was a great looking and running car. Thought I got hard up for money I sold it for $500.00

21. 1982 Ford F-150 Red/ Maroon 2-tone Auto 5.0 V8 (Traded 1991 Nissan Sentra for $200.00 plus truck) NICE!! Simple. Traded the 1991 Nissan Sentra I paid $25.00 for and got this truck and $200.00. Used it to haul scrap metal and made me alot of money. Traed it in on the 1991 Plymouth Voyager ES.

22. 1985 Ford F-150 Blue 4 spd 4.9 I6 $250.00 on ebay RUSTY BUT NICE!! Bought it on Ebay, Needed a clutch Replaced the clutch and drove it for a while. Sold it to a friend for $400.00

23. 1991 Ford F-150 Blue 4x4 5 spd 4.9 I6 $2,500.00 NICE!! Bought this from the used car dealership I used to work for. It is my first truck. Not much to say about it. Lost my job and couldn't afford to make payments so I had them take it back. I regret this decision. This was a beautiful truck.

24. 1994 Ford Explorer Eddie Bauer Purple/Maroon 4x4 Auto 4.0 V6 $200.00 ROLLED OVER BUT RAN GREAT!! I saved this one from the junk yard. Bought it from a towing company because they impounded it and the owner never claimed it. It had been rolled lightly on it's side. Motor was hydrolocked due to oil in the cylinders. I romoved the plugs and cranked it for a while, put them back and it started right up. Drove perfect ran perfect fully loaded. Mainly used it to get back and forth to work on snow days and to play in the trails. Once Rear end went out I even traded it for the 1994 Chevrolet Cavalier.

25. 1992 Jeep Cherokee 4x4 Red Auto 4.0 H.O. $1,500.00 NICE!! Spent to much to buy this truck. Traded it for the 1991 Oldsmobile Regency Ninety-Eight and $700.00

26. 1992 Ford Tempo GL Light Green Auto 2.3 I4 FREE! NICE!! Given to me due to blown head gasket. Bought the 1994 Ford Tempo GL for the engine.

27. 1994 Ford Tempo GL White Auto 2.3 I4 $150.00 NICE!! Bought this to part it out for the engine in my 1992 Tempo. Owner said this car had a bad transmission. Turns out Kick-down Linkage was gone. I swapped that and decided not to bother with the trouble of doing the engine swap. I still drive this car today.

28. 1992 Ford Aerostar XLT Green Auto 4.0 V6 $100.00 UGLY Big moneypit. Bought it to use as a company vehicle in my lawn care company. Paid $1,000.00 to rebuild trans. Company didn't take off and sold the van for $800.00 to a moving company (Which 3 days later the guys wife destroyed the van since she seen her husband driving in it with another woman. I assume the van seen the junk yard after that).

29. 1995 Ford Aerostar XLT Light Blue Auto 3.0 V6 $100.00 WRECKED BUT NICE!! Bought this from my job at KOI Auto Parts. Was a delivery vehicle and someone wrecked it. I replaced front bumber and headlight assembly and looked good as new. Sold it for $800.00

30. 1982 Datsun 720 Pick-Up Light Blue 5 spd 2.4 ? I4 $150.00 RUSTY!! Got this just because it was cool looking. Just used it for good gas mileage but once the cab rusted so bad it was sagging into the frame I decided it wasn't safe anymore and junked it for $100.00

31. 1986 Mercury Sable Brown Auto 3.0 V6 $400.00 RUSTY!! Very poor condition but overall a great car. Never let me down. Bought this when the transmission went out in the 1995 Plymouth Voyager I bought from the dealership. Junked it for $100.00

32. 1990 Ford Taurus White Auto 3.0 V6 $TRADE BEATER!! Got this in trade for the 1995 Plymouth Voyager. Drove this for 2 days until I got a flat. When I went to jack the car up the jack went right through the frame of the car and the subframe containing the engine and transmission fell to the ground. Sold it for $200.00

33. 1990 Ford Taurus Auto Maroon 3.0 V6 $200.00 NICE!!! Bought this from a used car place. Wasn't running so they sold it to me cheap. I bought it and replaced the fuse that was bad and drove it away. Boy wern't they angry at me. lol Beautiful mint condition car. I used it as trade in on the 1990 Dodge Grand Caravan which gave me trouble the day I got it.

