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Goodfellas, Movie, 1990 IMDB

Pictures provided by: mozinor, wickey, sixcyl, G-MANN, CRAFT372

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Also known as:

  • Drei Jahrzehnte in der Mafia (Germany)
  • Uno de los nuestros (Spain)
  • Les affranchis (France)
  • Quei bravi ragazzi (Italy)
  • Chlopcy z ferajny (Poland)

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mayorbill11 CA

2006-07-07 10:48


DeNiro's character had a Buick LeSabre similar to the 1981 on this page, but it was a coupe. it was in the same scene as the 77 tbird.

actually, you can see part of the tail light in the pic for the 1976 Volvo 242

-- Last edit: 2006-07-07 10:49:13

yvon52 BE

2006-07-11 01:17


Did you see this car in this movie?

See this E-Bay!!!


-- Last edit: 2006-07-11 11:44:47 (antp)

mayorbill11 CA

2006-08-09 02:57


i vaguely remember an eldorado, in one scene in front of a house. maybe.

Benzilla US

2006-10-10 09:17


The one in front of Tommy's mother's house was a Cotillion white 1979 Eldorado Biarritz.

sixcyl FR

2007-02-18 19:13


Very good journey through another mafia's story by the Master of this genre : M.Scorcese...
I add quite a lot of missing cars ...there are many in this film...

Aircrafts in this film at:

-- Last edit: 2010-12-27 18:33:46

philr CA

2007-02-19 06:27


mayorbill11 wrote DeNiro's character had a Buick LeSabre similar to the 1981 on this page, but it was a coupe. it was in the same scene as the 77 tbird.

The LeSabre was a 1977. I think the grille was visible in the movie (it isn't in the pictures that were provided) Anyway, I don't think these weelcovers were available in 1978-79.


2007-07-30 20:58


sixcyl, where did you get your captures from, a DVD?

antp BE

2007-07-31 00:04


It looks like it was the case, as picture quality seems good (and I think that usually Sixcyl is making only captures from DVDs)


2007-07-31 14:51


I've just bought the DVD (UK Region 2 Special Edition) and I've compared captures from it to sixcyl's images, and mine are actually better, so I'd like to redo the page, it's one of my favourite films and I've seen it many times. I also think there's a few cars in the film sixcyl may have left out (I knew there's loads of cars on this page already) and I'd like the replace the original images that Mozinor posted ages ago, I've never liked that split screen method, I think it looks much better to show an unaltered frame of film as the main image with more pictures in thumbnails in the comments.

-- Last edit: 2007-07-31 14:52:17


2007-08-02 17:38


I've now updated the page with higher quality captures and added some new vehicles. However there's a few background vehicles on this page that are somewhat gratuitous and I think ought to be the deleted.

These are:

1964 Buick Skylark (it already appears in the image for the Chrysler New Yorker)
1965 Buick Skylark
1971 Buick Skylark
1957 Buick Special
1955 Buick Super
1967 Chevrolet Camaro SS
1977 Chevrolet Caprice
1978 Chevrolet Chevy Van (who cares about background vans?)
1958 Chevrolet Impala (it's blurry and passing by)
1963 Chevrolet Impala
1949 Chevrolet Styleline Deluxe (it already appears in another car image)
1961 Chrysler 300 G (already appears in the image for the 1960 Cadillac)
Datsun 210 Coupe (already appears in the image for the 1979 Ford Mustang)
1946 Dodge (already appears in the image for the 1951 Mercury)
1976 Dodge Aspen (I don't like these out-of-window shots)
1976 Ford F-Series (already appears in one of the thumbnails I posted for the 1968 Pontiac Grand Prix)
1973 GMC C-Series
International Harvester S-Series (another out-of-window shot, probably one of the ones that should be deleted the most)1967 Oldsmobile Cutlass
1966 Plymouth Fury (just a passing by car)
1982 Plymouth Grand Fury (already appears in the image for the 1979 Ford Mustang)
1978 Pontiac Grand Prix
1967 Pontiac LeMans
1973 Volkswagen 1303 (there's plenty of Beetles on this site already)

Alright maybe we shouldn't delete ALL of them, but I definetely think some of them should go.

-- Last edit: 2007-08-02 17:42:30

antp BE

2007-08-02 18:08


I agree that some are too much background... (as usual with images added by Sixcyl :D)
But some of that list are still acceptable

-- Last edit: 2007-08-02 18:08:31


2007-08-02 18:17


Which ones should stay and which should go?

antp BE

2007-08-02 23:06


Those with cropped picture that try to make like if they were closer/bigger :D (Chevy Van) Or the truck less visible than the table.
For some others that are not very well visible, maybe they can be regrouped if they look similar despite having 1 or 2 years of difference, or a different body style.

