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Bedford J

Bedford J in The Lion of Africa, Fernsehfilm, 1988 IMDB

Typ: Lkw, Einfacher Lastwagen — Herkunftsland: UK

Bedford J

[*][*][*][*] Häufig von einem Hauptdarsteller benutztes Fahrzeug oder Fahrzeug mit spezieller Bedeutung

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mike962 DE

2020-01-24 22:16


[Image: untitled.5525.jpg]

Big dave VA

2020-01-24 23:15


Bedford J Series.

johnfromstaffs EN

2020-01-25 12:44


Why do we always refer to the TJ as a J, but never refer to the TK as a K?

Sunbar UK

2020-01-25 22:16


Earlier discussion here /vehicle.php?id=1139656

Looking for logic in model designations is fraught with problems. How a system was used changed as time passed and also marketing got involved.
Unlike Ford, GM and therefore Vauxhall-Bedford never used the model designation as part of the part number system.

T for trucks first introduced with the A type as TA (CA being the van).
TB never used in production.
TC and C - based on the current S-type (which was never TS.
TD and D - based on the TA or A type.
J and TJ were used interchangeably the range being J0 J1, J2 etc.

With the new TK full designations were changed.
TK was always TK never K (the TK was advertised prominently as was KM which was actually 'TKM' the lesser trucks being TKA, TKB, TKC etc to TKH).

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