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Xiang jian hao; Ruby in Paradise; At Middleton; China Girl; Circe; Los dioses ajenos; Omeng Satanasia; Sudden Fury; Miss Leslie's Dolls; A Crooked Somebody; Madonna and the Breakfast Club; The Theory of Flight; La femme et le TGV; Spalebärg 77a; Jä-soo!; (more...)

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America's Only ChampionDocumentary1975(Phil Hill - America's Only Champion)
IMDBClay Regazzoni – Leben am LimitDocumentary2016(Clay Regazzoni - vivre à la limite; Clay Regazzoni - una vita a tutta velocità)
IMDBEfuAnimation Series1988(F. A Todo Gas; F Motori in pista)
IMDBFangio: Una vita a 300 all'oraDocumentary1980
IMDBFormula 1 - Febbre della VelocitàDocumentary1978(Speed Fever)
IMDBGian BurrascaMovie1983(El gran huracán; Jaimito Huracán)
IMDBGolgo 13: Queen BeeAnimation Movie1998
IMDBHip Whip Girl: Keijo!!!!!!Animation Series2016
IMDBLa lepre e la tartarugaShort Movie1966(The Tortoise and the Hare)
IMDBMajinkaizâAnimation Series2001(Mazinkaiser)
IMDBMajinkaiza: Shitô! Ankoku dai shôgunAnimation Movie2003(Mazinkaiser vs Great Darkness General)
Mountain LegendDocumentary1965
IMDBPoliziotto sprintMovie1977(Highway Racer; SOS jaguar, opération casse gueule)
IMDBRiding BeanAnimation Movie1989
IMDBRupan sanseiAnimation Series1971-1985(Lupin III)
IMDBRupan Sansei: Rupan tai KurōnAnimation Movie1978(Lupin III: The Mystery of Mamo; Lupin the 3rd: The Mystery of Mamo)
IMDBShitîhantâAnimation Series1987-1991(City Hunter; Shitī Hantā; Cazador; Nicky Larson)
IMDBThat '70s ShowTV Series1998-2006(70s show)

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