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1967 Austin Mini Cooper S 1275 MkI [ADO50]

1967 Austin Mini Cooper S 1275 MkI [ADO50] in The Italian Job, Movie, 1969 IMDB

Class: Cars, Supermini — Model origin: UK

1967 Austin Mini Cooper S 1275 MkI [ADO50]

Position 01:11:39 [*][*][*][*][*] The vehicle is part of the movie

Comments about this vehicle


Jaqob P. NL

2006-01-12 18:23


The license-plate's are HMP 729G (RED) GPF 146G (WHITE) and LGW 809G (BLUE)

antp BE

2006-02-12 18:54


[Image: mini0034025ng.4663.jpg]

[Image: 276293-ItalianJob45.JPG] [Image: 276294-ItalianJob142.JPG] [Image: 276295-ItalianJob144.JPG] [Image: 276296-ItalianJob149.JPG] [Image: 276297-ItalianJob150.JPG] [Image: 276298-ItalianJob151.JPG] [Image: 276299-ItalianJob152.JPG] [Image: 276300-ItalianJob154.JPG] [Image: 276301-ItalianJob155.JPG] [Image: 276302-ItalianJob156.JPG] [Image: 276303-ItalianJob161.JPG] [Image: 276304-ItalianJob162.JPG] [Image: 276305-ItalianJob163.JPG] [Image: 276306-ItalianJob168.JPG] [Image: 276307-ItalianJob169.JPG] [Image: 276309-ItalianJob179.JPG] [Image: 276310-ItalianJob180.JPG] [Image: 276311-ItalianJob181.JPG] [Image: 276312-ItalianJob183.JPG] [Image: 276313-ItalianJob184.JPG] [Image: 276314-ItalianJob186.JPG] [Image: 276315-ItalianJob189.JPG] [Image: 276316-ItalianJob190.JPG] [Image: 276317-ItalianJob191.JPG] [Image: 276318-ItalianJob188.JPG] [Image: 276319-ItalianJob192.JPG] [Image: 276320-ItalianJob194.JPG] [Image: 276321-ItalianJob195.JPG] [Image: 276322-ItalianJob196.JPG] [Image: 276323-ItalianJob201.JPG] [Image: 276324-ItalianJob202.JPG] [Image: 276325-ItalianJob203.JPG] [Image: 276326-ItalianJob204.JPG] [Image: 276327-ItalianJob205.JPG] [Image: 276328-ItalianJob208.JPG] [Image: 276329-ItalianJob209.JPG] [Image: 276330-ItalianJob210.JPG] [Image: 276331-ItalianJob211.JPG] [Image: 276332-ItalianJob212.JPG] [Image: 276333-ItalianJob213.JPG] [Image: 276334-ItalianJob214.JPG] [Image: 276335-ItalianJob215.JPG]

And I guess that this one is an italian-built (Innocenti?) Mini:
[Image: 276336-ItalianJob107bis.JPG]

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sixcyl FR

2006-02-13 13:10


Mini Cooper S 1964 (because of the rims)

Exiv96 BE

2006-02-16 23:52


Quote Mini Cooper S 1964 (because of the rims)

I'm not a Mini expert, but the license plates ending with G mean the cars were registered in 1968-1969.

datsunZ IT

2006-10-10 14:36


Exiv96 wrote

I'm not a Mini expert, but the license plates ending with G mean the cars were registered in 1968-1969.

