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Emperor of the North Pole; Спутник планеты Уран; Oderbruch; Visit USA!; 살인자ㅇ난감; Polizeiruf 110 - Diebe; Nuntă pe bani; South America...Continent of Contrasts; Toast; Tatort - Cash; Tatort - Borowski und der Wiedergänger; Spaceman; Băieți deștepți; Sitting Target; Cristo y Rey; (more...)

힘쎈여자 강남순 (Strong Girl Nam-soon), KR TV Series, 2023 IMDB

Pictures provided by: ChasingX

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Also known as:

  • Himssenyeoja gang nam-sun (transliterated)

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ChasingX KR

2023-11-27 04:52

[Image: 4630046972475605122847785.2.jpg]

Spin-off: /movie_6263222-Him-ssen-Yeo-ja-Do-Bong-soon.html

for IMPDB:
Ep. OP
[Image: 5289752376_2023_11_09_12_27_14_988.jpg] [Image: 5289752376_2023_11_09_12_27_29_440.jpg]

Ep. 1
[Image: 5289752376_2023_11_09_13_12_16_835.jpg]

Ep. 1
[Image: 5289752376_2023_11_09_13_32_48_954.jpg] [Image: 5289752376_2023_11_09_13_37_18_227.jpg] [Image: 5289752376_2023_11_09_13_38_34_373.jpg] [Image: 5289752376_2023_11_09_13_39_58_958.jpg] [Image: 5289752376_2023_11_09_13_40_56_995.jpg] [Image: 5289752376_2023_11_09_13_41_06_140.jpg] [Image: 5289752376_2023_11_09_13_42_07_707.jpg] [Image: 5289752376_2023_11_09_13_43_02_585.jpg] [Image: 5289752376_2023_11_09_13_44_25_276.jpg] [Image: 5289752376_2023_11_09_13_44_31_531.jpg] [Image: 5289752376_2023_11_09_13_44_39_749.jpg] [Image: 5289752376_2023_11_09_13_44_59_147.jpg] [Image: 5289752376_2023_11_09_13_46_12_736.jpg]

Ep. 2
[Image: 5289752376_2023_11_09_13_51_19_423.jpg] [Image: 5289752376_2023_11_09_13_51_48_381.jpg]

Ep. 4 (Flashback)
[Image: 5289752376_2023_11_09_17_06_44_6.jpg]

Ep. 5 (Flashback)
[Image: 5289752376_2023_11_09_21_36_56_543.jpg]

Ep. 16 (interior)
[Image: 5289752376_2023_11_27_00_26_13_83.jpg]

2010 Ford Taurus (The Back): [*][*]
Ep. 16
[Image: 5289752376_2023_11_27_01_37_40_150.jpg] [Image: 5289752376_2023_11_27_01_37_53_246.jpg] [Image: 5289752376_2023_11_27_00_52_47_420.jpg]

Crane Trucks: [*]
Ep. 4
[Image: 5289752376_2023_11_09_17_08_31_662.jpg] [Image: 5289752376_2023_11_09_17_09_07_236.jpg]

Toy/Poster/Generic Cartoon Cars:
Ep. 2, 8
[Image: 5289752376_2023_11_09_14_16_07_960.jpg] [Image: 5289752376_2023_11_09_23_22_17_146.jpg]

Ep. 14, 15
[Image: 5289752376_2023_11_20_05_35_14_706.jpg] [Image: 5289752376_2023_11_26_20_18_42_717.jpg]

Obstructed/Blurry/too small/background vehicles: [*]
Ep. 1
[Image: 5289752376_2023_11_09_13_03_37_828.jpg]

Ep. 2
[Image: 5289752376_2023_11_09_13_54_23_971.jpg] [Image: 5289752376_2023_11_09_13_54_32_509.jpg] [Image: 5289752376_2023_11_09_14_05_00_118.jpg] [Image: 5289752376_2023_11_09_13_55_51_884.jpg] [Image: 5289752376_2023_11_09_13_56_49_855.jpg] [Image: 5289752376_2023_11_09_13_56_54_730.jpg] [Image: 5289752376_2023_11_09_14_08_05_573.jpg] [Image: 5289752376_2023_11_09_14_08_27_499.jpg] [Image: 5289752376_2023_11_09_14_09_36_537.jpg] [Image: 5289752376_2023_11_09_14_10_35_600.jpg] [Image: 5289752376_2023_11_09_14_11_56_80.jpg] [Image: 5289752376_2023_11_09_14_23_53_280.jpg] [Image: 5289752376_2023_11_09_14_23_37_183.jpg] [Image: 5289752376_2023_11_09_14_26_20_332.jpg] [Image: 5289752376_2023_11_09_14_28_35_315.jpg] [Image: 5289752376_2023_11_09_14_40_19_783.jpg]

