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Criminal Minds, TV Series, 2005-2023 IMDB

Pictures provided by: Germaneon, garco, CarChasesFanatic, suceress, potter, ECHO993, stronghold, night cub, DriveSmooth, Kooshmeister, josh_miller02, Ddey65, Khalid97, Black Bart 2, Antonelli12, Parrilex304

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Also known as:

  • Mentes Criminales (Spain)
  • Esprits Criminels (France)
  • Zabójcze umysły (Poland)

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mister car from 971

2008-12-07 06:25

Where are pics from the other eps of Season 3? And of Seasons 1 & 2? And Season 4?

mister car from 971

2009-01-15 19:14

Hey, where are the pics of the episode which aired on December 17th 2008? Because I saw a black Mercedes S-Class which flipped over in a spectacular way!!! And a blue Jeep Cherokee driven by a man who killed his family!!!

ford_guy US

2009-01-16 01:01

Why don't YOU add them instead of always asking where they're at?


2009-01-16 01:48

The folks at CBS don't put high quality streaming video of "Criminal Minds" episodes on their website.

mister car from 971

2009-07-26 18:24

Good news: Criminal Minds will be back in September for a 5th season.

suceress US

2010-04-18 07:38

I'm new here and thought I would point out that in season 3 episode 2 (ep 3.02) There was a brief scene of Dr. Spencer Reid driving some sort of Volvo Amazon. I believe it may have been a 1965 Volvo Amazon P130 series. It was too dark to see how many doors it had, but I didn't see a vertical bar in the rear side windows so I'm assuming it was the two-door model (making it the P130 rather than the P120). I couldn't really make out the color but it appeared to have a blue-ish tint. This could either be because it was "horizon blue" (color 89) or a blue tint was used for the camera for night effect. If it wasn't blue, it was probably "pearl white" (color 79). I'm going to read the FAQs and post on the forums.
CBS can't put Criminal Minds episodes online because the show is co-owned by another network and they can't come to an agreement about online episodes.

mister car from 971

2010-08-06 00:43

Good news: Criminal Minds has already been renewed for a 6th season and it will begin to air in late September or early October on CBS at the same time Wednesdays at 9/8c! Moreover, its spinoff series starring Forest Whitaker will begin to air during the 2010-11 season!

stronghold EN

2011-05-14 12:07

My Uncle has passed onto me some episodes he recorded from sky tv, I believe are from season 5 & 6.
I'd not seen this show before (Not having satelite myself)
I'll be adding any missing vehicles I find ;)
I'm enjoying the series very much, but have yet to discover what an 'unsub' is? (I'm guessing 'unknown subject'.?)
I'm used to watching NCIS, where one of Tony's favorite phrases is 'Local Leos' (which I do know is 'Local law enforcement officers)

stronghold EN

2011-05-14 12:34

in eps 5.14* car passing at night & part seen school bus
[Image: cm5146.1122.jpg] [Image: cm51411.1630.jpg]

mister car from 971

2013-05-10 19:50

Good news: CBS has just renewed this drama for Season 9! So, it will be back for the 2013-14 season!


2013-06-23 17:01

By the way Potter, when you enter chassis/model codes, you don't put them in the extra info, you enter them next to "Chassis" and you don't need to add the brackets because the site does that automatically.

And also, please don't enter the name if you're not completely certain. You got it wrong with several of them (that upside down red car is not a Porsche 924) which makes me wonder if the vehicles I'm not familiar with are all correctly named.

-- Last edit: 2013-06-23 17:10:22

Sandie SX

2013-06-23 17:20

To whoever changed it back: /vehicle_607419-Ford-Bronco-1995.html (I'm guessing potter) this is not a 1995. It is a 1987-91 model, I'm hoping someone can pin that down more.

winwin BS

2014-10-17 16:29

I would appreciate if someone would post what car it is from 10x03 "A Thousand Suns", the skyblue car at like 01:40 minute..

-- Last edit: 2014-10-18 18:39:46

jpts AU

2015-11-21 16:30

The BAU in the show seems to have a nasty habit of shooting and sometimes killing the criminal.

Corkeyandpals US

2016-04-24 07:38

Aircraft at: http://impdb.org/index.php?title=Criminal_Minds

night cub US

2016-05-08 00:07

Season 1 compelte.

S1 aircraft for IMPD:

Most of the planes are already listed on IMPD. The Gulfstreams are how the crew goes to each city.

