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Beck, TV Series, 1997-2018 IMDB

Pictures provided by: no_car, Bobjork, polit1

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2011-08-06 15:06

Please update some new car-pictures. I know there are many cars in this TV-series. Don't take just one episode.

Bobjork SE

2012-12-31 12:36

There are 26 episodes... but I will try to.
At least the cars used by the main characters and some police cars (they use the same cars a lot)

Bobjork SE

2013-01-01 21:43

Beck (Season 1, Episode 1), 1997 Director: Pelle Seth
aka Beck - Lockpojken
[Image: 101-title.jpg]

[Image: husvagn.jpg]
Caravan (looks like a Sprite)

[Image: flyttbil.jpg]
Background van

Beck - Mannen med ikonerna (Season 1, Episode 2), 1997 Director: Pelle Seth
[Image: 102-title.jpg]

[Image: 102-golf.jpg]
Background Golf

Beck - Vita nätter (Season 1, Episode 3), 1997 Director: Kjell Sundvall
[Image: 103-title.jpg]

Short chase:
[Image: Vehicle 564156] <-- chased by [Image: Vehicle 564154] and [Image: Vehicle 564162]
[Image: scania.jpg] [Image: scania2.jpg][Image: cyt195.jpg] [Image: cyt195-4.jpg]

Beck - Öga för öga (Season 1, Episode 4), 1997 Director: Kjell Sundvall
[Image: 104-title.jpg]

[Image: 104-bakgrund.jpg]
Some background vehicles.

[Image: scania_cn133.jpg]
Scania CN113 passing, causing them to loose a suspect they are following.

Beck - Pensionat Pärlan (Season 1, Episode 5), 1998 Director: Kjell Sundvall
[Image: 105-title.jpg]

The plot starts with this explosion with [Image: Vehicle 564546] and [Image: Vehicle 564551] involved.
[Image: volvoexplosion0.jpg] [Image: volvoexplosion.jpg] [Image: volvoexplosion2.jpg] [Image: volvoexplosion3.jpg] [Image: volvoexplosion4.jpg]

and towards the end another expolsion involving a Scania CN113.
[Image: 105-buss-explosion.jpg] [Image: 105-buss-explosion2.jpg] [Image: 105-buss-explosion3.jpg]

Background cars:
[Image: 105-bakgrund.jpg] [Image: 105-bakgrund2.jpg]

Two ships:
[Image: ms_gabriella.jpg] [Image: ms_silja_symphony.jpg]
M/S Gabriella (Viking Line) and M/S Silja Symphony (Silja Line (today Tallink-Silja Line)

[Image: se_hpp.jpg]

End scene with a lot of cars:
[Image: 105-slutscen.jpg]

Beck - Monstret (Season 1, Episode 6), 1998 Director: Harald Hamrell
[Image: 106-title.jpg]

[Image: 106-vasterbron.jpg]
Västerbron in Stockholm

[Image: bombrobot.jpg] [Image: bombrobot-kameror.jpg]
Bombrobot and views from cameras

Two car goofs:
[Image: pfu_195-2.jpg]
A 944 Police car parked outside the police station.

A few minutes later the same car arrives on scene.
[Image: pfu_195.jpg]

[Image: jpt419-2.jpg]
Two limos parked in a garage. Beck and Gunvald ask for a driver and he is called back.

He arrives...
[Image: Vehicle 565465]
...in the same car.

Beck - Moneyman (Season 1, Episode 7), 1998 Director: Harald Hamrell
aka Beck - The money man
[Image: 107-title.jpg] [Image: money_man.jpg] [Image: gavling.jpg]
Gavling was a man involved in serveral cases in season 1.

