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Operation Moscow, TV Series, 2018 IMDB

Pictures provided by: Alexander_097

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Also known as:

  • Mo Si Ke Xing Dong

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Alexander_097 RU

2018-07-08 15:39

Filmed in 2016 in Moscow, Saint Petersburg (stock footage), Beijing, and Tianjin.
Set in 1993 (yes, even in the scenes with modern cars) and 2011 (ep. 31).

[Image: 31mp4_snapshot_0336_20180331_010338.jpg]

Available for watching here or here (depending on your country).

There's a scene with a lot of vehicles passing by, visible good but shortly.
Is there something rare worth to list? Click here or here.

Some background vehicles:

Spoiler - click here to see it
[Image: 01mp4_snapshot_0028_20180319_194050.jpg] [Image: 01mp4_snapshot_1009_20180319_203302.jpg] [Image: 01mp4_snapshot_2149_20180319_214826.jpg] [Image: 02mp4_snapshot_1224_20180320_011957.jpg] [Image: 09mp4_snapshot_0149_20180322_174712.jpg]
[Image: 10mp4_snapshot_2059_20180322_200734.jpg] [Image: 13mp4_snapshot_0425_20180324_010226.jpg] [Image: 15mp4_snapshot_0000_20180324_151522.jpg] [Image: 18mp4_snapshot_0702_20180325_142216.jpg] [Image: 22mp4_snapshot_0001_20180327_173925.jpg]
[Image: 22mp4_snapshot_1237_20180327_183000.jpg] [Image: 27mp4_snapshot_1807_20180329_220652.jpg] [Image: 28mp4_snapshot_0603_20180330_015908.jpg] [Image: 30mp4_snapshot_3308_20180331_002405.jpg] [Image: 31mp4_snapshot_1850_20180331_012847.jpg]

VAZ 2108 Sputnik [*] Ep. 01
[Image: 01mp4_snapshot_0024_20180319_193840.jpg] [Image: 01mp4_snapshot_0025_20180319_193929.jpg]

unknown [*] Ep. 01
[Image: 01mp4_snapshot_0204_20180319_194954.jpg]

unknown van [*] Ep. 01
[Image: 01mp4_snapshot_0549_20180319_202257.jpg] [Image: 01mp4_snapshot_0550_20180319_202324.jpg]

unknown bus (Mercedes-Benz?) [*] Ep. 02
[Image: 02mp4_snapshot_1515_20180320_013228.jpg] [Image: 02mp4_snapshot_1518_20180320_013331.jpg]

IZh Moskvitch unknown [*] Ep. 02
[Image: 02mp4_snapshot_1617_20180320_013948.jpg] [Image: 02mp4_snapshot_1617_20180320_014027.jpg] [Image: 02mp4_snapshot_1617_20180320_014032.jpg] [Image: 02mp4_snapshot_1618_20180320_014055.jpg] [Image: 02mp4_snapshot_1618_20180320_014106.jpg]

ChZSA unknown [*] Ep. 02
[Image: 02mp4_snapshot_1625_20180320_014352.jpg] [Image: 02mp4_snapshot_1626_20180320_014611.jpg]

unknown [*} Ep. 02
[Image: 02mp4_snapshot_1618_20180320_014122.jpg] [Image: 02mp4_snapshot_1618_20180320_014134.jpg] [Image: 02mp4_snapshot_1618_20180320_014139.jpg] [Image: 02mp4_snapshot_1619_20180320_014154.jpg] [Image: 02mp4_snapshot_1619_20180320_014203.jpg]

unknown [*] Ep. 02
[Image: 02mp4_snapshot_3210_20180320_024903.jpg] [Image: 02mp4_snapshot_3215_20180320_024927.jpg]

unknown [*] Ep. 03
[Image: 03mp4_snapshot_1017_20180320_145105.jpg]

2010 Ford Focus 1.6 MkII [*] Ep. 03
[Image: 03mp4_snapshot_2610_20180320_172240.jpg]

unknown red car [*] Ep. 04
[Image: 04mp4_snapshot_3834_20180320_203003.jpg] [Image: 04mp4_snapshot_3837_20180320_203043.jpg]

unknown [*] Ep. 05
[Image: 05mp4_snapshot_2038_20180321_000038.jpg]

unknown white car [*] Ep. 05 (a photo from the set: https://pp.userapi.com/c604428/v604428697/3e304/wiuWGwrvopE.jpg)
[Image: 05mp4_snapshot_2139_20180321_001855.jpg] [Image: 05mp4_snapshot_2139_20180321_001920.jpg] [Image: 05mp4_snapshot_2140_20180321_001949.jpg]

unknown SUV [*] Ep. 05
[Image: 05mp4_snapshot_2140_20180321_002036.jpg] [Image: 05mp4_snapshot_2140_20180321_002045.jpg]

unknown green car [*] Ep. 07
[Image: 07mp4_snapshot_3246_20180321_153654.jpg]

