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1978 Checker Taxicab [A11]

1978 Checker Taxicab [A11] in Outrageous Fortune, Movie, 1987 IMDB

Class: Cars, Sedan — Model origin: US

1978 Checker Taxicab [A11]

[*][*] Minor action vehicle or used in only a short scene

Comments about this vehicle


karoomay SY

2010-07-23 21:49


[Image: pdvd257.1567.jpg]

Commander 57 US

2010-07-23 22:49


Later bumpers/tandem wipers = 1977 +.

130rapid PL

2010-07-23 22:53


Hey, what about filler position?
I found higher (as we see here) and lower: /vehicle_195546-Checker-Marathon-1975.html

-- Last edit: 2010-07-23 22:53:44

Commander 57 US

2010-07-23 23:00


Likely altered in the main photo.
I normally see them as in your link.
(If you look closely at the filler in your link, you will see "Unleaded Fuel Only" written around it in a semi-circle.
Brands it as '75 or later.)

130rapid PL

2010-07-23 23:08


Compare please... :sun:

1975 - low vertical filler cap (yes, with "Unleaded Fuel Only" sticker):

1979 - higher & slanted filler cap (I think it could come with bigger fuel tank):

-- Last edit: 2010-07-23 23:13:46

Commander 57 US

2010-07-24 00:30


Interesting, 130. Thanks for the photos. Had never noticed that variance before.
Some Checkers were converted to run on propane and had altered fillers. Could this be one of them?

130rapid PL

2010-07-24 01:02


Commander 57 wrote Some Checkers were converted to run on propane and had altered fillers. Could this be one of them?

I don't think so because this 1981 prototype runs on normal petrol and has it higher filler too:

I'll try to find model year when it feature came.

130rapid PL

2010-07-24 01:04


Propane car has different, lockable fuel cap (hiding high pressure filling valve):

-- Last edit: 2010-07-24 03:11:21

130rapid PL

2010-07-24 01:36


Seems the filler got higher position in 1978, same time with paralell wipers.

By the way... We have two versions of paralell wipers' comming - 1977 or 1979 (as superga claimed). :/

I did find any 1977 car (exclude all listed on our page) with paralell wipers.

Looks it came in 1978. I'll confirm that.

Commander 57 US

2010-07-24 03:59


Please do and thanks.
I had always understood that both tandem wipers and the change to rearview mirrors glued to the windshield were running changes during the 1977 model year but perhaps the change came with the '78's.
I would be most interested to find out the correct change point.

Also thanks for your link illustrations.
I now believe that there was indeed a change in gas filler openings. Do you know when that was effective?

The answers could help us date Checkers on this site which has always been a challenge.

130rapid PL

2010-07-25 21:14


After searching Checkers' on our site I must say one...
What a mess! [Image: mdleje.gif]

130rapid PL

2010-07-25 21:14


I must drink...

ingo DE

2010-07-25 21:27


(Na) zdrowie! :beer:

rjluna2 US

2010-07-26 03:50


130rapid wrote After searching Checkers' on our site I must say one...
What a mess! [Image: mdleje.gif]

Sounds like fun :/

130rapid PL

2010-07-26 14:14


"Modern Checker" model year visual changes' summary:

[Image: Checker%20-%20Mararthon%20boot%20lid%20badge.jpg]