Gulfstream IV from several episodes:
[Image: crimmind-103-vlcsnap-00089.jpg] [Image: crimmind-105-vlcsnap-00118.jpg] [Image: crimmind-110-vlcsnap-00040.jpg] [Image: crimmind-111-vlcsnap-000118.jpg] [Image: crimmind-120-vlcsnap-00157.jpg]

Already listed Gulfstreams:
[Image: crimmind-102-vlcsnap-00060.jpg] [Image: crimmind-103-vlcsnap-00103.jpg] [Image: crimmind-104-vlcsnap-00117.jpg] [Image: crimmind-106-vlcsnap-00009.jpg]
[Image: crimmind-113-vlcsnap-00028.jpg] [Image: crimmind-118-vlcsnap-00064.jpg]

Ep 1.01:
[Image: crimmind-101-vlcsnap-00026.jpg] [Image: crimmind-101-vlcsnap-00029.jpg] [Image: crimmind-101-vlcsnap-00052.jpg]

Ep 1.13:
[Image: crimmind-113-vlcsnap-00050.jpg] [Image: crimmind-113-vlcsnap-00052.jpg] [Image: crimmind-113-vlcsnap-00053.jpg]

Ep 1.21:
[Image: crimmind-121-vlcsnap-00171.jpg]

Interior of the Gulfstream, from Ep 1.17; plus a picture from the "behind the scenes" video, showing the plane interior set:
[Image: crimmind-117-vlcsnap-00019.jpg] [Image: crimmind-xtra-vlcsnap-00210.jpg]

-- Last edit: 2016-05-08 00:10:42

kooshmeister US

2016-07-12 23:26

Neat little model police car:

[Image: crim19.jpg]

night cub US

2016-07-13 01:10

kooshmeister wrote Neat little model police car:

[Image: crim19.jpg]

I think I found it:
Link to "dcmcm.com"

night cub US

2016-07-21 08:39

@josh_miller02 - Do you have an episode # for your submission?

Ddey65 US

2018-04-04 07:02

This episode has a Ford Econoline van:

I'll have to watch my iTunes copy to refresh my memory before I send it to you people.

night cub US

2018-08-03 10:14

@Khalid97 - Do you have an episode number for that Cadillac?

night cub US

2018-08-04 23:29

night cub wrote @Khalid97 - Do you have an episode number for that Cadillac?

Still wondering if you have the episode title or number?

Sandie SX

2019-06-01 20:36

@Black Bart: As you are adding a lot here, leave a comment when you are done or taking a break so we know we can work through them and validate a batch, thanks.

Didn't realise this show was still going!

Black Bart 2 US

2019-06-01 20:44

@Sandie: You got it. I was looking at this page and noticed there was a lot missing from Season 2.

The show is actually having its series finale.

-- Last edit: 2019-06-01 20:59:17

Black Bart 2 US

2019-06-01 20:51

deleted comment

Black Bart 2 US

2019-06-01 22:22

I'm finishing Season 2, but just so everybody knows; the 3 unknowns for episode 2.04 and the 1 unknown for episodes 2.09 and 2.20 is whichever vehicle looks the best. And the unknown for episode 2.13 is for whichever RV looks the best.

-- Last edit: 2019-06-01 23:51:01

Black Bart 2 US

2019-06-01 23:34

Season 2 Done.

night cub US

2019-06-02 05:57

Black Bart 2 wrote Season 2 Done.

When I was home earlier today, I was trying to keep up with you because the ratio was off (pics too tall). If you do Season 3 next, you may need to resize to 720 x 405. I'm going to pickup where I left off earlier.

Black Bart 2 US

2019-06-02 12:12

night cub wrote
When I was home earlier today, I was trying to keep up with you because the ratio was off (pics too tall). If you do Season 3 next, you may need to resize to 720 x 405. I'm going to pickup where I left off earlier.

Sorry about that, I probably will be doing Season 3 next and I'll keep that in mind.

Black Bart 2 US

2019-07-12 20:36

Vehicles for Season 3 are ready.

Black Bart 2 US

2019-07-13 01:12

One last vehicle is ready to be validated.

Other than that, Season 3 is complete.

Black Bart 2 US

2020-02-03 18:19

Does this site accept ATVs?

I'm working on Season 4.

(inactive user)

2020-02-03 18:20


Black Bart 2 US

2020-02-12 19:48

Vehicles for Season 4 are ready to be validated.

Black Bart 2 US

2020-02-12 21:26

Interesting 40's or 50's car in the far background from 4.12:

[Image: vlcsnap-2020-02-08-22h57m45s670.jpg]

Black Bart 2 US

2020-02-12 21:35

Porsche partially shown from 4.16:

[Image: vlcsnap-2020-02-05-14h22m55s292.jpg] [Image: vlcsnap-2020-02-05-14h23m45s021.jpg]

Black Bart 2 US

2020-02-12 21:48

Cool 60's or 70's GM based car and a late 80's BMW from 4.23:

[Image: vlcsnap-2020-02-07-17h52m51s225.jpg] [Image: vlcsnap-2020-02-07-17h57m47s453.jpg]

johnfromstaffs EN

2020-02-12 22:16


The red one is a Morris Minor Traveller, I think.

