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Unstoppable, Movie, 2010 IMDB

Pictures provided by: Neptune, antp, JohnnyK

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Also known as:

  • Incontrolável (Brazil)
  • Ŕ fond de train (Canada)
  • Imparable (Spain)
  • Száguldó bomba (Hungary)
  • Imparável (Portugal)

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Neptune US

2010-09-22 22:03

The movie, based on true events, centers around an unmanned runaway fright train transporting lethal chemicals bound for a heavily populated area. The unmanned locomotives are Allegheny and West Virginia (AWVR) 777 "the beast" and 767. AWVR is a fictional rail company.

Runaway locomotive's make & model: General Electric Transportation AC4400CW

[Image: 2.25.jpg] [Image: 6.17.jpg] [Image: 6a.2.jpg]

-- Last edit: 2010-09-23 02:14:16

Neptune US

2010-09-23 00:12

The making of:

Bystander footage of the movie during filming.




Neptune US

2010-09-23 03:09

Unstoppable’s AWVR train #777 nicknamed "The Beast" (for the movie) is based on the CSX train #8888 nicknamed "Crazy Eights" which became a unmanned runaway in 2001, and then later having a derailment in 2003. :wow:

[Image: CSX8888_StanleyYardOH_PatHuemmer_2002-04-06.jpg]

CSX 8888 Runaway Investigation

CSX 8888 gets into trouble again


2010-10-07 02:30

For a train with a nickname like The Beast i expected taht its number was 666 insted of 777

antp BE

2011-03-14 18:10

[Image: us_title.jpg]

Captures added from full movie, in HD. I found that it was worth seeing it in HD, and I really liked the movie.
All these nice trains :love: Here are a few pictures... (in movie order, not split by train model)

[Image: us000624c55.2531.jpg] [Image: us000701c48.984.jpg] [Image: us000706c55.9519.jpg] [Image: us000719c16.4513.jpg] [Image: us000729c29.2412.jpg] [Image: us000942c37.3999.jpg] [Image: us000952c20.3023.jpg] [Image: us001154c52.4570.jpg] [Image: us001311c02.8913.jpg] [Image: us001322c15.6837.jpg] [Image: us001751c05.9903.jpg] [Image: us001830c47.7791.jpg] [Image: us001845c06.5176.jpg] [Image: us001919c48.1112.jpg] [Image: us001922c04.5023.jpg] [Image: us002319c00.4216.jpg] [Image: us002351c40.3223.jpg] [Image: us002716c34.2622.jpg] [Image: us003537c25.226.jpg] [Image: us003628c31.4084.jpg] [Image: us003944c10.9452.jpg] [Image: us004122c21.5309.jpg] [Image: us_004146.jpg] [Image: us004201c05.711.jpg] [Image: us004314c49.5087.jpg] [Image: us004549c03.9968.jpg] [Image: us004550c17.6725.jpg] [Image: us004950c39.5043.jpg] [Image: us004959c50.703.jpg] [Image: us005018c27.4981.jpg] [Image: us005025c40.5994.jpg] [Image: us005932c31.8124.jpg] [Image: us010252c58.9125.jpg] [Image: us012226c35.2366.jpg]

-- Last edit: 2017-01-21 20:33:17

rjluna2 US

2011-03-14 18:38

Bunch of nice Diesel-Electric trains :D

Ford_Fan DE

2011-04-23 16:19

Nice pics. I love this film, although some scenes are unrealistic.

Ford_Fan DE

2011-04-23 16:43

I think engine 1206 is a EMD SD40 or SD45. Can anybody tell exactly what type?

Neptune US

2011-06-27 05:30

When I first saw this film, it reminded me of the old Fleischer cartoon about being safe around trains.

Play Safe (1936)

Gag Halfrunt UK

2011-07-04 20:13

From Wikipedia:
Quote The locomotives used on the runaway train (unit #777 and helper unit #767) were GE AC4400CWs leased from the Canadian Pacific Railway. CP #9777 and #9758 played #777 and #767 in the film's early scenes, while CP #9782 and #9751 were given a damaged look for portrayal in the later scenes of the film.[24] It is also interesting to note that while these four locomotives were repainted by Canadian Pacific following the filming, the painted snowplows from the AWVR liveries were left untouched and remain visible.[25] Most of the other locomotives seen in the film, including the chase locomotive (#1206), and the lashup locomotives used in an attempt to stop the train in the film (#7375 and #7346), were EMD SD40-2s leased from the Wheeling and Lake Erie Railway. #1206 was played by three different SD40-2s: W&LE #6353 and #6534, as well as a third unit which was bought from scrap and modified for cab shots. #7375 and #7346 were played by W&LE #6352 and #6351, which also played two locomotive "extras" (#5624 and #5580).[24] The excursion train locomotive (#2002) was a Southwestern Pennsylvania Railroad Paducah Built EMD GP11 which had been rebuilt from an EMD GP9. The passenger coaches carrying the schoolchildren were provided by the Orrville Railroad Heritage Society.[26]


Ford_Fan DE

2011-07-27 12:07

The helper unit #767 looks like a Canadian National locomotive, except to the yellow stripe and the AWVR sign.

