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Profil fŁr Benutzer DynaMike - Land: Netherlands

Born 1960 in the south of the Netherlands, I came to Amsterdam University in 1982 (history of art) and stayed there eversince. As a small boy already I was crazy about cars, especially french models. My parents were Hillman drivers (not very common in Holland).

At the moment I share four cars with my best friend:
-1991 CitroŽn BX (silver, every day use)
-1961 Renault Dauphine (grey: ďgris PompadourĒ)
-1957 Panhard Dyna [Z12] BGS (black)
-1972 CitroŽn DS (DSpťcial changed to a silver coloured Pallas-like version, and totally rusted...)

Iíve possessed: 11 CitroŽn 2CV 6 (1971-1990) + a 2CV AK 400 (1974) + a belgian built 2CV AZL (1956), a AMI 8 berline (1969), a Peugeot 403 (1958) and another Panhard Dyna [Z16] (1958).

Iíve been driving many different cars like (I only quote those with which Iíve been driving more than 500 kms): Audi S8 (2001); CitroŽn: 2CV A (1953), 2CV AZ (1958), 2CV AZAM 6 (belgian built, 1967), AMI 6 (1963), DS21 Pallas (1967), ID 19 B (1969), GSA Break, several BX, XM and Xantia; Daf 55 (1969); Ford Fiesta Fusion (2006); Jaguar XK8 convertible (2001); Mercedes-Benz 200D [W123]; Mitsubishi Pajero; Opel Astra; several Peugeot: 203 Familiale (1956), 403 (1958), 206 (2005), 3 x 306 cabriolet; Renault Espace (2002); Saab 96 (1972); 2 x Smart Fortwo; Volkswagen Golf I, II and III and Passat; Volvo 780 (ďBertoneĒ, 1988) and several smaller and bigger vans.

Also I had the opportunity to drive in a 1926 CitroŽn TrŤfle, smoking a cigar and squeezing the horn...

Apart from my very busy social life, I spend my time with travelling (mainly to France, circa 4 times a year), writing and translating articles for the dutch Panhard club magazine, reading german literature, listening to classical music, reading about architecture, collecting car books and magazines, model cars (especially in 87th scale) and road maps (mainly Michelin), dining and drinking wine...


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