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I'm a self-professed car freak and new I'd found a good home on the interwebs as soon as I saw this site. Long time lurker, and only recently joined and set up a profile.

I've probably driven over 300 unique versions of vehicles over the years thanks to several jobs in the car rental and auto dealer industry, and a lot of time spent travelling in rental cars for work and visiting family across the country. Here's a summary of the vehicles I've owned:

1988 Honda Civic CRX DX - My first car, saw me through my first year of college and moving out for the first time. Was a rare automatic model too. The trans went early in '05 so I swapped it for a stick shift, which subsequently began to fail as well. Tried to swap out the stock 1.5L motor for a late '80s Integra motor but issues with the wiring harness and engine timing forced me to walk away. Sold the chassis to my parts guy and the car was later wrecked in '06.

2004 Honda Jazz 49cc - Technically my first new vehicle. Bought it for commuting in Vancouver when I first moved out on my own as the CRX was still on the island registered to my dad. Sold the scooter at the end of summer '04 when I'd finally bought the CRX outright and put it in my name. Did over 5,000 km on it in just 3 months, it was a blast to ride.

2005 Honda Civic Special Edition - My first (and to date only) new car. The SE was one step up from the base model and gave you air, CD, and power locks. Mine was a 2-door 5-speed that took me four different dealers to find. In the two years I owned it we travelled 47,000 km together through 5 provinces and 16 US states. Sold it to the dealership I worked at to finance my education. A young couple bought it and I still see it on the road occasionally today.

1989 Ford Escort GT - My first car in two years after I got laid-off from my rental car job which provided free use of a company vehicle. Bought it for $200 off a family member and never looked back. This was the first car where I ever did my own maintenance (apart from one oil change on the CRX). It got me around solidly for the year I owned it, sold it for $450 when I moved back east to a guy who then re-sold it only days later; apparently a father and son who loved it. It's been sighted on the road a few times since and apparently has been fixed up a bit.

1990 Pontiac Grand Am SE - Needed a second car while my partner was re-located for work on the other end of town. Bought it the same day I found it online for $300. This was a 2-door automatic with the Quad 4 engine...very zippy for a 3-speed auto. The tires were well past their best before date, it leaked coolant, had milky oil, the passenger window rolled down sideways, but it was still fun to drive and served us well until my partner was back working in town again. Sold it two months after buying it for parts for $100; still cheaper than a rental would've been. I regret not having been in a position to keep it as a project.

1985 Honda Aero 80 - Decided to go back to 2 wheels in 2012 when I'd moved back west to go back to school so I grabbed this for $300. Being an 80cc this necessitated getting a restricted motorcycle DL. I regret this purchase. Finding parts were a nightmare as many of them were no longer carried by Honda and they changed much of the Aero's design only for this one model year. The speedo cable was missing, it refused to start after a tune-up and the battery was dead. Finally decided to get rid of it rather than sink more money into it. Sacrificed it for parts for $175.

1989 Mazda 323 - I regret this purchase more. Bought it for $300 figuring I'd find something still runable but not perfect. I didn't get either. The brakes failed within a few blocks of the guy I bought it from and the subsequent tow-in revealed a failed master cylinder, nothing holding down the battery allowing it to bash the master cylinder, leaking rear wheel cylinders, soiled brake shoes and a broken CV axle. Add to that a completely ragged interior and this was a vehicle fit for the scrapyard. Called a scrap dealer and got $100 for it, as there was no way this car could make it home across the ferry without an expensive tow.

1989 Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera - My current vehicle. Bought it for $500 off of the same family I got the Escort from; boy do these folks know how to care for a car. Has 280,000 km on it now but you'd never guess. It's a 3.3L V6 with the 4-speed overdrive automatic and has so far been the most reliable vehicle I've ever owned. It needs a bit of work to get nearer to perfection but so far it's been an excellent daily driver. And that's annoying because I so desperately want some low-slung little stick shift to play with, but not so long as this car still thunders to life every morning. I could be waiting a while...

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