Right:G=Sept.1968-Aug.1969-registered,being movie 1968 circa-played(in Italy,wrongly,that movie came sometimes reported as appeared in 1973,but that was the year when was issued--too much late--in Italy,Italian-dubbed,with a delay of exit in Italian cinema-theaters of almost 5 years respect than originally year when was issued for 1st time--In Italy was known with the title of "Un colpo all'Italiana=An Italian-way robbery)

PS Some clips of the final chase scene were also re-used in an episode of 1985 MacGyver series,entitled in Italy as"Lo zingaro di Budapest"(=Budapest's gypsy),where Richard Dean Anderson(the actor that roled Mac Gyver)steals a Mini Cooper of a local Rally Team in Hungary(scenes but filmed in USA)for make cross Hungary's borderline to an old man that was caged in a local prison,grandad of the gypsy kid of the episode title;that chase,'cause started with Coopers,stolen by a car transporter truck--they were painted same as movie's ones--came mixed with the images of Mini that cross almost all Turin's city into"The Italian Job"movie,given that some old neo-classic styled buildings of Italian city recalls those of similar style that exists also in Budapest(but being in years of Cold War still,wasn't possible filming the episode in true East-Europe Countries,at that period,so also for episode's budget cash saving,why filming a full chase when could be re-used that of the movie partly???)

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datsunZ IT

2006-10-10 19:02


Read of more at following devoted site:


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lastinpurple ES

2007-01-02 10:45



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Mr Bridger EN

2008-01-20 22:14


The Mk1 was discontinued in 67. i beleive the minis were prepped by L'equippe Remy Julienne in 66 and over 30 were destroyed during filming

Cycolac Fan EN

2008-02-21 22:26


These cars used in the film are Mk1 S type Coopers, a few were registered in 1969 but the MkII was on sale by then.

Mk1 have rear window edges that lineup with the edges of the boot lid, the MkII has a larger back window.

covster UK

2008-06-10 16:26


They are specifically Mk1 Austin Mini Cooper S's 1275cc. They were never registered as 'G' marks the last of the Mk 1's came through as 'F' plates. It was a bit of fore sight - due to the length of time it takes to produce a film - the makers new it would be released in 1968 when the new registration mark would be a 'G'. The DVLC at the time could not release registration marks ahead of time so the numbers on the film cars were purely ficticious.
Myself and 3 brothers have built identical replicas of the Minis for hire and are also in the throws of restoring The Harrington Legionnaire Coach - checkout our website TheItalianJobMinis.com if you want a bit more info. on the cars.

tali UK

2008-06-10 21:49


BMC showed very little or no intrest in providing the cars to the production team

ItalianJobMiniCooper UK

2008-07-16 20:31



Just to give you an update, the numberplates HMP729G, GPF146G and LGW809G were all sold at auction in 2006. They were originally taken off the Coopers back in 1969. They were then owned by a private collector until the early 1990s. They were then sold to another private collector who sold them at a classic cars auction in 2006. We successfully bid for these items and now legally own all three logs and retention certifcates.
We are presently rebuilding what has been described as 'the most authentic replicas ever built' for these iconic film Coopers. They are exact in every detail and have had huge input from people directly or indirectly associated with the film in 1969.
The first of our italian job builds has been GPF146G the white Cooper S in the film. This has been legally registered with the DVLA as GPF146G and is (as the other Coopers we are finishing) as close as you can get to the originals from the film. All three will have the original plates and can be legally driven with these iconic numbers.

There are other replicas which is great....as it celebrates this fantastic film. If you wish to build yourself a replica... check out our site for lamp bars and other cool film / merchandise items at WWW.THEITALIANJOBMINICOOPERS.COM

They look fantastic and have won great praise from the motoring press, such as Mini Magazine etc. Many Mini companies have formed what we have called the 'Self Preservation Society' such as Mini Machine, Mini Sport, Newton Commercial, Mini Spares, Mini Magazine, Revolution Wheels, Minilite etc....



Best Regards,

-- Last edit: 2008-07-16 20:47:50

eugen BY

2009-05-29 00:57


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palacebear EN

2010-03-26 00:47


antp wrote [Image: mini0034025ng.4663.jpg]

Look closely at the red one in the this pic. No stainless steel trim around the side-window. A glimpse of a single-dial dashboard. Bog-standard Austin or Morris Mini 850, dressed up with Minilite wheels.