Ep. 3
[Image: 5289752376_2023_11_09_16_09_01_328.jpg] [Image: 5289752376_2023_11_09_16_17_27_333.jpg] [Image: 5289752376_2023_11_09_16_18_52_998.jpg] [Image: 5289752376_2023_11_09_16_19_39_606.jpg] [Image: 5289752376_2023_11_09_16_19_52_595.jpg] [Image: 5289752376_2023_11_09_16_20_04_103.jpg] [Image: 5289752376_2023_11_09_16_31_07_142.jpg] [Image: 5289752376_2023_11_09_16_31_17_54.jpg] [Image: 5289752376_2023_11_09_16_38_15_474.jpg] [Image: 5289752376_2023_11_09_16_44_44_620.jpg]

Ep. 4
[Image: 5289752376_2023_11_09_16_52_10_846.jpg] [Image: 5289752376_2023_11_09_16_52_30_442.jpg] [Image: 5289752376_2023_11_09_17_09_47_167.jpg] [Image: 5289752376_2023_11_09_17_10_12_904.jpg] [Image: 5289752376_2023_11_09_17_08_47_874.jpg] [Image: 5289752376_2023_11_09_17_27_00_319.jpg]

Ep. 5
[Image: 5289752376_2023_11_09_20_53_19_709.jpg] [Image: 5289752376_2023_11_09_21_06_18_525.jpg] [Image: 5289752376_2023_11_09_20_58_04_252.jpg] [Image: 5289752376_2023_11_09_21_17_13_487.jpg] [Image: 5289752376_2023_11_09_21_21_29_106.jpg]

Ep. 6
[Image: 5289752376_2023_11_09_21_52_56_144.jpg]

Ep. 7
[Image: 5289752376_2023_11_09_22_24_24_742.jpg] [Image: 5289752376_2023_11_09_22_31_36_471.jpg] [Image: 5289752376_2023_11_09_22_43_22_602.jpg] [Image: 5289752376_2023_11_09_22_45_31_734.jpg] [Image: 5289752376_2023_11_09_22_47_15_797.jpg]

Ep. 8
[Image: 5289752376_2023_11_09_23_03_34_745.jpg] [Image: 5289752376_2023_11_09_23_03_45_623.jpg] [Image: 5289752376_2023_11_09_23_15_13_344.jpg] [Image: 5289752376_2023_11_09_23_23_14_854.jpg] [Image: 5289752376_2023_11_09_23_32_22_909.jpg] [Image: 5289752376_2023_11_09_23_33_19_356.jpg] [Image: 5289752376_2023_11_09_23_34_39_219.jpg] [Image: 5289752376_2023_11_09_23_34_47_425.jpg] [Image: 5289752376_2023_11_09_23_35_03_56.jpg] [Image: 5289752376_2023_11_09_23_37_00_824.jpg] [Image: 5289752376_2023_11_09_23_40_07_456.jpg] [Image: 5289752376_2023_11_09_23_43_52_503.jpg] [Image: 5289752376_2023_11_09_23_46_08_409.jpg]

Ep. 9
[Image: 5289752376_2023_11_10_08_30_26_448.jpg] [Image: 5289752376_2023_11_10_08_42_20_462.jpg]

Ep. 10
[Image: 5289752376_2023_11_10_08_59_28_960.jpg] [Image: 5289752376_2023_11_10_09_00_58_702.jpg] [Image: 5289752376_2023_11_10_09_12_08_807.jpg] [Image: 5289752376_2023_11_10_09_09_55_895.jpg] [Image: 5289752376_2023_11_10_09_17_16_689.jpg] [Image: 5289752376_2023_11_10_09_25_09_581.jpg]

Ep. 11
[Image: 5289752376_2023_11_13_00_09_37_884.jpg] [Image: 5289752376_2023_11_13_00_12_01_312.jpg] [Image: 5289752376_2023_11_13_00_21_42_247.jpg] [Image: 5289752376_2023_11_13_00_27_10_313.jpg]

Ep. 12
[Image: 5289752376_2023_11_13_00_44_47_548.jpg] [Image: 5289752376_2023_11_13_00_59_48_478.jpg] [Image: 5289752376_2023_11_13_00_59_55_48.jpg] [Image: 5289752376_2023_11_13_01_04_01_274.jpg] [Image: 5289752376_2023_11_13_01_03_45_624.jpg] [Image: 5289752376_2023_11_13_01_04_08_887.jpg] [Image: 5289752376_2023_11_13_01_05_14_466.jpg]