Black Bart 2 US

2020-02-13 00:24

A lot of models and pictures of cars in 4.11, along with a Corvette tie:

[Image: vlcsnap-2020-02-03-15h08m57s070.jpg] [Image: vlcsnap-2020-02-03-15h09m53s502.jpg] [Image: vlcsnap-2020-02-03-15h09m59s275.jpg] [Image: vlcsnap-2020-02-03-15h15m39s030.jpg] [Image: vlcsnap-2020-02-03-15h24m17s016.jpg]

Black Bart 2 US

2020-02-13 00:26

For IMPDb, all from 4.08:

[Image: vlcsnap-2020-02-03-13h08m30s379.jpg] [Image: vlcsnap-2020-02-03-13h09m11s553.jpg] [Image: vlcsnap-2020-02-03-13h09m18s002.jpg] [Image: vlcsnap-2020-02-03-13h10m56s083.jpg]

CougarTim US

2020-02-15 23:29

Black Bart 2 wrote Cool 60's or 70's GM based car ... from 4.23:

1963-1965 Buick Riviera

Black Bart 2 US

2021-01-25 03:54

I will be adding more vehicles from a couple of seasons, sometime in the coming months, just a heads up.

walter IT

2021-04-06 19:16

@Black Bart 2 > ratio of the pictures you're adding is off, they must be 1.85

Black Bart 2 US

2021-04-06 19:25

Can I adjust them while I'm uploading them?

Never mind, I just read night club's comment from 2 years ago, I'll resize all of them.

-- Last edit: 2021-04-06 19:35:25

Black Bart 2 US

2021-04-06 22:29

To whom is validating the vehicles I'm uploading, I'm uploading missing vehicles from seasons 5 through 8, I'll comment when I finishing uploading.

Black Bart 2 US

2021-04-07 05:55

Vehicles for Seasons 5 through 8 are ready to be validated.

Extra shots and IMPDB will be posted in the comments at a later time.

night cub US

2021-04-07 08:29

While I appreciate your enthusiasm, maybe perhaps don't upload this many at one time. (Maybe one season at a time or 100 cars?) It's going to take us a while to go through everything.

[Image: crimminds471.jpg]

Black Bart 2 US

2021-04-07 13:42

I see, will do for next time.

walter IT

2021-04-07 19:30

Currently checking them... Link to "as2.ftcdn.net"

EDIT: 333 new pics validated, some regrouping will still be needed probably.

-- Last edit: 2021-04-07 21:50:26

Jnglmpera JP

2021-04-08 01:28

walter wrote some regrouping will still be needed probably.

I think so too. I identified multiple Lexus ES and Toyota Tacomas, both of which were the same generations.

Also a lot of barely visible/blurry cars.. :/

-- Last edit: 2021-04-08 01:28:47

GodzillaFan54 CA

2021-04-08 14:36

With 1'242 vehicles, is this the biggest listing on IMCDb? Certainly the one with the most contributions!

Black Bart 2 US

2021-04-10 16:54

IMPDB (from Season 5):

Ep 5.07:

[Image: impdb1.2.jpg] [Image: impdb2.2.jpg] [Image: impdb3.1.jpg]

Ep 5.08:

[Image: impdb1.3.jpg] [Image: impdb2.3.jpg] [Image: impdb3.2.jpg] [Image: impdb4.jpg]

Ep 5.18:

[Image: impdb1.4.jpg] [Image: impdb2.4.jpg] [Image: impdb3.3.jpg] [Image: impdb4.1.jpg] [Image: impdb5.jpg]

Ep 5.21:

[Image: impdb1.5.jpg] [Image: impdb2.5.jpg] [Image: impdb3.4.jpg] [Image: impdb4.2.jpg]

Black Bart 2 US

2021-04-10 17:00

IMPDB (from Season 6):

Ep 6.02:

[Image: impdb1.6.jpg] [Image: impdb2.6.jpg] [Image: impdb3.5.jpg]

Ep 6.05:

[Image: impdb.1.jpg]

Ep 6.15:

[Image: impdb1.7.jpg] [Image: impdb2.7.jpg]

Ep 6.16:

[Image: impdb.2.jpg]

Black Bart 2 US

2021-04-10 17:06

IMPDB (from Season 7):

Ep 7.01:

[Image: impdb1.8.jpg] [Image: impdb2.8.jpg] [Image: impdb3.6.jpg] [Image: impdb4.3.jpg] [Image: impdb5.1.jpg] [Image: impdb6.jpg] [Image: impdb7.jpg]

Ep 7.23:

[Image: impdb1.9.jpg]

Black Bart 2 US

2021-04-10 17:13

IMPDB (from Season 8):

Ep 8.07:

[Image: impdb.3.jpg]

Ep 8.08:

[Image: impdb.4.jpg]

Ep 8.21:

[Image: impdb.5.jpg]

Ep 8.23:

[Image: impdb1.10.jpg] [Image: impdb2.9.jpg]

Ep 8.24:

[Image: impdb1.11.jpg] [Image: impdb2.10.jpg] [Image: impdb3.7.jpg] [Image: impdb4.4.jpg] [Image: impdb5.2.jpg] [Image: impdb6.1.jpg] [Image: impdb7.1.jpg] [Image: impdb8.1.jpg] [Image: impdb9.jpg]

Corkeyandpals US

2021-06-04 08:09

Black Bart 2 wrote IMPDB (from Season 8):

IMPDb page is now updated through season 8, thanks!

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