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Kaalo; Howling III; Tango Argentino; Veleno; Bunjoui ju-in; Heavenly Bodies; Moj tata na određeno vreme; Razvod na određeno vreme; FLCL Progressive; Lutalica; The Little Drummer Girl; Tri Ane; Peter schie▀t den Vogel ab; Au poste!; Sicario 2: Soldado; (more...)

General statistics

Number of makes: 4711, with more than one vehicle: 2990

Average number of cars per make: 232, with more than one vehicle: 366

Unidentified cars: 40295 (3.68%), where make is known: 13395 (1.22%)

Average number of cars per movie: 19

Number of vehicles

*****The vehicle is part of the movie986
****Vehicle used a lot by a main character or for a long time22888
***Vehicle used by a character or in a car chase133799
**Minor action vehicle or used in only a short scene320890
*Background vehicle611188
??Unknown vehicle role3725
trailerSeen only in preview/trailer305
cutSeen only in deleted scenes607
alt.end.Seen only in an alternative ending43
extrasSeen only in an extra DVD contents372

Number of movies

Animation Movie601
Movie made for TV5585
TV Series4467
Animation Series555
Short Movie1646
Music Video5409
Non-fiction TV284

Movie contents statistics

Makes and models statistics

Vehicles' country statistics