[Image: 107-bakgrund.jpg] [Image: 107-bakgrund3.jpg] [Image: 107-drp624-2.jpg]
Background cars

Beck - Spår i mörker (Season 1, Episode 8), 1997 Director: Morten Arnfred
aka Beck 2 and Beck 2 - Spår i mörker
[Image: 108-title.jpg] [Image: nattkikare2.jpg]
"Swedens first cyberpunk-movie"
Background cars:
[Image: bakgrund.1.jpg] [Image: bakgrund2.1.jpg] [Image: bakgrund3.jpg]

Not so much cars in this, but a lot of scenes from the Stockholm Underground. There is someone here that like metros, right?
[Image: metro.jpg] [Image: lessen_tunnelvagn.jpg] [Image: rissnedepan.jpg]
The interior, in different shades of brown, C2 2198 in mint condition and CX-stock in depot.

-- Last edit: 2013-02-05 20:17:41

Bobjork SE

2013-01-02 21:51

I will continue with the Beck series. I am a big fan of all Beck movies not just this series.
Have not yet decided which movie I will se next time. Trying to remember if any of the contains any particular car scenes.
23 episodes to go through. And I have already watched them all :)

Bobjork SE

2013-01-07 17:05

Don't know if I should add these:
[Image: tunnelbanan.jpg]
Police cars, a Mercedes ambulance and a a Volvo 944 from tockholm Public Transport)

[Image: volvo_244-polis.jpg]
Volvo 244 Polis

Both from Beck - Spår i mörker (Ep 1.08)

-- Last edit: 2013-01-07 17:06:21

Mackster SE

2013-01-10 14:28

Bobjork wrote Beck - Pensionat Pärlan (Season 1, Episode 5), 1998



Bell 206L-1 Long Ranger II


-- Last edit: 2013-01-10 14:29:11

Bobjork SE

2013-01-11 21:22

Two Volvos made in the Nederlands:
[Image: 2xvolvo_nl.jpg]
Seen in episode 1.07

Bobjork SE

2013-01-12 21:33

Season 1 finished.

[Image: 106-bakgrund.jpg]
Bonus, from 1.06. From right to left: SAAB 9000 Polis, Volvo 945 (or 745) Polis and... Renault Trafic (Yes, the Swedish police actually had those. But they mostly used VW T3 back then. Or Cheva van.

-- Last edit: 2013-01-13 04:39:50

Bobjork SE

2013-01-24 17:14

I was going to look at one more Beck today but I start to wonder why I put down so much work to it. I look up all vehicles in the swedish registry and add them according to that. Vehicles that are scrapped and plates reused I post as unknown if I'm not sure about make and/or model. But why? When someone can post one message and say that just because it has a chrome grille it is not correct model and then model and year suddenly are changed... grilles can be changed... better to post all as unknown....

antp BE

2013-01-24 18:02

Some admins do not trust people when they see cars too well identified because some members tend to just "guess" the years.
Maybe you should post a comment on the movie page saying that the cars were identified using the licence plates, so the one who validate would be more trustful.

Bobjork SE

2013-01-24 18:49

Well, I'm not guessing any years. I have posted some cars that have no year stated in the register (imported or scrapped vehicle sometimes miss that) but I post them without year stated. Same with cars i post as unknown.
I usually post model of Volvos without years, but usually I dont post them as unknow as I can see the difference on them, often.
But as I said on the vehicle page: It is more work for me, posting information on every vehicle to show that I'm not lying to you to prevent my work being ruined.

+ In this case it was not even a recently posted vehicle. I just spotted the change because I checked recent comments. So it wasn't the admin validating that did not trust me, but the admin changing the information.

-- Last edit: 2013-01-24 18:52:26

antp BE

2013-01-25 14:59

As I said there, just one global comments on the movie page would already help to know that info are reliable: that's really not much more work ;)
If info are changed afterwards, well that's another problem. Hence why it is useful to include comments once validated, even if it takes extra time. We often do it for UK cars (since for these it is widely know that info can be obtained from plate numbers).

