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1952 Austin FV1801A 'Champ' ¼ ton 4x4 [WN1]

1952 Austin FV1801A 'Champ' [WN1] dans Trafic, Film, 1971 IMDB

Catégorie : Voitures, Tout-terrain / SUV — Origine du modèle : UK

1952 Austin FV1801A 'Champ' ¼ ton 4x4 [WN1]

[*] Véhicule d'arrière-plan

Commentaires sur ce véhicle


junkman UK

2006-05-25 10:54


It is an Austin Champ.

Alexander DE

2006-08-13 13:53


Full name is Austin FV1801A 'Champ' ¼ ton 4x4 (1952-56).

DynaMike NL

2008-10-28 00:58


The 2CV in the foreground is an interesting Belgian built model. Front indicators, parking lights on the C-pillar (where the French 2CVs had their indicators), black-and-silver windscreen rubber, the same framing for the windows in the rear doors, extra clips to fix the roof (just over the windscreen), only two side windows (most Belgian 2CVs had three side windows by this time... It's a rare 1962 AZS. Would be nice if it could get its own page.

johnfromstaffs EN

2020-09-10 13:17


Either this is an FV1801A, or it is “Made for NL”. It cannot be both. The FV numbered designs were only ever sold to the British Army, or, in the case of this design, also to the Australian Army. Champs were sold privately but not under the FV number as far as I know and the model designation was WN3. The Dutch drive on the right and this vehicle is right hand drive, so possibly an ex-MoD vehicle sold out of service and bought privately.

The abuse of this silly “made for” by people who are just guessing is compromising the veracity of this database.

-- Last edit: 2020-09-10 14:00:04

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