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1971 Holden Belmont Panel Van [HQ]

1971 Holden Belmont Panel Van [HQ] in Underbelly, Fernsehserie, 2008-2013 IMDB Ep. 2.04

Typ: Pkw, Kleinbus / Transporter — Herkunftsland: AU

1971 Holden Belmont Panel Van [HQ]

[*][*][*] Von einem Darsteller oder bei einer Verfolgungsjagd benutztes Fahrzeug

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valiant1962 AU

2009-03-17 06:57


[Image: hqvan2.3343.jpg] [Image: hqvan3.7940.jpg]

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jpts AU

2015-09-28 06:50


This scene was a reenactment of the murder of Leslie "Les" Kane who was shot in front of his wife and kids by Raymond "Ray Chuck" Bennett and his associates; Vince "Vinnie" Mikkleson and Laurence "Laurie" Prendergast in the bathroom of the family home at Wantirina, Victoria on the night of the 19th October 1978.

After his murder, the killers then placed Les' body in the boot of his pink Ford Falcon Futura and then driven off with Les' body.

As a result, neither his body nor his car was ever found, it was believed that the killers had taken Les' body to Murrindal, Victoria and was put through a meat mincer.

Immediately after the murder, Les Kane's wife; Judi with her two children had rushed over to her in-laws' house where she told her father-in-law; Reginald "Reg" Kane Sr that Les had just been killed.

With the kids at her in-law's place, she later returned to the unit with Brian Kane where he saw the blood in the bathroom.

Following Les' murder, Les' surviving brothers; Brian and Raymond "Muscles" Kane suspected that Les' murderers would be coming after them next, Brian stayed in Melbourne and decided that his best chances of staying alive were if Les' killers were arrested and decided if Ray Chuck was thrown in prison, Brian could attack him there and managed to convince Judi Kane to go and speak to the detectives and tell them what had happened.

Judi had later made a statement to Victoria Police Detective Chief Inspector Paul Delianis and told Detective Chief Inspector Delianis that Les was killed and she had seen the killers and after they left with Les' body and car, she saw the bathroom stained in Les' blood and had later stated that she later cleaned the bathroom.

As Witness Protection Programs didn't existed at the time, Delianis created his own form of witness protection and placed Judi Kane and her kids in a secure location with a senior female police officer; Detective Constable Patricia Hunter who despite warnings from one of her following detectives about the "real" Judi Kane, formed a close friendship with Judi Kane, even being nursed by Judi when she was diagnosed with leukemia.

When Patricia Hunter died, Judi attended her funeral, sitting with the top Victoria Police officials, earning her respect from the attending officers, including the detective who previously warned Hunter, even apologizing to Judi.

As the murder of Les Kane was committed in front of his wife and kids at their family home, the older criminals saw this action as a major violation of the "unwritten laws" that governed the Melbourne Underworld stating that acts of violence committed against criminals in front of women and children are unacceptable.

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