34. 1994 Geo Metro Blue 5 spd I3 $200.00 BEATER!! Got it for gas mileage. Neede water pump. Got 45MPG with this thing. Sold it for $400.00

35. 1994 Ford Festiva White 5 spd I4 FREE!! NEVER RAN!! Guy gave it to me with no title. Never ran. I was gonna get it running and use it for 4 Wheeling but once the owner of the garage I was renting filed bankruptcy I had no where to store it so I gave it away.

36. 1994 Chevrolet Cavalier Wagon Blue Auto 2.2 I4 Traded Explorer for it. NICE CAR!! Got this even trader for the 1994 Ford Explorer. Was okay Sold it for $600.00

37. 1988 Chevrolet Cavalier Wagon Grey Auto 2.5 I4 $250.00 From Goodwill Auto Auction MINT 32,000 MILES!!! Car gave me a world of problems which I had a hard time diagnosing. Ended up getting it running and sold it for $500.00 to get it out of my face. Buyers ended up totalling it so it sits in a junk yard now.

38. 1990 Oldsmobile Cutlass Calais Blue Auto 2.3 Quad Four NICE BUT NO REVERSE!! A guy gave me this car when I got out of jail, All he wanted was for me to figure out what was wrong with his truck and get it running. 1994 Chevy 1500 P/U with a 350ci. Was an ignition control Modual which cost me $14.00 and 10 minutes to replace. Sold for $300.00 with no reverse.

39. 1986 Chevrolet Monte Carlos LS Gold Auto 5.0 H.O. V8 $???.?? I don't remember much about this car. Was a Luxury Sport with t-tops which was rare.

40. 1993 Toyota Corolla Wagon Hunter Green Auto 1.8 7AFE I4 FREE GREAT CONDITION Another freebie I got. 1 owner needed engine which I could not locate one at a price I could afford so I sold the car for $400.00

41. 1993 Chevrolet Corsica Auto Maroon 3.1 V6 $500.00 BEAT UP Wrecked on all four corners but made emergency 1,200 mile trip to Milner Georgia with out a single problem. Got run off the road a few months later which totalled it. Junked it for $100.00

42. 1996 Chevrolet Corsica Grey Auto 2.2 I4 $200.00 NICE BROKEN TIMING CHAIN, NEVER FIXED Sold it for $200.00

43. 1984 Pontiac 6000 Grey Auto 2.5 I4 $250.00 BEATER, WRECKED HARD DRIVERS SIDE Nothing special. Junker sold for $250.00

44. 1986 Chrysler LeBaron Light Blue Auto 2.2 I4 $200.00 NICE CAR!! Owned it twice! Was a trade in at the used car lot I worked at. Nice car 4 doors. used for gas mileage then sold it to a friend. He drove it till it got a rod knock and gave it back to me for a non-running riding lawn mower. I drove it with the rod knock for a few months until it started catching on fire from the severe oil leak. Sold it for $200.00 Still sighted on the road today with the rod knock.

45. 1991 Dodge Dynasty Auto Gold 3.3 V6 $350.00 on Ebay. WAS NICE WHEN I GOT IT BUT IT WAS STOLEN!! I t-bones a guy that slid through a stop sign. Shortly after which someone popped the ignition and stole the car. Paid $135.00 to get it out of impoundment and a week later the trans went out. Junked it for $50.00

46. 1991 Oldsmobile Regency Ninety-Eight Black Auto 3.8 V6 Traded the Jeep Cherokee for this and $700.00. Then sold this car with a bad trans for $1,200.00

47. 1977 Ford F100 Green Auto 351M V8 Was given to me down in Milner Georgia.

48. 1990 Plymouth Voyager SE White Auto 3.0 V6 Bought for $500.00 from local dealer. Still drive it today.

49. 1983 GMC Vandura 1500 Blue Auto 4.1 Inline Six Just an old work van a bought for $400.00 and still drive today.

50. 1989 Chevrolet S10 Blazer. Black Auto 4.3 V6 4x4 Bought for $50 bucks to beat in the trails.

At this time I forget anymore of them but I'm sure I'm missing a few. Actually I know I'm forgeting some as last time I counted I had over 50 cars but this list only contains 46. LOL I notice I had alot of Blue cars

E-mail me at cin_be@yahoo.com If you wanna know something. I'm pretty knowledgeable about the Chrylser Minivans as you can see. I like those.

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