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Honeyland, Documentaire, 2019 IMDB

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ventr1s PL

2020-04-12 19:29

[Image: honeyland2019subbedbluray-ghoulsmkv_snapshot_012417441.jpg]

Bonus caravan:

[Image: honeyland2019subbedbluray-ghoulsmkv_snapshot_011246240.jpg]

Set in North Macedonia. Traffic cars not included.

-- Last edit: 2020-04-12 19:51:29

johnfromstaffs EN

2020-04-12 19:33

The caravan doesn’t look British, but nonetheless has a door on the British near side.

dsl SX

2021-04-10 02:27

Strange film - beautifully filmed, fascinating story as it rolls out, but a nagging feeling that a film crew should not have allowed some of the things to happen as they did without intervening. Nothing too upsetting, but some of it felt wrong.

Added a couple of entries for city traffic and comments pics.

2[*] cabin, only shown from inside
[Image: r01-05-21jeep.jpg]

ventr1s a écrit Bonus caravan:
[Image: honeyland2019subbedbluray-ghoulsmkv_snapshot_011246240.jpg]

That shot is flipped in the film so the door is not on the "British" side - look for the NL plate on back (which is reversed above)
[Image: caravan.1.jpg]

Some landscapes
[Image: picture1.4.jpg] [Image: picture2.10.jpg]

[Image: picture.15.jpg]

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