Ep. 13
[Image: 5289752376_2023_11_20_04_27_53_416.jpg] [Image: 5289752376_2023_11_20_04_51_32_666.jpg] [Image: 5289752376_2023_11_20_04_46_05_270.jpg]

Ep. 14
[Image: 5289752376_2023_11_20_05_07_32_506.jpg] [Image: 5289752376_2023_11_20_05_31_22_558.jpg] [Image: 5289752376_2023_11_20_05_16_39_188.jpg] [Image: 5289752376_2023_11_20_05_16_12_792.jpg] [Image: 5289752376_2023_11_20_05_18_21_415.jpg] [Image: 5289752376_2023_11_20_05_23_35_686.jpg]

Ep. 15
[Image: 5289752376_2023_11_26_20_08_06_253.jpg] [Image: 5289752376_2023_11_26_20_13_07_841.jpg] [Image: 5289752376_2023_11_26_20_13_53_763.jpg] [Image: 5289752376_2023_11_26_20_15_03_91.jpg] [Image: 5289752376_2023_11_26_20_17_19_313.jpg] [Image: 5289752376_2023_11_26_20_30_10_41.jpg] [Image: 5289752376_2023_11_26_20_43_43_52.jpg] [Image: 5289752376_2023_11_26_20_46_24_433.jpg] [Image: 5289752376_2023_11_26_20_22_03_945.jpg]

Ep. 16
[Image: 5289752376_2023_11_27_00_49_01_693.jpg] [Image: 5289752376_2023_11_27_00_52_47_420.jpg] [Image: 5289752376_2023_11_27_01_04_06_329.jpg] [Image: 5289752376_2023_11_27_01_27_46_509.jpg]

-- Last edit: 2023-11-29 12:09:19

Baube QC

2023-11-27 05:18

ChasingX wrote [Image: 5289752376_2023_11_09_12_27_29_440.jpg]

reminds me of something on a Sunfire's windshield : " i don't drive fast, i just fly really low "

mike962 DE

2023-11-28 10:46

ChasingX wrote Please add it Last completed movie pages

can you confirm producer on this ? and origin Korea?


ChasingX KR

2023-11-28 11:23

mike962 wrote
can you confirm producer on this ? and origin Korea?



rjluna2 US

2023-11-28 15:44

Korean title: 힘쎈여자 강남순


night cub US

2023-11-28 20:55

ChasingX wrote Please add it Last completed movie pages

I thought this was complete? Then where did the new 18 vehicles come from?

ChasingX KR

2023-11-29 04:27

night cub wrote

I thought this was complete? Then where did the new 18 vehicles come from?

missing new 18 Vehicles added

Why new 10 Vehicles Delete?

-- Last edit: 2023-11-29 04:29:10

ChasingX KR

2023-11-29 04:32

deleted comment

ChasingX KR

2023-11-29 04:47

deleted comment

night cub US

2023-11-29 08:34

ChasingX wrote
missing new 18 Vehicles added

Why new 10 Vehicles Delete?

Follow the guidelines listed on the FAQ page:

Guidelines for posting pictures as new vehicle page for a movie

Pictures must contain sufficient detail for potential identification of the vehicle.

Do not post pictures of model cars seen in a movie, except if they really have an important role. In other cases, they can be posted in comments.

Do not post very small pictures of background vehicles (note: 90 pixels wide for a 720 pixels image is about the limit for useful pictures of most background cars).

Similar background vehicles in a movie should be regrouped by posting additional images in the comments of a vehicle page.

Do not post background vehicles that are seen through the windows of another car (i.e. far away, seen between actor heads, or when the foreground car is more visible than the background one).

Do not post pictures of background vehicles that are blurred or obstructed.

Avoid posting pictures of vehicles that are seen for an extremely short time (for example: can only be seen in a frame by frame advance of the movie).

If a picture has several background cars visible, do not make a separate page for each one. Rather, make a page for one (or two, if interesting or well visible) and list the others in the comments for that page.

I saw car Y in movie Z, why is it not included?
Maybe because only few cars for a movie were listed (i.e. nobody watched the movie completely to list important cars), maybe we missed it, or maybe it was not estimated important enough. For example, a Citroën DS in a 1960/1970 French movie is not especially interesting if visible in the background since they are visible in nearly all French movies of these years.

-- Last edit: 2023-11-29 08:36:17

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