-- Last edit: 2013-01-25 15:00:55

Bobjork SE

2013-01-25 16:43

Well, I can't post here that all cars are checked via plates, as some are not. But I will post on the cars i post from now on (I really don't want to post it on all previous ones...

I am a guy that always worked within transportation (conductor, bus driver etc) and have an education as Railway technician. I also appear in some movies, as background actor, and own a former police car.
But probably that was not what you ment with that you don't know who I am :)

chicomarx BE

2013-01-25 18:33

Say no more, the Swedish flag is enough to be trusted implicitly http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xBcJZ3-cJKc ... it's the bloody Danes that guess a lot.

Bobjork SE

2013-01-27 10:13

Episode 2 finished.

-- Last edit: 2013-01-27 10:15:21

Bobjork SE

2013-02-05 20:18

Season 2

Beck - Hämndens pris (Season 2, Episode 1), 2001 Director: Kjell Sundvall
[Image: 201-title.1.jpg]

[Image: terrngfordon.1.jpg] [Image: hotorgsskrapa_5.1.jpg] [Image: fritagning1.1.jpg] [Image: fritagning2.1.jpg] [Image: rushing_to_the_scene.jpg]
A lot of action in this movie and also policemurders. Movie released shortly after the Malexander Police Murders but the script was written before that.
And also blowing up a building. Before 9/11.

[Image: helikopter_8_0950.1.jpg]

Beck - Mannen utan ansikte (Season 2, Episode 2), 2001 Director: Harald Hamrell
[Image: 202-title.jpg]

[Image: close_the_stand.jpg] [Image: villaidyll.jpg]
Again, some swedish metro, and nice swedish suburban neighborhood

[Image: nockebybron.jpg]
Nockeby bridge

[Image: 202-bakgrund2.jpg]

Beck - Kartellen (Season 2, Episode 3), 2002 Director: Kjell Sundvall
[Image: 203-title.jpg]

[Image: 203-bakgrund1.jpg]
In the intro some cars are seen but very short cuts and quite dark.

[Image: 203-action.jpg]
In movies directed by Kjell Sundvall there always are action and/or car chases.

[Image: 203-alice.jpg]
Alice Levander

Beck - Enslingen (Season 2, Episode 4), 2002 Director: Kjell Sundvall
[Image: 204-title.jpg]

[Image: djurobron.jpg]
The bridge to Djurö in the inner part of the Stockholm Archipelago, in the movie called Vansö.

[Image: saltsjobanan.jpg]
In the background a two car train on Saltsjöbanan, where I worked as a conductor 2002-2007 :)

Beck - Okänd avsändare (Season 2, Episode 5), 2002 Director: Harald Hamrell
[Image: 205-title.jpg]

A lot of background cars in this episode:
[Image: 205-bakgrund1.jpg] [Image: 205-bakgrund2.jpg] [Image: 205-bakgrund3.jpg]
[Image: 205-bakgrund4.jpg] [Image: 205-bakgrund5.jpg] [Image: 205-bakgrund6.jpg]
[Image: arlandabussar.jpg]

Even the director credit have it:
[Image: regi-bakgrund.jpg]

[Image: explosion.jpg]

[Image: videovld.jpg]
A lot of action in that VHS

[Image: nackamasterna.jpg]
When I see the tv transmitters in the background I always think of home. I pass almost under them every day on my way home from work.

[Image: 205-airplane.jpg]
Airplane taking of

Beck - Annonsmannen (Season 2, Episode 6), 2002 Director: Daniel Lind Lagerlöf
[Image: 206-title.jpg]

Some background cars that I dont know if they fit.
[Image: bakgrund.jpg] [Image: bakgrund1.1.jpg]

This picture really illustrates Martin Beck:
[Image: ta_bort_blaljus.jpg]

Beck - Pojken i glaskupan (Season 2, Episode 7), 2002 Director: Daniel Lind Lagerlöf
[Image: 207-title.1.jpg]

[Image: eyy_465.jpg]
Opel Omega GL Kombi 2.0 in the background

[Image: Vehicle 563311] [Image: Vehicle 563312]
I really love these two. especially the pick up. A small railway company I do some works for owned one. It was however stolen a couple of monhts ago and has not been found.