-- Last edit: 2010-03-26 01:02:44 (G-MANN)

modell US

2010-03-26 20:28


antp wrote [Image: mini0119132pf.193.jpg]

"Now, as you go 'round, look for that bloody exit! We can't go 'round here all night!"

modell US

2010-05-19 05:49


Can someone explain to me this bit of dialogue in the scene when they're prepping the Minis and bus for the heist?

Bill: Dippers for the continent. Other way around.

Charlie: Are they quartz iodide?

Bill: That's right.

chris40 UK

2010-05-19 09:19


British headlights, whether sealed beam or not, were set to dip to the left. When you took a RHD British car into Europe you either had to fit an adapter to the lens or (as I think Bill is saying here) fit different light units. In the 60s the majority of headlights had tungsten bulbs; the more efficient, brighter and whiter quartz-iodine (IIRC, not iodide) capsules were just coming in.

modell US

2010-05-19 19:41


Thanks, Chris!

TheHeartbreakKid15 EN

2010-08-15 16:03


The vehicle details for GPF 146G are:

Date of Liability 01 09 2011
Date of First Registration 01 08 1968
Year of Manufacture 1968
Cylinder Capacity (cc) 898CC
CO2 Emissions Not Available
Fuel Type Petrol
Export Marker Not Applicable
Vehicle Status SORN Not Due
Vehicle Colour WHITE
Vehicle Type Approval

dsl SX

2010-12-18 18:27


Despite the 1968 G plates, these are Mk1 and should be dated 1967.

electra225 IT

2010-12-19 09:26


...I'm not sure the car it is an Innocenti or a Morris.

dsl SX

2010-12-19 13:13


electra225 wrote ...I'm not sure the car it is an Innocenti or a Morris.

Which car are you uncertain about? Innocenti would only be a possibility for a LHD car, and these are all RHD as far as I can see.

dsl SX

2017-06-05 21:51


For the white one GPF 146G - see this apparent Mk1 Cooper S NOC 74F which might be its real identity (assuming there was only one white car used, which seems maybe an optimistic assumption). Or NOC 74F was just a publicity fake.

train68 US

2018-06-18 18:45


All that gold should have added extra weight to those cars.

mikeastons EN

2020-01-02 02:58


So now Matthew Field's new book is out 'The Self Presevation Society 50 years of The Italian Job' which confirms the Mini Cooper S Mk1's were all F regs and give's the actual reg numbers including NOC74F spotted by DSL this means that the claim made above by David Morton in 2008 about the G registrations is untrue about them being the real reg numbers.
It appears DVLA freshly issued the plates in 2006 and in 1969 those numbers didn't exist other than as fictional numbers.
Strangely as well a programme with Brian Johnson from ACDC called Cars That Rock appears to falsely claim the 3 Morton replica's as the real cars from the film.
All seems very misleading to me.
Maybe the IMCDB owners should edit this page to reflect the accurate info.

dsl SX

2020-01-02 03:44


mikeastons wrote Matthew Field's new book 'The Self Presevation Society 50 years of The Italian Job' confirms the Mini Cooper S Mk1's were all F regs and gives the actual reg numbers including NOC 74F spotted by DSL.

:sun: Nice to be noticed. But NOC 74F on a Mk1 is still problematic - it was issued in April 68 (or thereabouts), several months after the Mk2 arrived in Sept 67. It's better than a G plate, but still unconvincing without an explanation for the delay. All the Minis seen in the film are Mk1 and therefore should have E suffix plates or earlier (unless they were registered in Aug/Sept 67 in the first month or two of the F era).

The puzzle for me is how the film-makers with their careful anticipation of the eventual release date (July 69) by faking the G plates failed to realise that Mk1s would be obsolete by then, so the subterfuge was pointless. Even if BMC didn't let them know in advance that the Mk2 was on its way, the launch in Sept 67 should have punctured the balloon.

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