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1932 Ford Model B Roadster

1932 Ford Model B in Iron Man, Kinofilm, 2008 IMDB

Typ: Pkw, Cabriolet — Herkunftsland: US

1932 Ford Model B Roadster

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der.krusche AT

2008-09-23 18:33


1929 ford model a?

BeanBandit FI

2008-09-24 12:56


Model B and it is owned by the director Jon Favreau.

ShantJ US

2009-11-12 03:50


If it's a V8, then it's a Model 18, not a Model B. Any way to tell if modified?


2013-05-24 02:06


OF COURSE it's a V8, it's a Hot Rod, any car like that with flames painted on the side has undergone SERIOUS modification. It's just REALLY uncommon to hear "1932 Ford Model B" listed as a model like that...because I grew up at car shows. Because of the film "American Graffiti" in addition to a famous Beach Boys song, 1932 Fords are MORE OR LESS ALWAYS referred to as "Deuce Coupe"

Goondocks US

2015-02-02 20:05


Anybody know what kind of motorcycle that is in the frame?

Gruszku PL

2017-08-17 19:54


Featuring Offenhauser cylinder heads

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