[Image: sweden.jpg]

Beck - Sista vittnet (Season 2, Episode 8), 2002 Director: Harald Hamrell
[Image: 208-title.jpg]

[Image: 208-bakgrund1.jpg]
Background cars

[Image: 208-husvagnar.jpg] [Image: kabe.jpg]

[Image: stadsgarden.jpg]
A lot of cars here. Stadsgården and Slussen in Stockholm. I spot two Volvo B10M with Säffle body.

[Image: 208-t-banan.jpg]
Metro... do you want to meet someone here alone?

Bobjork SE

2013-02-05 20:20

Season 3
[Image: beck-season3.jpg]

Beck - Skarpt läge (Season 3, Episode 1), 2006 Director: Harald Hamrell
[Image: 301-title.jpg]

A lot of background vehicles:
[Image: 301-bakgrund3.jpg] [Image: 301-bakgrund4.jpg] [Image: 301-bakgrund5.jpg] [Image: 301-bakgrund6.jpg]
[Image: 301-bakgrund7.jpg] [Image: 301-bakgrund8.jpg] [Image: 301-bakgrund8.jpg]
[Image: 301-bakgrund9.jpg] [Image: 301-bakgrund10.jpg]
Scania CN113 MaxCi

[Image: 301-bakgrund11.jpg]
Nissan Sunny?

[Image: 301-moped.jpg]

A lot of views from Slussen, that will be rebuilt from 2014:
[Image: slussen.jpg] [Image: slussen1.jpg] [Image: slussen3.jpg]

Stadsgården, all the time wasted in a car here:
[Image: 301-stadsgarden2.jpg]
(Volvo B10M Säffle changing lanes)

[Image: takhopp.jpg]
Roof jump.

Small goof. Gunvald is rushing to his sister, in XCO217. Then in another shot from the crime scene he just left...
[Image: goof.jpg]
...XCO217 is parked...

Beck - Flickan i jordkällaren (Season 3, Episode 2), 2006 Director: Harald Hamrell
[Image: 302-title.jpg]

[Image: polis-mercedes.jpg]
Mercedes-Benz Sprinter and part of a SAAB 9-5 2,3t polis.

[Image: 302-airplane.jpg]
Airplane from Lufthansa

Only three visible cars in this episode.

Beck - Gamen (Season 3, Episode 3), 2007 Director: Kjell Sundvall
[Image: 303-title.jpg]

[Image: 303-bakgrund2.jpg]

[Image: 303-bakgrund3.jpg]
A white HiAce again? Probably the same as in other episodes.

[Image: 303-volvo_fl.jpg] [Image: teknikerbuss.jpg]
Volvo FL6 and a VW T4 used by the forensics

[Image: 303-husvagn1.jpg]
Caravan in this episode too :)

In this episode they suddenly use a Toyota Prius and another Toyota Avensis, as well as XCO217.

Beck - Advokaten (Season 3, Episode 4), 2007 Director: Kjell Sundvall
[Image: 304-title.jpg]

[Image: 304-bakgrund.jpg]

Beck - Den japanska shungamålningen (Season 3, Episode 5), 2007 Director: Kjell Sundvall
[Image: 305-title.jpg]

[Image: x2000.jpg] [Image: flygfoto.jpg]
X2000 and a nice view over Stockholm.

[Image: saab_9000.jpg] [Image: ford_bakgrund.jpg]
SAAB 9000 and a Ford

Beck - Det tysta skriket (Season 3, Episode 7), 2007 Director: Harald Hamrell
[Image: 307-title.jpg]

This episode probably contains more trains than cars as the story starts at a railway track.

