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1965 Commer CB

1965 Commer CB in Frenzy, Kinofilm, 1972 IMDB

Typ: Lkw, Einfacher Lastwagen — Herkunftsland: UK

1965 Commer CB

[*][*][*] Von einem Darsteller oder bei einer Verfolgungsjagd benutztes Fahrzeug

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sixcyl FR

2005-11-03 22:53


[Image: commerbleu9ow.7940.jpg]
There are several Commer of this type in the film:

[Image: camionbleu4yv.6602.jpg] [Image: camionplateaubleu0eq.7443.jpg]

Alexander DE

2005-11-05 02:12


The correct name is a bit difficult for this one. One name I found is 'Maxiload':

Sometimes the label TS3 is given, but for those trucks the name sits a bit higher.
TS3 stands for two-stroke three cylinder engine.

The year of this truck is 1965 (C-registration).


2006-01-07 21:34


Maxiload was a heavy 14/16 ton version of the standard 8 tonner. Although looking the same, they were wider, higher and with beafier specs. The first link shows a Maxiload as a recovery vehicle which would be logical. Note how it sits higher off the ground than the images on this page. Mudguards are also wider if you look closely, to cover the wider track of the Maxiload.
TS3 was Rootes' highly efficient two-stroke horizontally opposed diesel motor which was one engine option for these trucks.
Re the name sitting higher, this was the first CA model Commer which had the headlights aligned with the centre of the grille area, the name above the grille and 4 slots in the grille. All subsequent models had the headlights lower in the grille area, the name within the grille area and only 3 slots as in the images above. (Go to www.commer.org.nz and check out Identyify that Commer - Later C Series).
If you look closely, just below the bottom slot of the grille is the badge Rootes Diesel, which indicates the TS3 motor is fitted to at least the one in the head-on photo - I think it is also there in the left shot but hard to tell (you can see this badge very easily on the CA Commer in the road run link) . Usually diesel models had twin headlights per side and petrol and Perkins diesels had one per side. If this is a 1965 reg, it would probably be a CB model 8 tonner which was made from 1963 to 1966.

-- Last edit: 2006-01-07 21:41:44

antp BE

2006-01-07 21:47


Thanks for the info ;)

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