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El calavera, Film, 1954 IMDB

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Gongora ES

2021-04-20 23:28


Argentinian comedy filmed in Argentina, released August 31 1954
Directed by Carlos F. Borcosque

Gongora ES

2021-04-20 23:31

Others background:
[Image: el1.jpg] [Image: el4.jpg] [Image: el35.jpg]
[Image: el79.jpg] [Image: el80.jpg] [Image: el81.jpg] [Image: el82.jpg] [Image: el83.jpg]

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night cub US

2021-04-21 11:21

The IMDB number was listed on the Wikipedia page, but it lists a different year. Based on the cars, the earlier date seems more likely.

Gongora ES

2021-04-21 13:43

Yes, in many pages the year 1958 appears, but everything indicates that it is from 1954

Gongora ES

2021-04-21 13:53

It is very blurry and covered by the girl's head, but in the background there is a very interesting Tempo Hanseat Kombi:
[Image: tempo2.jpg] [Image: tempo3.jpg] [Image: tempo6.jpg] [Image: tempo8.jpg]

[Image: dfvbxafxuaelocc.jpg]

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