[Image: pendeltag.jpg] [Image: rc-lok.jpg]
Commuter train of class X10 and freight loco of type Rc

[Image: felparkerad.jpg]
Second car is parked at a parking spot reserved for emergency vehicles.

[Image: sparspring.jpg]
Today all these persons would have needed Hi-Visibility vests.

Beck - I Guds namn(Season 3, Episode 8), 2007 Director: Kjell Sundvall
[Image: 308-title.jpg]

[Image: pryl.jpg] [Image: pryl2.jpg]

[Image: volvo_s80.jpg]
Dark Volvo S80

[Image: polisbakgrund.jpg] [Image: polisbakgrund1.jpg]
V70 Polis, SAAB Polis and some Sprinters.

[Image: gunvald.jpg]
This episode with its plot and intensity really would be a good ending to the series (that was the intention). Gunvald (Mikael Persbrandt) is really good in this episode.

[Image: balkongscen.jpg]
This would have been the ending scene then.

But... they decided to do a Season 4.

-- Last edit: 2013-02-06 21:26:00

Bobjork SE

2013-02-06 21:20

Season 3 finished (some background cars still to post under other entries)

Only the two last episodes left.
And in 4.01 there is an intensive car chase as they shortened the season from four to two episodes and put more money on action instead.

-- Last edit: 2013-02-06 21:53:59

Bobjork SE

2013-02-08 17:38

Only thing is... how much of the car chase should I show. It really is a good one :)

Bobjork SE

2013-02-09 16:00

Season 4
[Image: beck-season4.jpg]

Beck - I stormens öga (Season 4, Episode 1) 2009 Director: Harald Hamrell)
[Image: 401-title.jpg]

A lot of action as they only made two films in this "season".

[Image: 401-bakgrund1.jpg] [Image: 401-bakgrund2.jpg][Image: 401-bakgrund7.jpg]

[Image: 401-bakgrund3.jpg]
Scania truck (tractor unit)

[Image: 401-bakgrund5.jpg]
Scania CN94UA 6x2/2 OmniCity

Car chase
[Image: Vehicle 571612] chasing [Image: Vehicle 571611]

[Image: 401-biljakt-fore1.jpg] [Image: 401-biljakt-fore3.jpg]
I think we are being followed

[Image: 401-biljakt-1.jpg][Image: 401-biljakt-2.jpg]
Yes we are

[Image: 401-biljakt-4.jpg] [Image: 401-biljakt-5.jpg] [Image: 401-biljakt-6.jpg] [Image: 401-biljakt-7.jpg]
[Image: 401-biljakt-8.jpg] [Image: 401-biljakt-9.jpg] [Image: 401-biljakt-10.jpg] [Image: 401-biljakt-11.jpg]
[Image: 401-biljakt-passat2.jpg] [Image: 401-biljakt-14.jpg] [Image: 401-biljakt-15.jpg] [Image: 401-biljakt-18.jpg]
[Image: 401-biljakt-19.jpg]

[Image: 401-biljakt-slut.jpg] [Image: 401-biljakt-slut4.jpg] [Image: 401-biljakt-slut5.jpg]

Parts of the chase goes through the Frihamnen and over the same loading bay as in SWIP - Snutarna: [Image: chase2vs1.2465.jpg]

[Image: 401-helikoptrar.jpg]

[Image: 401-stockholm.jpg]
My hometown

-- Last edit: 2013-02-09 16:27:27

Bobjork SE

2013-02-11 16:19

Beck - Levande begravd (Season 4, Episode 2), 2009 Director: Harald Hamrell
[Image: 402-title.jpg]

This was, until season 5, the only of all the 26 movies that starts with an intro. All others first have the titles, and then the action starts.