1957 - Modern Checker (A8) introduced in December 1956.
1959 - Restyled Checker (A9) with dual headlights.
(1958-1960 - "Armbruster & Company" of Fort Smith Arkansas converted a number of Checkers A8/A9s into 6- and 8-door limousines for export to the Middle East, particularly Turkey).
1960 - Superba (name till 1964) for private owners as A10 series. The switch plastic to metal hood ornament.
1961 - The best equipped Superba Special became Marathon. New redesigned grill end with square front indicators in Marathon only. Marathon also with chrome-plated spear that came from the front fender into the rear door that wasn't found on Superba.
14" wheels instead 15" in sedans.
1962 - A11/A12 instead A10. 6- or 8-door Aerobus wagons' (introduced late 1961) and 4-door 129" wheelbase Town Custom Limousine (A11E) production started. Bumpers with center dips instead straight one.
1963 - Sedans switched back to 15" wheels. New grill with square indicators in other sedans.
1964 - "Superba" name dropped at last.
1967? - Small round sidemarkers with clear lenses (no US obligatory yet!)
1968 - 1.5" taller front windsheld, bigger back one also.
1969 - Small round sidemarkers with yellow lenses. Last 6-door Aerbous made.
1970 - Bigger round yellow sidemarkers.
1971 - Bigger front square indicators. Separate reversing lights. Rear plate light in tail wall instead mounted in bumper.
1974 - Huge aluminium bumpers. Last 8-door Aerobus station wagon built.
1975 - "Unleaded Fuel Only" label over filler cap.
1976-1977 - Assembling short series of 8-door Aerobus sedans.
1978 - Paralell wipers instead opposite. Interior mirror glued to windshield. Filler cap (mounted on tail wall still) higher and slanted due to safety regulations. Low side strips in Marathon (A12). A bit smaller round sidemarkers probably.

* * *
How to distinguish Taxicabs and Marathons?

"Taxicab" (A8/A9/A11) for fleets.
Less bright on first sight - no side strips, overriders on demand, no wheelcovers or small one, dull aluminium bumpers in 1974+ cars.

"Superba" and "Marathon" (A10/A12) dedicated for private customers.
Richier "jewellery" on first sight - long side chrome strips, "Marathon" side badges, full wheelcovers, overriders and tyres' white sidewalls on demand, polished aluminium bumpers in 1974+ cars, more retroreflective elements in tail lights.

* * *
Images get it easy... :sun:

Bumpers' shape:
[Image: Bumper%201962.jpg]

since 1974
[Image: Bumper%201978.jpg]

Front indicator:
1961 (in A10 Marathon only), 1962-1970 all cars
[Image: Checker%20-%20front%20indicator%20oval%201966.jpg]

since 1971
[Image: Checker%20-%20front%20indicator%20oval%201981.jpg]

Front windshield and wipers:

to 1967
[Image: Checker%20-%20windshield%20pre-1967.jpg]

[Image: Checker%20-%20windshield%201968.jpg]

[Image: Checker%20-%20windshield%201978.jpg]

Rear windshield. Right one to 1967, left since 1968.
[Image: Checker%20-%20back%20windshields%20both.jpg]

Filler cap:
to 1974 (here 1966)
[Image: Filler%20cap%201966.jpg]
1975-1977........................Since 1978.......................propane cars
[Image: Checker%20-%20filler%20cap%201975.jpg] [Image: Checker%20-%20filler%20cap%201981.jpg] [Image: Checker%20-%20filler%20cap%20propan%201981.jpg]
Many 1978+ cars had black plastic cap instead chrome.

to 1966 - none.
1967-1968 (I think it could be ealier NY mandatory):
[Image: Checker%20-%20front%20sidemarker%201967.jpg] [Image: Checker%20-%20back%20sidemarker%20white.jpg]

[Image: Checker%20-%20front%20sidemarker%201969%202.jpg] [Image: Checker%20-%20back%20sidemarker%20small.jpg]

[Image: Front%20sidemarker%201974.jpg] [Image: Checker%20-%20back%20sidemarker%20large.jpg]

since 1978
[Image: Front%20sidemarker%201977.jpg]

Tail light:
1966 Marathon.........1975 Taxicab
[Image: Checker%20-%20tail%20light%20Marathon%201966.jpg] [Image: Checker%20-%20tail%20light%20TaxiCab%201975.jpg]

Tail plate light
to 1970
[Image: Plate%20light%201966.jpg]

[Image: Checker%20-%20rear%20plate%20and%20boot%20lid%20handle%201975.jpg]
1978-1982 (together with 1971+ form)
[Image: Checker%20-%20rear%20plate%20and%20boot%20lid%20handle%201981.jpg]

Various types of lid lock used in 1966-1982 period simulatenously - turning handle with key lock, push-up handle with separate lock, special "bulletproof" lock, or just lonely key lock (most popular).

