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Eric; Going Attractions: The Definitive Story of the American Drive-in Movie; 手品先輩; sin 七つの大罪; 크래시; New Year's Eve; É de Chuá; 陪月; A Fire in the Sky; IF; Pakners; The Deadly Swarm; Patayin si ... Mediavillo; Akeelah and the Bee; Taal; (more...)

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Favorite American Car Companies And Their Years:

CHEVROLET (1930s-1980s, 1930-1989).
PONTIAC (1940s-1980s, 1942/1946-1989).
OLDSMOBILE (1940s-1980s, 1947/1948-1989).
BUICK (1930s-1980s, 1935-1989).
CADILLAC (1930s-1980s, 1930-1989).
GMC (1950s-1980s, 1950-1989).
FORD (1930s-1980s, 1930-1989).
MERCURY (1950s-1980s, 1950-1989).
LINCOLN (1930s-1980s, 1937-1989).
PLYMOUTH (1950s-1980s, 1950/1951-1989).
DODGE (1950s-1980s, 1950/1951-1989).
CHRYSLER (1940s-1980s, 1942/1946-1989).
IMPERIAL (1950s-1970s, 1955-1975).
AMC (NASH-KELVINATOR + HUDSON) (1950s-1980s, 1950-1953/1954-1989).
RAMBLER (1950s-1960s/1970s) (1954-1970).
STUDEBAKER (1950s-1960s) (1950-1964/1965).
PACKARD (1940s-1950s) (1942/1946-1955).

My Parents First Cars:
My Father:

1). 1956 Chevrolet Bel Air Four-Door Sedan with the 265 Cubic Inch 2-Barrel Carburetor V8.
2). Red 1993 Dodge Colt Sedan with the 1.8 Litre Fuel-Injected Inline-4.

My Mother: Unknown.

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