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Apocalypse - La 2ème guerre mondiale, Documentary, 2009 IMDB

Pictures provided by: sixcyl

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Also known as:

  • Apocalypse: World War II

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sixcyl FR

2017-05-28 23:06

[Image: apoaa.jpg]

[Image: apoab.jpg]
Episode 1 "L'agression"

[Image: bateauba.8.jpg] [Image: bateaubc.2.jpg] [Image: bateaubd.1.jpg]
[Image: bateauca.3.jpg] [Image: bateaucb.jpg] [Image: bateaucc.1.jpg] [Image: bateauda.2.jpg]

[Image: trainab.4.jpg] [Image: trainac.5.jpg] [Image: trainba.7.jpg] [Image: trainbb.1.jpg] [Image: trainca.3.jpg] [Image: trainda.1.jpg] [Image: trainea.jpg] [Image: trainmetroaa.2.jpg] [Image: traintramaa.4.jpg]

sixcyl FR

2017-06-25 14:25

[Image: apoaa.1.jpg]
[Image: apoab.1.jpg]
Episode 2 "L'écrasement"

[Image: bateauaa.10.jpg] [Image: bateauba.9.jpg] [Image: bateauca.4.jpg] [Image: bateauda.3.jpg] [Image: bateaue.jpg] [Image: bateaufa.1.jpg] [Image: bateauga.jpg] [Image: bateauha.jpg] [Image: bateauia.jpg] [Image: bateauja.jpg] [Image: bateauka.jpg] [Image: bateaula.jpg] [Image: bateauma.jpg] [Image: bateauna.jpg] [Image: bateauoa.jpg] [Image: bateauob.jpg] [Image: bateaupa.jpg] [Image: bateauqa.jpg] [Image: bateaura.jpg] [Image: bateausa.jpg] [Image: bateausb.jpg] [Image: bateausc.jpg] [Image: bateauta.jpg]

[Image: trainaa.14.jpg] [Image: trainba.8.jpg] [Image: trainca.4.jpg] [Image: trainda.2.jpg] [Image: trainfa.jpg] [Image: trainga.jpg] [Image: trainha.jpg] [Image: trainia.jpg] [Image: trainja.jpg] [Image: trainka.jpg] [Image: trainla.jpg] [Image: trainlb.jpg] [Image: trainlc.jpg] [Image: trainld.jpg] [Image: trainle.jpg] [Image: trainma.jpg] [Image: trainmb.jpg]

Many Airplanes too...
I keep them for future wishable IMPDb renewal.

sixcyl FR

2017-06-25 14:26

Work in progress (Episode 3)

mike962 DE

2017-06-25 17:51

sixcyl wrote Work in progress (Episode 3)

are you really that incapable to see the duplicates that you upload all the time ?

nearly all the tanks you submited there was already an entry for it some of the tanks you submited 3-4 freaking times

for example

or you have listed Renault R35 no less than 5 times already

-- Last edit: 2017-06-25 18:06:10

sixcyl FR

2017-06-25 22:27

Keep calm, will you ..
There are different ones in different situations... and different épisodes.
Are you the new Watch dog of this site Young man? :sun:

antp BE

2017-06-25 23:13

Still, for a documentary and seeing the amount of vehicles here, identical models should be regrouped
(and most of the time it is me who ends up having to do that work)

Purzel89 DE

2017-06-30 01:02

I am astonished that they colored everything and to much surprise the colors seem to be accurate. Its a french production and they chose the historically correct color for the Berlin Busses.

sixcyl FR

2017-07-01 09:03

antp wrote Still, for a documentary and seeing the amount of vehicles here, identical models should be regrouped
(and most of the time it is me who ends up having to do that work)

I'll do some regroupment later, after identifications. My knowledge in Tanks, especially Germans or Russians is very weak.

sixcyl FR

2017-07-01 10:29

[Image: apoaa.2.jpg]
[Image: apoab.2.jpg]
Episode 3 "Le choc"

[Image: ambaa.1.jpg]

[Image: bateauaa.11.jpg] [Image: bateauab.5.jpg] [Image: bateauac.3.jpg] [Image: bateauba.10.jpg] [Image: bateaubb.4.jpg] [Image: bateaubc.3.jpg] [Image: bateauca.5.jpg] [Image: bateauda.4.jpg] [Image: bateaudb.jpg] [Image: bateaudc.jpg]

[Image: trainaa.15.jpg] [Image: trainba.9.jpg] [Image: trainca.5.jpg] [Image: trainda.3.jpg] [Image: trainea.1.jpg] [Image: traineb.1.jpg] [Image: trainfa.1.jpg] [Image: trainfb.jpg]

and many aiplanes too...

sixcyl FR

2017-07-01 17:49

[Image: apo3.jpg]
[Image: apo4.jpg]
Episode 4 "L'embrasement"

