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1964 SAAB Sport [96]

1964 SAAB Sport [96] in Ford on Safari: East African Safari 1964 - Cortina Conquest, Dokumentarfilm, 1964

Typ: Pkw, Limousine — Herkunftsland: SE

1964 SAAB Sport [96]

[*][*][*][*] Häufig von einem Hauptdarsteller benutztes Fahrzeug oder Fahrzeug mit spezieller Bedeutung

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dsl SX

2015-02-22 00:23


Lots of SAAB footage, focussed on the 2 works cars, both listed as 96 Sport:
- #28 Erik Carlsson/Gunnar Palm, P44308, finished 2nd
- #17 Pat Moss (AKA Mrs Carlsson, and Stirling's sister)/Joy Mayers, P44309, finished 9th and 2nd in Ladies Cup
- plus another local entry private 96, #32 Keith Mayers/FJ Potter, KAY 70, finished 19th. KAY plate was early 50s, so much older than car. I wonder if Keith Mayers had any connection with Pat Moss's co-driver ...

(1)#28 Carlsson/Palm
[Image: 03-27saab96sportcarlssonb.jpg] [Image: 03-27saab96sportcarlssonc.jpg]

[Image: 03-27saab96sportcarlssond.jpg] [Image: 03-27saab96sportcarlssone.jpg]

[Image: 03-27saab96sportcarlssonf.jpg]

Carlsson then gets stuck - /vehicle_401220-SAAB-Sport-96-1964.html - and has to roll his car over to get out of the mud - an incident which is relevant again later. He also drowns the engine in this waterhole, so Younghusband/Hechle in Cortina #4 stop to help and tow him back to life
[Image: 03-27saab96sportcarlssong.jpg] [Image: 03-27saab96sportcarlssonh.jpg]

[Image: 03-27saab96sportcarlssonj.jpg] [Image: 03-27saab96sportcarlssonk.jpg]

[Image: 03-27saab96sportcarlssonl.jpg] [Image: 03-27saab96sportcarlssonm.jpg]

Then after prize giving etc (he seems to have got a lot of pots for finishing 2nd :think: ), Carlsson re-enacts for the cheering crowds how he rolled the car over to get out of the mud
[Image: 03-27saab96sportcarlssonn.jpg] [Image: 03-27saab96sportcarlssonp.jpg]

... which is famous footage we've got re-used in a few films.

(2)#17 Moss/Mayers
[Image: 03-05saab96sportpatmoss.jpg] [Image: 03-05saab96sportpatmossb.jpg]

[Image: 03-05saab96sportpatmossc.jpg] [Image: 03-05saab96sportpatmossd.jpg]

[Image: 03-05saab96sportpatmosse.jpg]

(3)#32 Mayers/Potter
[Image: 13-28saab.jpg] [Image: 13-28saabb.jpg]

-- Last edit: 2015-02-22 16:09:53

dsl SX

2015-02-22 16:06


Other Carlsson 64 EAS captures - /vehicle_401220-SAAB-Sport-96-1964.html , /vehicle.php?id=757185 (comments) , /vehicle.php?id=401258 (comments)

Pat Moss/Ann Riley on 62 EAS - /vehicle_780997-SAAB-96-1960.html

Mayers/Potter in 1963 EAS Saab - /vehicle_45922-SAAB-Sport-96-1963.html

Sunbar UK

2015-06-05 13:58


Only just read that Erik Carlsson passed away in the last week, shortly after a fall at his home in Eaton Bray, Bedfordshire, UK.

Very sad news :( for those that followed rallying in the 1960s...

RIP Erik Carlsson March 5 1929 - May 27 2015

rjluna2 US

2015-06-05 14:00


:wow: :(

atom SE

2017-03-24 13:12


License plate P44308. P = Älvsborgs län.

License plate P44309. P = Älvsborgs län.

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