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Mitt hjärtas Malmö, SE Documentary, 2005-2008 IMDB

Pictures provided by: DAF555

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2006-01-08 16:37

A question for Antoine, I don´t know if we can add this film since it has not got a IMDB number. It´s a mix of private films and official films from the development of Malmö, like new roads and buildings.
This first volume includes also two short playfilms used for education. There are lots of beautiful scenes with vehicles.

What do you think?

antp BE

2006-01-08 16:44

If it was released on DVD or VHS I guess we can include it. For documentaries it is a difficult question actually :/
But if there are multiples volumes (I see "volym 1" in title) maybe it would be better to put the volum number in episode field, and put all these volumns as the same movie on a common page?
If the years are important, you can make a list of the volume-year legend, like I do for Quantum Leap episodes.

-- Last edit: 2006-01-08 16:45:04


2006-01-08 17:19

OK, I´ll make a list of the different films included in this volume after the pattern used in Quantum Leap.

Mitt hjärtas Malmö, Volym 1 1953-1965 (Malmö of my heart) contains of the following films:

Ep 1:01 "En rundtur i Malmö" is a private film from tour around Malmö in 1956.
Ep 1:02 "Stad" (City, Town)is a film from 1958 directed by Jan Troell, used for education in schools.
Ep 1:03 "Cementen kommer till Malmö", 1956, is an advertising film about the advantages of concrete.
Ep 1:04 "Med Rundan på Malmös kanaler", 1958. A private film from a roundtrip by boat in Malmö.
Ep 1:05 "Dagboken", (The diary) 1953. A film about youth criminals. The filmimg was done during 1952.
Ep 1:06 "Motorvägsbygget Malmö-Lund", 1953. About the first "Autostrada" in Sweden, it is the only motorway in Swden that use that italian term.
Ep 1:07 "En tur med Köpenhamnsbåten", 1963. A tour with the ferry to Copenhagen.
Ep 1:08 "Kronprinsen", 1964. The building of the highest apartment house in Sweden.
Ep 1:09 "Hollywoodhusen", 1964-65. Private film about a block of old wooden houses about to be torn down.
Ep 1:10 "Folkets Park", 1957. The amusement park of Malmö.

Mitt hjärtas Malmö, Volym 2 1936-1951

Ep 2:01 "En rundtur i Malmö", about 1936-40. "A roundtrip in Malmö", from several films during 1936-40. One is later though since it shows the back of a 1947-49 Studebaker.
Ep 2:02 "Vi och vår stad", 1938. "We(Us?) and our city", a film made for the 1938 elections.
Ep 2:03 "Danstävling på amiralen", 1944. No vehicles.
Ep 2:04 "En kväll med Harry Arnolds orkester", 1946. No vehicles.
Ep 2:05 "Rapsodi om en stad", 1946. "Rhapsody about a city", a poetic tale about the industial town Malmö.
Ep 2:06 "I Gullivers verkstad", 1940. "In the workshop of Gulliver", about the Kockum industries.
Ep 2:07 "Sommar i folkets park", 1940. No vehicles.
Ep 2:08 "Faran över?", 1944. About preparations for air attacks during WW II.
Ep 2:09 "Barnen till havet", 1940. "Taking the kids to the sea", about a social program to get children from poor areas out to the sea during summer. No vehicles, besides Trams.
Ep 2:10 "Vardagsbekymmer och framtidstro", 1942. "Everyday struggles, and hope for the future", for the 1942 elections.
Ep 2:11 "Tåg till sjöss", 1946. "Train by sea", about the new trainferry to Copenhagen. No vehicles.
Ep 2:12 "Eric Sigfrid Persson Malmö", about the legendary biulding proprietor Eric Sigfrid Persson.
Ep 2:13 "Ribershus invigs", 1938. The inauguration of Ribershus.
Ep 2:14 "Friluftsstaden växer fram", 1942-48. The construction of the "Friluftstaden" area.
Ep 2:15 "Friluftsstaden i full blom", 1951. The idyllic open-air area completed.

