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Howard the Duck; All Creatures Great and Small; Berserker; Penitentiary II; Le tombeur; V/H/S/94; Suicide, the Comedy; Zuk seoi piu lau; Ladies Market; Rushed; American Dad!; O Tauromahos prohorei!; Brelindzè; Pani Edisoni; Gypsy Angels; (more...)

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IMDBAssalto ao Banco CentralMovie2011
IMDBDeep Purple: HushMusic Video1988
IMDBFamily GuyAnimation Series1999-2021(Padre de familia; Les Griffin; I Griffin)
IMDBHenry's CrimeMovie2010(Příležitost dělá zloděje; Braquage à New York; Skok Henry'ego)
IMDBHollywood HomicideMovie2003
IMDBIggy Pop: Beside YouMusic Video1993
Matanza: Bom é Quando Faz MalMusic Video2003
Matanza: Ela Roubou Meu CaminhãoMusic Video2001

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