[Image: Back%201966.jpg]

[Image: Back%201975.jpg]

[Image: Back%201977.jpg]

Marathon side strips:

to 1977
[Image: Checker%20-%20Side%20strip%20type%201.jpg]

[Image: Checker%20-%20Side%20strip%20type%202.jpg]

1978 de Luxe
[Image: Checker%20-%20Side%20strip%20type%203%20deLuxe%201978.jpg]

Perfect original cars' samples with no doubt:

1957 Taxicab
[Image: 1956%20Checker.jpg]

1959 Taxicab
[Image: 1959%20Checker.jpg]

1960 Superba
[Image: 1961%20Checker%20Superba.jpg]

1962 Marathon
[Image: 1962%20Checker.jpg]

1966 Marathon
[Image: 1966%20Checker.jpg]
[Image: 1966%20Checker%202.jpg]

1967 Marathon
[Image: 1967%20Checker%202.jpg]

1968 Marathon
[Image: 1968%20Checker.jpg]
[Image: MVC-635S.jpg]
[Image: MVC-634S.jpg]

1969 Marathon
[Image: 1969%20Checker%20Wagon.jpg]

1971 Taxicab
[Image: Checker%201971.jpg]

1972 Marathon
[Image: 1972%20Checker%20Wagon.jpg]

1975 Taxicab
[Image: 1975%20Checker.jpg]

1980 with optional "Formal Roof"
[Image: 1980%20Checker.jpg]

1981 Marathon
[Image: 1981%20Checker.jpg]

Outstanding Checker history page:

-- Last edit: 2011-02-01 16:02:08

130rapid PL

2010-07-26 14:18


I have little doubt in one date.

Bigger front square indicators, bigger round sidemarkers, separate reversing lights and rear plate light in tail wall instead mounted in bumper came in 1971 or 1972, or in 1971-1972 period. I'm not absolutely sure.

DynaMike NL

2010-07-26 14:25


:king: You've done a great job investigating the Checker history! Deserves publication in an automotive magazine!

dragonboy AU

2010-07-26 14:37


You should copy that and make it into a thread on the forum so it doesnt get lost in the thousands and thousands of comments on the main site for any future reference.

130rapid PL

2010-07-26 14:46


I'll do & clean Checkers carefully.
Don't hurry with cleaning better, I must confirm, is it all works and fits.

ingo DE

2010-07-27 12:43


Just a tiny side-comment: maybe it's better, if you don't be too focussed on the many little details - don't forget, that it's about taxis! ;) Normally there is no taxi anywhere on the world, which is after some months of intensive using, still in 100% original condition.

An when a taxi must be repaired, normally noone takes care about the originality. It has to be made fast, that the car can be back on the road, this is the only thing, which counts.

130rapid PL

2010-07-27 13:45


That's why I gave the priority (making this year-by-year changes' list) to fresh Checkers, few years old at last or preserved in original condition according owners' claims. And Marathons especially because private owners took better care.

Checker's exterior changed narrowly so the production dates' deciphering without this details would be impossible. :sun:

Don't forget A8-A12 Checker is very sturdy, thick-steel-skinned car, better set to hard duty than ordinary cars.
Tiny collisions were like a water off duck's back. :D

Very limited numbers of cars in IMCDB base with evident modifications confirm its high endurance.

The actual difficult is large number of civil Marathons playing fleet Taxicabs. :/

Here is nice sample of Marathon A12 dressed as Taxicab A11:
Link to "lh6.ggpht.com"

Truly A11 shouldn't have so elegant wheelcovers and chrome decoration on low part of rear fender.

And there is typical mistake also - original A11 should have TAXI beacon closer to front part of roof.

-- Last edit: 2010-07-27 14:22:37

ingo DE

2010-07-28 09:45


130rapid wrote I must drink...

Hopefully you haven't forget that.

Commander 57 US

2010-07-30 19:45


Remarkable, 130! I'll save that info for sure!
(What was your information source?)

When I have time, I'll review some of the notes I made from observing Checkers and recording their VIN's back in the 1970's.
Will compare vs your info.

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