[Image: hoj1.jpg] [Image: hoj1-1.jpg] [Image: hojar.jpg]
Some bikes

[Image: 402-bakgrund.jpg] [Image: 402-bakgrund1.jpg] [Image: 402-bakgrund2.jpg] [Image: 402-bakgrund4.jpg] [Image: 402-bakgrund5.jpg] [Image: 402-bakgrund6.jpg]

[Image: 402-balkong.jpg]
Street with cars, seen from Beck's balcony.

[Image: 402-lastbil.jpg]
Too background truck.

[Image: baklastare.jpg]
Loader of older type. (Not a front loader). In swedish called "Baklastare". Probably a Volvo BM.
Has the logo of Nacka municipality on its side.

-- Last edit: 2015-01-11 21:28:17

Bobjork SE

2013-02-11 16:24

So that was it. Finished. Unless they make a new episode but actually the main actors did not want to do a season 4 so why a season 5?
Mikael Persbrandt earns money and fame in other movies now.

So... a rest now. And then another project perhaps. Or just some movies that are missing. Noone knows.

And. Almost forgot: Toyota!

-- Last edit: 2013-02-11 16:24:58

Corkeyandpals US

2014-08-13 04:51

Aircraft at: http://impdb.org/index.php?title=Beck

Bobjork SE

2015-01-10 23:37

As soon as I am finished with Season 9 and 10 of Rederiet (looking at last episode today) I will look at the two new Beck movies released in 2015.
Two more movies will follow later in season 5 of the series.
They never finish doing new movies, it seems :)

Bobjork SE

2015-01-11 21:31

Beck - Rum 302 (Season 5, Episode 1), 2015 Director: Mårten Klingberg
[Image: 501-beck.jpg][Image: 501-title.jpg]

[Image: 501-bakgrund1.jpg] [Image: 501-bakgrund2.jpg]

Bobjork SE

2015-01-12 23:08

Beck - Familjen (Season 5, Episode 2), 2015 Director: Mårten Klingberg
[Image: 501-beck.jpg][Image: 502-title.jpg]

[Image: 502-bakgrund1.1.jpg] [Image: 502-bakgrund2.jpg] [Image: 502-bakgrund3.jpg]
[Image: 502-bakgrund4.jpg] [Image: 502-bakgrund5.jpg] [Image: 502-bakgrund6.jpg]
[Image: 502-bakgrund8.jpg]

[Image: 502-sergels_torg.jpg]
Sergels Torg

[Image: 502-c20-soderstrom.jpg]
C20 Underground train at "Söderströmsbron"

-- Last edit: 2015-01-12 23:09:17

Bobjork SE

2015-03-25 12:57

Beck - Invasionen (Season 5, Episode 3), 2015 Director: Stephan Apelgren
[Image: 501-beck.jpg] [Image: 503-title.jpg]

[Image: 503-vw_lt.jpg]

[Image: 503-bakgrund1.1.jpg] [Image: 503-bakgrund2.jpg]

-- Last edit: 2015-03-25 15:07:14

Bobjork SE

2015-03-28 23:33

Beck - Sjukhusmorden (Season 5, Episode 4), 2015 Director: Stephan Apelgren
[Image: 501-beck.jpg] [Image: 504-title.jpg]

No background car in this one.
Four more movies will be released in 2016 (Season 6?).
The company has announced that Mikael Persbrandt will not return as Gunvald Larsson for the next movies.
Another character, played by Kristofer Hivju (Game of Thrones) will replace Gunvald as Martin Becks "sidekick".
Gunvald will leave in the first episode that will be sent in january 2016, but how will be kept secret.
I hope I still will like the series. If not, I have to look at it just to update here. After all these episodes I can't quit :)

Bobjork SE

2015-12-25 12:48

The 1st january 2016 I will see the new movie Beck - Gunvald so pics will be posted after that!

Bobjork SE

2016-01-01 20:03

Beck - Gunvald (Season 6, Episode 1), 2016-01-01 21:00 Director: Mårten Klingberg
[Image: 501-beck.jpg] [Image: 601-title.jpg]

[Image: gunvald.1.jpg]
Last episode with Gunvald, that can be said without spoliers because they already said that in media last year.