Mercedes-Benz unknown [*] Ep. 07
[Image: 07mp4_snapshot_3708_20180321_161520.jpg] [Image: 07mp4_snapshot_3719_20180321_161623.jpg] [Image: 07mp4_snapshot_3719_20180321_161633.jpg]

2011 Ford Focus Turnier MkIII [*] Ep. 09
[Image: 09mp4_snapshot_2158_20180322_181248.jpg] [Image: 09mp4_snapshot_2159_20180322_181308.jpg]

unknown [*] Ep. 09
[Image: 09mp4_snapshot_2201_20180322_181508.jpg] [Image: 09mp4_snapshot_2201_20180322_181541.jpg] [Image: 09mp4_snapshot_2201_20180322_181548.jpg] [Image: 09mp4_snapshot_2201_20180322_181557.jpg]

unknown [*] Ep. 09
[Image: 09mp4_snapshot_2458_20180322_183356.jpg] [Image: 09mp4_snapshot_2458_20180322_183413.jpg] [Image: 09mp4_snapshot_2458_20180322_183415.jpg]

Audi unknown [*] Ep. 09
[Image: 09mp4_snapshot_2459_20180322_183529.jpg] [Image: 09mp4_snapshot_2500_20180322_183550.jpg]

unknown bus [*] Ep. 09
[Image: 09mp4_snapshot_2821_20180322_190528.jpg] [Image: 09mp4_snapshot_2822_20180322_190846.jpg]

unknown (2008 Ford Focus MkII?) [*] Ep. 11
[Image: 11mp4_snapshot_1817_20180323_035459.jpg]

unknown [*] Ep. 12
[Image: 12mp4_snapshot_0634_20180323_162744.jpg]

Mercedes-Benz unknown [*] Ep. 12
[Image: 12mp4_snapshot_1526_20180323_165142.jpg] [Image: 12mp4_snapshot_1529_20180323_165223.jpg]

unknown yellow CGI car [*] Ep. 13
[Image: 13mp4_snapshot_0318_20180324_005754.jpg] [Image: 13mp4_snapshot_0426_20180324_010254.jpg] [Image: 13mp4_snapshot_0428_20180324_010336.jpg]

unknown (Ford?) [*] Ep. 13
[Image: 13mp4_snapshot_2701_20180324_022305.jpg]

BMW unknown [*] Ep. 13
[Image: 13mp4_snapshot_2823_20180324_023036.jpg] [Image: 13mp4_snapshot_2823_20180324_023042.jpg]

unknown SUV [*] Ep. 14
[Image: 14mp4_snapshot_3606_20180324_042735.jpg]

unknown car on the left [*] Ep. 15
[Image: 15mp4_snapshot_3815_20180324_172445.jpg]

unknown (Mercedes-Benz?) [*] Ep. 16
[Image: 16mp4_snapshot_2026_20180324_202637.jpg]

Chevrolet unknown [*] Ep. 16
[Image: 16mp4_snapshot_2523_20180324_204429.jpg] [Image: 16mp4_snapshot_2523_20180324_204448.jpg]

unknown hatchback [*] Ep. 16
[Image: 16mp4_snapshot_3000_20180324_222555.jpg]

2015 Audi A6 C7 [Typ 4G] [*] Ep. 16
[Image: 16mp4_snapshot_3016_20180324_222834.jpg] [Image: 16mp4_snapshot_3025_20180324_223009.jpg] [Image: 16mp4_snapshot_3035_20180324_223105.jpg]

unknown white car [*] Ep. 16
[Image: 16mp4_snapshot_3717_20180324_233058.jpg] [Image: 16mp4_snapshot_3717_20180324_233103.jpg]

2005 Audi A6 Avant C6 [Typ 4F] [*] Ep. 17
[Image: 17mp4_snapshot_0116_20180403_172919.jpg] [Image: 17mp4_snapshot_0922_20180325_012244.jpg] [Image: 17mp4_snapshot_0933_20180325_012652.jpg] [Image: 17mp4_snapshot_1005_20180325_020430.jpg]

unknown motorhome [*] Ep. 17
[Image: 17mp4_snapshot_0925_20180325_012306.jpg] [Image: 17mp4_snapshot_0926_20180325_012455.jpg] [Image: 17mp4_snapshot_1106_20180325_022311.jpg]

unknown yellow car [*] Ep. 17
[Image: 17mp4_snapshot_1024_20180325_021524.jpg] [Image: 17mp4_snapshot_1027_20180325_021725.jpg]

unknown [*] Ep. 17
[Image: 17mp4_snapshot_2227_20180325_040201.jpg] [Image: 17mp4_snapshot_2227_20180325_040226.jpg]

