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Profil für Benutzer Ans - Land: Australia

Hi, my name is Anson and as of the 13th November 2019, I'm 22. I joined IMCDb in April 2012.

My liking of car-spotting came from one of the first toy cars I had which was a 1997 Jeep Cherokee (XJ) 2-dr, purple with orange flames, grille and bumper and a beige interior. I thought it was cool then. I still think it's cool now. Unfortunately I no longer have it in my possession. I got more toy vehicles and another of my favourite toy cars is a Ferrari F40 which I still have.

Cars I currently own/drive:
1996 Toyota Corolla (AE101R) Seca Spirit (Hatchback)
1.6 4A-FE I-4 w/ 4-Spd A240L Automatic
Blue (Moonstone Blue)
Built 1996/04
(Driven since December 2015)
(155,000 km at time of writing)

Cars I have owned:
2001 Ford Falcon (AU II) Forte Wagon
4.0 Intech I-6 (LPG) w/ 4-Speed M93LE Automatic
Built 02/2001 (Had 312,029 km at last sighting)
(Was QUR-928, now 1PY-4GE)
(Owned between June - July 2019)
(Currently registered, as of 2020-07-31)

2002 Ford Laser (KQ) GLXi Sedan
1.8 FP I-4 w/ 4-Speed F4A-EL Automatic
Blue (22A)
Built 12/2001
(Currently on 267,290 km)
(Was 1LZ-2SK, later 1QN-5OX)
(Owned between July - September 2019)
(Written off 2020-05-31. Now scrapped)

1996 Ford Fairmont (EF) Sedan
4.0 Intech I-6 w/ 4-Speed M93LE Automatic
Built 02/1996
(Had 282,000 km)
(Was WJU-487)
(Owned October 2019)
(Scrapped 2019-10)

1999 Honda CR-V (RD1) Sport Wagon
2.0 B20B8 I-4 w/ 4-Speed Automatic
Built 09/1999
(Had 300,000 km)
(Was PVU-852)
(Owned October - January 2020)
(Scrapped 2020-01)

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