-- Last edit: 2007-08-02 23:06:41

antp BE

2007-08-18 17:04


Among those that you deleted, these two were not too background I think:

[Image: 924fn1.6937.jpg] [Image: 946da9.7400.jpg]


2007-08-19 02:11


The red car already appears in another image so no point posting that same image again. And the white truck is nothing special.

-- Last edit: 2007-08-19 02:13:42

antp BE

2007-08-19 23:04


Nothing special but well visible.

Teri US

2007-09-02 23:34


There was an amusing anachronism where Ray Liotta and Joe Pesci were standing in front of a 1965 Impala outside a diner, but it was supposed to be 1963.


2008-10-24 19:36


[Image: goodfellas2iv8.jpg]

jettalover US

2010-08-13 05:38


"Go home and get your fuckin' shine box!" :lol:

jpts AU

2015-03-09 09:15


The film also deals with the Lucchese Mob's involvement in the 1978 Lufthansa Heist and the murders of those involved and their associates as part of Burke and Hill's "Witness Elimination Program", these were:

Parnell Edwards- Known as Stacks; Burke's African-American associate, blues musician, skilled credit card thief and the getaway driver for the heist, shot by Thomas "Tommy" DeSimone and Angelo Sepe in the bedroom of his girlfriend apartment in South Ozone Park, Queens on the morning of the 18th December 1978 for failure to dispose the getaway van and instead; got high as well as the fear that he would talk if captured.

Martin Krugman- Known as Bug Eyes; Russian-Jewish wig shop and hair salon owner, bookmaker and Burke's informant for the heist, last seen at Vincent Asaro's nightclub on Rockaway Boulevard in Jamaica, Queens on the night of the 4th January 1979 by Burke for pestering him about the share of the loot leading Burke to believed that Krugman would talk to the FBI, his body was never found.

Richard Eaton- Florida associate of Monteleone and Ferrara, Burke's front man and con-man, murdered on the 17th January 1979 by Burke for absconding with $1/4 million through a fake cocaine scam, his body was found in the back of a freezer truck parked on a side street in Brooklyn.

Theresa Ferrara- Cosmetologist, part-time cocaine dealer, DeSimone's mistress and associate of Monteleone and Eaton, disappeared on the 10th February 1979, suspected of being involved in the fake cocaine scam with Eaton and Monteleone, her dismembered body was found floating in the Barnegat Inlet near the Toms River in New Jersey in July 1979.

Thomas Monteleone- Known as Tom; Florida restaurateur, Italian-Canadian mobster and associate of Eaton and Ferrara, owned the Player's Club; a hangout for Burke and his gang, murdered in early March 1979 in Connecticut for his involvement with Eaton and Ferrara with the fake cocaine while laundering the money from the heist.

Louis Cafora- Known as Fat Louie and Lou; Brooklyn Parking Lot owner, robber and money launderer, disappeared in Mid March 1979 for failure to launder the money through his lots and recklessly spending the money on his lifestyle including buying a distinctive pink Cadillac Fleetwood, body was never found.

Joanna Cafora- The wife of Lou Cafora, disappeared in Mid March 1979, with her husband for her knowledge of her husband's activities with the gang, body was never found.

Joseph Manri- Known as Buddha; night-shift cargo supervisor for Air France at JFK, Burke's inside man and associate, shot on the 16th May 1979 with McMahon as a precaution, his body was found with McMahon's body in a park car.

Robert McMahon- Night-shift supervisor for Air France at JFK, Henry Hill's associate, the original inside man for the 1967 Air France Robbery and suspected for helping Manri to plan the heist, shot as a precaution on the 16th May 1979 with Manri, his body was also found in the car with Manri.

Paolo LiCastri- Sicilian-born illegal immigrant, Pizza Connection drug trafficker, associate of the Gambino Mob and liaison between the Gambino Mob and the robbers to ensure that the Gambinos received their $200,000 share from the heist since the heist occurred on the Gambino Mob's Patch, shot on the 13th June 1979 to prevent the Gambino Mob from getting their share of the proceeds from the heist, his body was found on a burning trash heap at a deserted flatland known as "The Pit" in Brooklyn.

-- Last edit: 2019-01-27 16:15:05

jpts AU

2015-03-10 14:31


deleted comment

Lateef NO

2017-09-13 23:29


RIP Frank Vincent :(


2017-11-21 19:42


They released 4k blu ray (if someone wants to update it to higher quality and submit missing timecodes).

devilscalling CA

2017-12-25 23:44


The scene where ray comes out of prison his wife is standing beside a black 2 door. I don't see it here?


2018-05-26 11:40


devilscalling wrote The scene where ray comes out of prison his wife is standing beside a black 2 door. I don't see it here?


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