Mitt hjärtas Malmö, Volym 3 1961-1974

Ep 3:01 "Malmö runt", 1961. A summerday in the city.
Ep 3:02 "På luffen i gamla stan", 1961. Lasse Holmqvist about the old western parts of city.
Ep 3:03 "Livet på lugnet", 1967-68. Meet the last bohemians.
Ep 3:04 "Carolikvarteren rivs", 1968-72. Tearing down the blocks of Caroli.
Ep 3:05 "Ombord på radio syd", 1962-64. No vehicles
Ep 3:06 "En kväll på klubb Bongo", 1965. No vehicles
Ep 3:07 "Sista bilturen på vänster sida", 1967. Last ride in lefthand traffic 2/9 -67.
Ep 3:08 "Stormen", 1967. The worst storm in Malmö for a very long time. It´s roofs from houses that destroyed the cars.
Ep 3:09 "Gå på match", 1970. The beginnig of 1970 season for MFF, Malmö soccer team.
Ep 3:10 "Kockumskranen", 1974. The Kockum crane.
Ep 3:11 "Sista spårvagnen", 1973. The last tour with Tram in Malmö.
Ep 3:12 "Det nya lugnet", 1981. Bonusfilm, no vehicles.
Ep 3:13 "Ohyra", 1980. Bonusfilm about tearing down some blocks in the old western parts.

Mitt hjärtas Malmö, Volym 4 1908-1936

Ep 4:01 "Centralen och Stortorget", 1911. Around Stortorget and the Central Station.
Ep 4:02 "Amaltheamannen", 1908/68. A documentary about a strike 1908.
Ep 4:03 "Trekungamötet", 1914. The three kings of Sweden, Denmark and Norway met in Malmö.
Ep 4:04 "Full fart på Limhamnsvägen", 1924. Royal automobile club [K.A.K.] held a speedrace between Malmö and Limhamn.
Ep 4:05 "Vinter i stan", 1926. No vehicles.
Ep 4:06 "Husarernas avsked", 1927. No vehicles.
Ep 4:07 "Omnibussens premiär", 1929. The new bus to Limhamn.
Ep 4:08 "Vi gå fågelvägen till Bulltofta", 1934. About the airport Bulltofta in Malmö.
Ep 4:09 "En filmnovell", 1934. Electioncommercial.
Ep 4:10 "Malmgården byggs" 1934-36. The construction of the largest housing in the nordic countries.
Ep 4:11 "Hamnliv", about 1930. About the harbour, probably made circa 1934 due to the car

Mitt hjärtas Malmö, Volym 5 1955-1968

Ep 5:01 "Sensommar i Malmö", 1962. A rountrip in late summer.
Ep 5:02 "Träden på Nobelvägen", 1956-57. Trees are cut down to give way for traffic.
Ep 5:03 "Malmö stadion byggs", 1955-58. The construction of Malmö Stadium.
Ep 5:04 "Vägens djävlar", 1957. A motorcyclegang on Skolgatan.
Ep 5:05 "Samling under fanorna", 1955. May first 1955.
Ep 5:06 "Ett fartyg lämnar Kockums", 1955. A ship leaving the shipyard.
Ep 5:07 "Bland stånden på Möllan", circa 1956. Commerce at the market on Möllevången.
Ep 5:08 "Gummorna på fiskartorget", circa 1956. The fishing market.
Ep 5:09 "Frälsis på S:t Knuts torg, circa 1964. The salvations army.
Ep 5:10 "En film om simhallsbadet", 1956. The public bath
Ep 5:11 "Folkets park i blomsterskrud", 1956. No vehicles.
Ep 5:12 "I öppen bil genom Malmö", 1966. A tour through Malmö in a convertible.
Ep 5:13 "Teknistkarneval", 1964. The carnival procession of the students of technology.
Ep 5:14 "Lilla torg förändras", 1968. The old market-hall is torn down.
Ep 5:15 "Här träffas vi", 1962. Bonusfilm about a youth centre.

-- Last edit: 2009-11-22 15:51:44

sixcyl FR

2006-01-09 01:13

very diversified pictures, good document!

stronghold EN

2006-03-25 19:24

Yes..a great selection of mixed vehicles.!


2009-11-21 13:09


Ep 3:11
[Image: 205518-Mustang 1 1.jpg][Image: 205519-Bedford CF 1 1.jpg][Image: 205520-Mustang 1 2.jpg]


2009-11-21 15:37


Ep 4:08
[Image: 205554-Flygplan 1 1.jpg][Image: 205555-Flygplan 1 2.jpg][Image: 205556-Flygplan 2 1.jpg][Image: 205557-Flygplan 2 2.jpg]

[Image: 205561-Flygplan 6 1.jpg][Image: 205562-Flygplan 6 2.jpg][Image: 205563-Flygplan 6 3.jpg][Image: 205564-Flygplan 6 4.jpg]

[Image: 205558-Flygplan 3 1.jpg][Image: 205559-Flygplan 4 1.jpg][Image: 205560-Flygplan 5 1.jpg]

[Image: 205565-Flygplan 7 1.jpg][Image: 205566-Flygplan 7 2.jpg]

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