Some background cars (I have not listed the stock photos police cars from season 5)
Through car:
[Image: 601-bakgrund1.jpg]

[Image: 601-bakgrund2.jpg]

Too many cars to list :):
[Image: 601-bakgrund3-new.jpg] [Image: 601-bakgrund4.jpg]

I don't know if I should add this food truck:
[Image: 601-vw_food_truck.jpg]

-- Last edit: 2016-01-01 20:46:11

Bobjork SE

2016-02-28 15:46

Beck - Steinar (Season 6, Episode 2), 2016-02-06 21:00 Director: Mårten Klingberg
[Image: 501-beck.jpg] [Image: 602-title.jpg]

[Image: 602-steinar.jpg]
First episode with Steinar Hovland played by Kristofer Hivju (Game of Thrones)

Some background cars (I have not listed the stock photos police cars from season 5)
[Image: 602-bakgrund1.jpg]

They do not show the license plates on the Toyotas so I don't know which one is wich. Add the difficult ones here:
[Image: 602-toyota.jpg]

[Image: 602-kng649-2.jpg]

-- Last edit: 2016-02-28 15:58:01

Bobjork SE

2016-03-27 19:47

Beck - Vägs ände (Season 6, Episode 3), 2016-03-04 21:00 Director: Jörgen Bergmark
[Image: 501-beck.jpg] [Image: 603-title.jpg]

Some background cars (I have not listed the stock photos police cars from season 5)
[Image: 603-bakgrund1.jpg] [Image: 603-bakgrund2.jpg] [Image: 603-bakgrund3.jpg]

[Image: 603-stadshuset.jpg]
The tower of Stockholm City Hall seen from Hantverkargatan

-- Last edit: 2016-03-27 19:48:03

Bobjork SE

2016-04-10 19:11

Beck - Sista dagen (Season 6, Episode 4), 2016-04-01 21:00 Director: Jörgen Bergmark
[Image: 501-beck.jpg] [Image: 604-title.jpg]

[Image: 604-toyota.jpg]
Toyota commercial?

[Image: 604-hivju-haber.jpg]
Last episode with Hivju and Haber. Or more or less everyone.
Unless they change their mind again and makes more... but I hope not...
Edit in 2018: I was wrong!

Short chase between [Image: Vehicle 905116] and [Image: Vehicle 905124]

[Image: 604-mathem.jpg]
Renault Master from 2013.
For the moment I work at Mathem so I found it funny to see one of our cars in Beck :)

-- Last edit: 2018-01-02 21:05:35

polit1 SE

2017-04-08 12:43

Bobjork wrote
[Image: volvo_244-polis.jpg]
Volvo 244 Polis

Both from Beck - Spår i mörker (Ep 1.08)

Could this be the same car? /vehicle_981625-Volvo-240-244.html

Bobjork SE

2018-01-02 19:18

polit1 wrote
Could this be the same car? /vehicle_981625-Volvo-240-244.html

No, I don't think so. Not many 240 that were repainted in the blue/white livery from being the "hockey stick"

Bobjork SE

2018-01-02 20:04

Season 7
Beck - Ditt eget blod (Season 7, Episode 1), 2018-01-01 Director: Mårten Klingberg
[Image: 701-beck.jpg] [Image: 701-title.jpg]

Don't know if I should add this:
[Image: 701-suddig.jpg]

I'm in this movie
A half day of filming turned in to this scene for me:
[Image: 701-jag.jpg]

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Bobjork SE

2018-03-03 23:08

So, will add two more movies soon. The latest one had some car scenes. The one before that I haven't added because of the lack of good scenes.
But soon, some more Toyotas. I mean, it is Beck after all.

Bobjork SE

2022-01-20 14:14

There is a lot of new movies in this series now. I must find a way of taking screenshots from them and then I can add them here.

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