[Image: bateauaa.12.jpg] [Image: bateauab.6.jpg] [Image: bateauac.4.jpg] [Image: bateauad.jpg] [Image: bateauae.jpg] [Image: bateauaf.jpg] [Image: bateauag.jpg] [Image: bateauah.jpg] [Image: bateauai.jpg] [Image: bateauba.11.jpg] [Image: bateauca.6.jpg] [Image: bateauda.5.jpg] [Image: bateaudb.1.jpg] [Image: bateaudc.1.jpg] [Image: bateauea.1.jpg] [Image: bateaueb.jpg] [Image: bateauec.jpg] [Image: bateaufa.2.jpg] [Image: bateaufb.jpg] [Image: bateaufc.jpg] [Image: bateaufd.jpg] [Image: bateaufe.jpg] [Image: bateauga.1.jpg] [Image: bateauha.1.jpg] [Image: bateauia.1.jpg] [Image: bateauja.1.jpg] [Image: bateauka.1.jpg] [Image: bateaukb.jpg] [Image: bateaukc.jpg] [Image: bateaula.1.jpg] [Image: bateaulb.jpg] [Image: bateaulc.jpg] [Image: bateauma.1.jpg] [Image: bateaumb.jpg] [Image: bateauna.1.jpg] [Image: bateauoa.1.jpg] [Image: bateauob.1.jpg] [Image: bateaupa.1.jpg] [Image: bateauqa.1.jpg]

[Image: trainaa.16.jpg] [Image: trainba.10.jpg] [Image: trainbb.2.jpg]

And around hundred of airplanes pictures too...

-- Last edit: 2017-07-01 18:10:42

sixcyl FR

2017-07-02 16:50

[Image: apo1.jpg]
[Image: apo2.jpg]
Episode 5 "L'étau"

[Image: bateauaa.13.jpg] [Image: bateauab.7.jpg] [Image: bateauba.12.jpg] [Image: bateauca.7.jpg] [Image: bateauda.6.jpg] [Image: bateauea.2.jpg] [Image: bateaueb.1.jpg] [Image: bateauec.1.jpg] [Image: bateauec.1.jpg] [Image: bateauee.jpg] [Image: bateaufa.3.jpg] [Image: bateauga.2.jpg] [Image: bateauha.2.jpg] [Image: bateauhb.jpg] [Image: bateauhc.jpg] [Image: bateauia.2.jpg] [Image: bateauib.jpg] [Image: bateauic.jpg] [Image: bateauid.jpg] [Image: bateauja.2.jpg] [Image: bateaujb.jpg] [Image: bateauka.2.jpg]

[Image: trainaa.17.jpg] [Image: trainab.5.jpg] [Image: trainac.6.jpg] [Image: trainba.11.jpg] [Image: trainca.6.jpg]

Soon on IMPDb ... ;)

sixcyl FR

2017-07-02 21:17

[Image: apoaa.3.jpg]
[Image: apoab.3.jpg]
Episode 6 "L'enfer"

Tribute to these camaramen without whom these pictures wouldn't exist
[Image: cinaa.jpg] [Image: cinab.jpg] [Image: cinac.jpg] [Image: cinad.jpg] [Image: cinae.jpg] [Image: cinaf.jpg] [Image: cinag.jpg] [Image: cinah.jpg]

[Image: bateauaa.14.jpg] [Image: bateauba.13.jpg] [Image: bateauca.8.jpg] [Image: bateaucb.1.jpg] [Image: bateaucc.2.jpg] [Image: bateaucd.2.jpg] [Image: bateauce.1.jpg] [Image: bateaucf.1.jpg] [Image: bateaucg.jpg] [Image: bateauch.jpg] [Image: bateauci.jpg] [Image: bateaucj.jpg] [Image: bateauck.jpg] [Image: bateaucl.jpg] [Image: bateaucm.jpg] [Image: bateaucn.jpg] [Image: bateauco.jpg] [Image: bateaucp.jpg] [Image: bateaucq.jpg] [Image: bateaucr.jpg] [Image: bateauda.7.jpg] [Image: bateaudb.2.jpg] [Image: bateaudc.2.jpg] [Image: bateauea.3.jpg] [Image: bateaueb.2.jpg] [Image: bateauec.2.jpg] [Image: bateaued.jpg] [Image: bateaufa.4.jpg] [Image: bateaufb.1.jpg] [Image: bateauga.3.jpg] [Image: bateauha.3.jpg] [Image: bateauia.3.jpg] [Image: bateauja.3.jpg] [Image: bateaujb.1.jpg]

[Image: trainaa.18.jpg] [Image: trainba.12.jpg] [Image: trainca.7.jpg] [Image: traincb.jpg] [Image: traincc.jpg] [Image: trainda.4.jpg]

Many pictures next on IMPDB

antp BE

2017-07-09 00:19

sixcyl wrote

I'll do some regroupment later, after identifications. My knowledge in Tanks, especially Germans or Russians is very weak.

Maybe time to do some cleaning, checking what is identified and rename vehicles accordingly, and regroup vehicles.
I don't have much time to do all that work on such entry that has very little interest for the site and wastes huge amount of resources (a lot of vehicles not really worth listing, and an impressive useless pictures in comments - that's a site for vehicles in movies, not for boats in documentaries)

antp BE

2018-05-15 21:18

ep 3:
[Image: i001048315.jpg]
mike962 wrote this doens't looks SELF PROPELED!!

johnfromstaffs wrote That's because it's a portable engine, towed by horses to the site where it is needed and used on the spot, to power threshing boxes, sawmills and stuff like that. They fell out of use when the traction engine was developed, for obvious reasons of practicality. This must have been a late survivor, if it was still in use during WW2. The cylinders and flywheel of a traction engine are mounted the other way, to allow geared drive to the hind wheels.

Gamer wrote That is one big funnel.

sixcyl FR

2023-04-04 19:13

Aircraft at Link to "www.impdb.org"

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