unknown [*] Ep. 17
[Image: 17mp4_snapshot_3259_20180325_042406.jpg]

unknown [*] Ep. 17
[Image: 17mp4_snapshot_3302_20180325_042458.jpg]

unknown [*] Ep. 18
[Image: 18mp4_snapshot_0003_20180325_115038.jpg] [Image: 18mp4_snapshot_0003_20180325_115045.jpg]

unknown [*] Ep. 18
[Image: 18mp4_snapshot_0024_20180325_132830.jpg] [Image: 18mp4_snapshot_0024_20180325_132832.jpg]

unknown [*] Ep. 18
[Image: 18mp4_snapshot_0100_20180325_134141.jpg]

2012 Peugeot Boxer 2.2 Série 2 [*] Ep. 19 (plate number: М733ТА197)
[Image: 19mp4_snapshot_1327_20180325_231025.jpg]

Volkswagen Passat B5 [Typ 3B] [*] Ep. 19
[Image: 19mp4_snapshot_1727_20180325_233846.jpg] [Image: 19mp4_snapshot_1727_20180325_233852.jpg]

Audi unknown [*] Ep. 19
[Image: 19mp4_snapshot_1729_20180325_233941.jpg] [Image: 19mp4_snapshot_1729_20180325_234028.jpg] [Image: 19mp4_snapshot_1730_20180325_234040.jpg]

unknown hatchback [*] Ep. 21
[Image: 21mp4_snapshot_0000_20180327_011511.jpg]

2015 Ford Focus Turnier MkIII [*] Ep. 21
[Image: 21mp4_snapshot_2419_20180327_054732.jpg] [Image: 21mp4_snapshot_2423_20180327_055033.jpg] [Image: 21mp4_snapshot_2424_20180327_055045.jpg]

Audi unknown [*] Ep. 21
[Image: 21mp4_snapshot_2947_20180327_061926.jpg] [Image: 21mp4_snapshot_2950_20180327_062035.jpg]

Land-Rover unknown [*] Ep. 21
[Image: 21mp4_snapshot_2955_20180327_062833.jpg] [Image: 21mp4_snapshot_2956_20180327_062849.jpg] [Image: 21mp4_snapshot_2956_20180327_062902.jpg]

unknown [*] Ep. 21
[Image: 21mp4_snapshot_2957_20180327_062914.jpg] [Image: 21mp4_snapshot_2957_20180327_062944.jpg] [Image: 21mp4_snapshot_2958_20180327_062959.jpg] [Image: 21mp4_snapshot_2958_20180327_063024.jpg]

BMW unknown [*] Ep. 22
[Image: 22mp4_snapshot_2234_20180327_191407.jpg] [Image: 22mp4_snapshot_2234_20180327_191422.jpg] [Image: 22mp4_snapshot_2234_20180327_191428.jpg]

unknown thing [*] Ep. 23
[Image: 23mp4_snapshot_2031_20180328_032457.jpg] [Image: 23mp4_snapshot_2123_20180328_033241.jpg] [Image: 23mp4_snapshot_2154_20180328_033441.jpg]

unknown [*] Ep. 24
[Image: 24mp4_snapshot_0751_20180328_182425.jpg] [Image: 24mp4_snapshot_0751_20180328_182504.jpg]

unknown [*] Ep. 24
[Image: 24mp4_snapshot_1249_20180328_185049.jpg] [Image: 24mp4_snapshot_1250_20180328_185144.jpg] [Image: 24mp4_snapshot_1250_20180328_185150.jpg]

unknown SUV [*] Ep. 25
[Image: 25mp4_snapshot_3737_20180329_023505.jpg] [Image: 25mp4_snapshot_3737_20180329_023516.jpg]

Ford Transit MkV [*] Ep. 27
[Image: 27mp4_snapshot_2945_20180329_222310.jpg] [Image: 27mp4_snapshot_2946_20180329_222345.jpg]

unknown bus [*] Ep. 28
[Image: 28mp4_snapshot_3830_20180330_163956.jpg] [Image: 28mp4_snapshot_3833_20180330_164013.jpg] [Image: 28mp4_snapshot_3833_20180330_164022.jpg] [Image: 28mp4_snapshot_3936_20180330_165537.jpg]

unknown [*] Ep. 29
[Image: 29mp4_snapshot_0042_20180330_174609.jpg] [Image: 29mp4_snapshot_0042_20180330_174624.jpg] [Image: 29mp4_snapshot_0043_20180330_174802.jpg] [Image: 29mp4_snapshot_0043_20180330_174818.jpg] [Image: 29mp4_snapshot_0044_20180330_174835.jpg]

unknown double-decker bus [*] Ep. 29
[Image: 29mp4_snapshot_0049_20180330_175539.jpg]