DM-491 US

2013-07-03 15:37

The town of Stanton in the movie doesn't exist. There is no town in PA with 752,000 people. Philadelphia is the most populous with over a million and Pittsburgh is second with about 350,000.

rtsbusman1997 US

2013-07-03 22:01

Maybe this fits into a movie-alternate universe. It allows the story to be told without trodding on any real life places, people or entities.

Gag Halfrunt UK

2013-07-03 23:03

If you're going to invent a fictional railroad, a police livery that isn't 100% authentic is neither here nor there.

night cub US

2015-06-10 20:22

Mike962 - •Do not post pictures of background (unrelated to the plot) golf carts or lawn mowers.

mike962 DE

2018-01-13 23:53

rjluna2 wrote Bunch of nice Diesel-Electric trains :D

we all know Diesels are EVIL ,, here the proof

Link to "vignette.wikia.nocookie.net"
Link to "i.pinimg.com"

mike962 DE

2018-01-13 23:59

and this was actually the very last film done by the late TONY SCOTT !!! RIP

Rap_Boy US

2019-04-06 15:39

Doesn't the clip where the throttle moves make anyone feel like the train's possessed? :??: :think:
Here's a link to YouTube for proof: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DtQFmhUhOK8&t=652s

-- Last edit: 2019-04-06 15:40:40

jpts AU

2021-08-07 16:23

Neptune wrote Unstoppable’s AWVR train #777 nicknamed "The Beast" (for the movie) is based on the CSX train #8888 nicknamed "Crazy Eights" which became a unmanned runaway in 2001, and then later having a derailment in 2003. :wow:

[Image: CSX8888_StanleyYardOH_PatHuemmer_2002-04-06.jpg]

CSX 8888 Runaway Investigation

CSX 8888 gets into trouble again

The Crazy Eights incident occurred between Walbridge and Kenton, Ohio on the morning of the 15th March 2001.

On that morning, CSX 8888, a former Conrail EMD SD40-2 was moving 47 wagons (22 full and 25 empty), including two tanker wagons filled with molten phenol (a key toxic ingredient used in dyes, glues and paints, and is harmful if inhaled, ingested or comes into contact with skin) from track K12 to track D10 to join another train destined for Toledo, Ohio, when the engineer noticed the track switch was misaligned

Even though CSX 8888 was travelling slowly, the engineer believed that the train wasn't able to stop and left the cab to realign the switch to the correct track.

Like in the film, the engineer applied the locomotive's independent air brake, (unaware the air brake between the locomotive and the rest of the train were disconnected, disabling the dead man's switch) and applied the locomotive's dynamic brake, slowing the train to a crawl, but he had the throttle for the locomotive's traction motors set at notch 8 (100% full power), meaning the power to the traction motors had overridden the locomotive's air brakes and resulted in the train becoming a runaway.

Seeing the locomotive was starting to accelerate, the engineer tried to reboard the locomotive, but was unable to and was dragged 80 feet (24 metres), resulting in the engineer receiving some minor cuts and abrasions.

And like in the film, the attempt to stop the train by derailing failed, due to the speed of the train being able to throw the portable derailer clear of the tracks as the train ran over the derailer.

The Ohio State Police then attempted to stop the train by firing shots at the locomotive's fuel shut-off switch, but this attempt failed as the button on the fuel shut-off switch on former Conrail SD40-2s must be pressed for several seconds in order for the switch to activate to stave the fuel to the locomotive, resulting in the locomotive being shut down.

-- Last edit: 2022-04-10 09:51:59

Bray7 US

2023-01-12 19:39

... and continuing off of jpts's post.

Another train coming the opposite way pulled into a siding in order to let CSX 8888 pass them without colliding head on. This train was pulled by another SD40-2, numbered CSX 8392.

Orders were given to the crew of CSX 8392 to pull ahead and chase after the runaway CSX 8888.

CSX 8392 managed to catch up to the runaway and slow it down considerably. Another locomotive, CSX 6008, (A GP40-2 model) was on stand by ahead just in case.

Eventually CSX 8888 was slowed down about 10mph, when a CSX trainmaster managed to climb aboard and stop the runaway train.

The engineer responsible for the incident was never revealed to the public. He was given a 60-day suspension before being allowed back to work. Ironically, he became a training mentor for new engineers working for CSX, he is now presumably retired.

The crew of CSX 8392 were given a special recognition by the company. And one of them actually worked as a tech supervisor for this movie.

CSX 8888 was rebuilt into an SD40-3 in 2016, CSX 8392 was scrapped sometime around 2012, and CSX 6008 is still in active service to this day.

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