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Berliet GRK 10
Orange est vert (1980)
michel FRGRK 10 2018-02-17 15:58
Renault unknown
Orange est vert (1980)
JB FR1971+ Saviem TP-3
Extra info: 4x4 'Sanitair'
Class is "Cars,Ambulance".
2017-11-14 00:14
Hotchkiss P-4 R
Orange est vert (1980)
JB FRIsn't "Hotchkiss P-4 R" but "1978+ Thomson-CSF P4R". ;)
2017-11-14 00:08
Tracma unknown
Orange est vert (1980)
JB FRTracma TD 1.500 Cabine 'Le Luc'
Origin: France.
2017-11-14 00:04
1979 Volkswagen Golf GTI I [Typ 17]
Orange est vert (1980)
electra225 IT1979 or 1980 Golf GTI. 2017-11-13 23:15
Orange est vert (1980) LVCDC FRWell ... Doctor House ... you know I guess.
Is it a TV series or a documentary ?
So many people have learnt basic medical knowledge watching this series.
But at level ZERO, there is a story, so it's a fiction, not a documentary.

Orange est vert relies on the same idea.
A story, a fiction. Through this "novel", viewers will learn/discover/watch the daily life on a French air base.

TV movie as it was produced by TF1 (the first French TV channel) or documentary (only the speach of the staff officier interviewed by ... a TV team !) could be really considered as that (from 13'50 to 16'24). So put the label you think the better, the question is : approved or not ?
2017-11-08 20:27
Orange est vert (1980) chicomarx BE"Ce documentaire didactique" it says in those pages, so "TV movie" is a slightly misleading label. They each have different guidelines. 2017-11-07 01:38
Orange est vert (1980) LVCDC FRTV movie broadcasted by TF1 in 1980.
Director : François MOREUIL
Daily life on a French air base
Of course, there is an IMPDB page !
une fiche en français sur cette co-réalisation TF1 / SIRPA

Sorry for the poor quality (old VHS).
And pilot are people who get up early in the morning. So in winter, visibility is low.

The Berliet is an 'indigenous' conversion to clean up the runway using an old turbojet.

Hotchkiss P-4 R is seen through the Crotale missile launcher AND the radar station (but this second one is seen hidden by joggers).

Saviem :
not sure of correct identification.
The JL (?) trailer is towing a fuel tank.
The SM (?) is the fire truck dedicated to aircraft in distress.

But the most challenging is probably this little farm tractor used in the rows of vineyard.
2017-11-05 12:50

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