1989 Volkswagen Passat B3 [Typ 35i] [*] Ep. 29
[Image: 29mp4_snapshot_1256_20180330_185320.jpg]

unknown [*] Ep. 31
[Image: 31mp4_snapshot_4219_20180331_020833.jpg]


Spoiler - click here to see it
Ep. 09 / 23
[Image: 09mp4_snapshot_1917_20180322_180634.jpg] [Image: 23mp4_snapshot_3918_20180328_040710.jpg]

Ep. 10
[Image: 10mp4_snapshot_2304_20180322_203425.jpg]

Ep. 18
[Image: 18mp4_snapshot_0629_20180325_141535.jpg]

Ep. 24 / 25
[Image: 24mp4_snapshot_4104_20180328_202620.jpg] [Image: 25mp4_snapshot_0146_20180328_204354.jpg] [Image: 25mp4_snapshot_0237_20180328_204442.jpg] [Image: 25mp4_snapshot_0359_20180328_204907.jpg]
[Image: 25mp4_snapshot_0457_20180328_205238.jpg] [Image: 25mp4_snapshot_0524_20180328_210215.jpg] [Image: 25mp4_snapshot_0549_20180328_210553.jpg] [Image: 25mp4_snapshot_0553_20180328_210641.jpg]

Ep. 25
[Image: 25mp4_snapshot_4009_20180329_040547.jpg]

For IMPDb:

Spoiler - click here to see it
Ep. 07 / 13 / 25 / 26
[Image: 07mp4_snapshot_2628_20180321_152258.jpg] [Image: 07mp4_snapshot_2630_20180321_152336.jpg] [Image: 07mp4_snapshot_2632_20180321_152354.jpg]
[Image: 13mp4_snapshot_0612_20180324_012141.jpg] [Image: 25mp4_snapshot_4134_20180329_041542.jpg] [Image: 26mp4_snapshot_2241_20180329_190533.jpg]

-- Last edit: 2018-07-09 01:24:44

Alexander_097 RU

2018-07-08 15:40

Completed. Please add an alternative title (Mo Si Ke Xing Dong) to the AKA list.

mike962 DE

2018-07-08 15:42

224 entries ????????? Walter/ Night cub will be so pleased

Gag Halfrunt UK

2018-07-08 15:59

Available with English subtitles.

I watched the first episode over lunch, suspecting that 1993 Moscow would not look much like 1993. There were even gratuitous shots of the Peter the Great Statue (1997) and the Catthderal of Christ the Saviour (2000). :) And the locations didn't look shabby enough for Russia in the early 1990s. Especially not the pristine but rat-infested hospital ward.

-- Last edit: 2018-07-08 16:08:27

Alexander_097 RU

2018-07-09 03:37

There's only one season, so I decided not to divide it. Sorry about that...

Can we please accept this Steyr SL 12 HUA 285? It's a rare bus.
[Image: 19mp4_snapshot_1754_20180325_235543.jpg] [Image: 19mp4_snapshot_1820_20180326_000344.jpg] [Image: 19mp4_snapshot_1905_20180326_000952.jpg]

Also, why this ground conveyor was rejected? Is it unidentifiable?
[Image: 17mp4_snapshot_1446_20180325_032512.jpg] [Image: 17mp4_snapshot_1449_20180325_032722.jpg] [Image: 18mp4_snapshot_3614_20180325_181250.jpg] [Image: 18mp4_snapshot_4119_20180325_185348.jpg]

night cub US

2018-07-09 03:39

Alexander_097 wrote
Also, why this ground conveyor was rejected? Is it unidentifiable?

It's blurry and background. Not worth listing on it's own.

Alexander_097 RU

2018-07-09 12:26

Gag Halfrunt wrote I watched the first episode over lunch, suspecting that 1993 Moscow would not look much like 1993.

Not to mention that AFAIK there were not as many Chinese in post-Soviet Moscow as it shown in the series.

Thanks for the link!


2018-07-09 21:18

So, we see the next Russian (and now Chinese) stupid mixture of epochs, cars, and everything else without any common sense.
Like this: /movie.php?id=2827836 , /movie_3807302-Plyazh.html .

Gamer DE

2018-07-09 21:22

Those at least look period-accurate. Here they didn't even try.

Alexander_097 RU

2018-07-10 16:35

Alexander_097 wrote Can we please accept this Steyr SL 12 HUA 285? It's a rare bus.

So... What's the problem? I don't understand. We have only a few of them. Not even the same model, just similar.
And this one is visible for about 5 seconds, not including the rear view, which is quite enough for such a rare thing, IMHO.

Corkeyandpals US

2020-04-10 06:47

Aircraft at: http://impdb.org/index.php?title=Operation_Moscow

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