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Up, Film d'animation, 2009 IMDB

Images fournies par : Lateef

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Titres alternatifs :

  • Oben (Germany)
  • Là-haut (France)

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Lateef NO

2010-03-22 16:06

[Image: 230489-mplayerc_2010-03-22_15-17-58-17.jpg]

Great film I enjoyed all the way.

vilero a écrit Up http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1049413/ and NOT IN THE SITE. So..... since I don't like to work animated movies and I remember well some vehicles while the old man was at the City....those of you than could like animated movies...hurry up!. UP must be here before 7th march.

Sorry I'm a bit late, anyway, what's so special with 7th of March in particular? :)

Well, here it is, to be on the safe side, I'll put all vehicles in this comment first, and then we'll see if anything can be worth a page of its own. Just post a message if you think anything can be identified.

[Image: 230491-mplayerc_2010-03-22_15-17-19-73.jpg] [Image: 230492-mplayerc_2010-03-22_15-17-39-03.jpg]
[*] both can be listed as Ford Model T, but to be honest they both look like any car of the 20's/early 30's.

[Image: 230493-mplayerc_2010-03-22_15-18-24-15.jpg]
[*][*] maybe worth an entry? Looks like it's based on something real (well sortof :D)

[Image: 230494-mplayerc_2010-03-22_15-19-50-60.jpg] [Image: 230495-mplayerc_2010-03-22_15-19-56-09.jpg] [Image: 230496-mplayerc_2010-03-22_15-20-12-29.jpg]
[*][*] Carl and Ellie's car looks like a 1939/40 Ford or a 1939 Mercury, but the grille is slightly different.

[Image: 230497-mplayerc_2010-03-22_15-21-30-50.jpg] [Image: 230498-mplayerc_2010-03-22_15-23-28-43.jpg]
The bulldozer is [*][*]

[Image: 230499-mplayerc_2010-03-22_15-22-03-20.jpg] [Image: 230500-mplayerc_2010-03-22_15-22-40-39.jpg] [Image: 230501-mplayerc_2010-03-22_15-24-05-87.jpg] [Image: 230502-mplayerc_2010-03-22_15-27-06-78.jpg] [Image: 230503-mplayerc_2010-03-22_15-29-07-37.jpg] [Image: 230504-mplayerc_2010-03-22_15-29-19-12.jpg]
Appearantly, everyone in this city seem to own the same type of car, which in my opinion has the front end of an Opel Diplomat [B]

[Image: 230505-mplayerc_2010-03-22_15-24-33-18.jpg]
[*][*] The police also seem to have the same type of car

[Image: 230506-mplayerc_2010-03-22_15-25-44-64.jpg] [Image: 230508-mplayerc_2010-03-22_15-26-14-87.jpg] [Image: 230507-mplayerc_2010-03-22_15-26-53-71.jpg] [Image: 230509-mplayerc_2010-03-22_15-26-56-73.jpg]
[*][*] this was a funny scene :D looks like a Step Van (or similiar), but with a modernized front.

[Image: 230510-mplayerc_2010-03-22_15-27-35-57.jpg]
And don't forget, Pixar's trademark: the pizza planet truck! Only this time it looks as boxy and generic as all the other cars.

-- Last edit: 2010-03-22 16:07:56

vilero ES

2010-03-22 16:25

Great Lateef! Now all ten 2009 nominated movies for Academy Award for Best Picture are listed in IMCDB (even Avatar . When I wrote the [quote] you said above was because on 7th march was the 82nd Academy Awards and UP wasn't listed yet.

Up gets the honor to be, with Beauty and the Beast , the only two animated movies nominated for Best Picture Award.

Lateef NO

2010-03-22 16:44

Oh right, now I see. I didn't knew because I was in Sevilla at that day. I enjoyed myself, but I didn't really notice any differences with Andalusian as you mentioned, maybe because it was my first time on the Iberian peninsula, and also because I haven't been studying Spanish for so long.

Trainboy12 UK

2010-04-19 19:32

Carl and Elie's car dos look like a Mercury Town Sedan

-- Last edit: 2010-04-19 19:35:42


2010-04-20 11:27

The Shady Oaks Bus looks like a Ford Econoline.

dogman15 US

2010-05-01 21:56

It's about time this movie got a page! The ambulance and the Fredricksen's car should be featured, if we know what models they are.

stonecoldfan100 US

2010-05-11 21:12

The shady oaks bus is probably a Dodge Sprinter
The cars are Ford Galaxies
and the Pizza Planet truck looks like a Toyota truck
but the other truck during that scene will probably either be a Courier or a LUV

Neon IT

2010-07-12 13:53

Too generics cars. And anyway they are already listed in the comments ;)

Camarofan PH

2010-08-11 11:01

This One is a Caterpillar.

Link to "www.geting.se"


2010-12-21 03:49

What is the meaning of generics?

Sandie SX

2010-12-21 14:17

That the car in question looks like nothing in particular and could be anything from a number of cars. CF the pink sedan Homer Simpson drives.

niharm33 US

2015-07-24 06:25


2000ish Iveco Daily?

night cub US

2020-03-27 20:21

@CarGuy500 - Don't take other people's work and add it yourself

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