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Fury, Movie, 2014 IMDB

Pictures provided by: mike962, maxman

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2014-10-12 12:28



could be a very interesting WW2 movie

pokeoddsponge US

2014-11-02 21:33


I think the main tank "Fury" (five stars) is an M4A3E8. I think there was one M4A3E2 and others were the standard M4A2. Other background vehicles: M8 Greyhound, Panzer 4, Panzer 5 Panther, GMC CCKW.

Also SDKFZ 251, Willys MB

-- Last edit: 2014-11-02 23:02:20

2491tj EN

2014-11-30 21:59


Fury...or, how an unlikeable WW2 US tank crew does battle with the most inept WW2 german Tiger tank crew on the planet while wiping out some typical hollywood Nazis along the way!!!, the film does not live up to expectations and is very disapointing.in the final battle scene we see some completely inept Waffen Ss troops marching down the middle of a country road,some of which are armed with Panzerfaust bazookas,behind them is a 1950s East European truck, in spite of the movies claim that all the vehicles were genuine WW2...there are also a few postwar French Hotchkiss M201 Jeeps lurking dressed as WW2 period vehicles. as the heavily equipped soldiers approach the knocked out Fury some minutes later, all the Panzerfaust equipped troops seem to have vanished and we go into a ridiculous standoff scene where various germans get killed while trying to assault the knocked out tank.....no one seems to have thought about bringing up one of the 10 or so Panzerfaust bazooka equipped germans, who...as was shown earlier on in the film, with one shot from a Panzerfaust will completely kill the crew hiding in the tank!!!., Fury seems to have been made from a special steel as not only does it survive two direct hits from the 88mm gun of a Tiger from about 5 feet away, it also survives a 75mm PAK 40 anti tank gun hit from 10 feet away...but then is disabled when it runs over a mine!! impervious to Tiger tank shells, yet knocked out by a mine!!.despite the publicity, the movie features very little of the Tank Museum Tiger, the tank was on set for 3 days but due to the fear of damaging the transmission, restrictions were placed on how many turns, forward/reverse movements and start ups the vehicle could do....a good 80 per cent of what purports to be the tiger in the movie is in fact a fake tiger hull built on to a British Army 1960s Alvis Shielder tank, the alvis running gear had blue screen material placed over it and the Tiger running gear and other details were added post production by CGI..thats why in some shots the Tiger seems to lack some detail....there were 5 "Fury" tanks in total, the main star tank being owned by the Tank Museum, for close up shots of the crew, a fake sherman hull was built onto an Alvis Shielder running gear and ,like the Tiger, Sherman running gear was added post production, the fake Sherman also had a walkway built around it so the camera crew could film from it., apart from the Fury tank, all shermans were crewed by British Army tank crew who had returned from Afghanistan, the Shermans were driven by their owners, the Fury Sherman and the Tiger were driven by Tank Museum staff.
all the shermans were fitted with engine cut offs and hydraulic ram brakes which were all linked to an electrical controller held by someone off camera,in the event of something going wrong the off camera person could push a button which would not only bring all the tanks to a standstill,it would also apply the hydraulic brakes.In spite of the claim that the movie pays attention to the detail of the uniforms, no one has come forward to explain why Brad Pitts character wears a pair of 1970s Soviet Army goggles on his tank crew helmet!!!.The Fury Sherman and others seem to be UP armoured by having wood tree trunks lashed to the hull sides...this was done by USMC Sherman tank crews in the Pacific Theatre, but not really in the NW European theatre.a publicity film claims all the costumes were genuine and sourced in Berlin, yet is is a known fact that most were supplied by British reenactor dealers....and were replicas,a wasted moment in the movie appears at the beginning, in background we can see the silouhette of a knocked out Panther and Panzer IV tanks...both genuine, but not really viewable...a wasted moment,both vehicles could have been employed to better effect had they been shown abandoned at the roadside.in addition to a fake tiger and fake Sherman built on to Alvis Shielder tanks, a further tiger and Sherman prop trackless body with turret was also built...they were offered for sale on milweb in February 2015, as of 2017 one of the fake .50 cal turret top machine guns from one of the Shermans now adorns the back of a replica Gulf War Land Rover in private hands in the uk.

-- Last edit: 2017-05-09 22:35:45

petep UK

2014-12-23 12:04


The last week of the war was a pretty chaotic time and it is very difficult to say something definitely didn't happen in a country where millions of people are at war. I imagine a lot of otherwise normal people would be pretty unlikable after 10 months of combat. It is entirely possible the Tiger crew were inept, given the age of the machine it would have been taken from a maintenance or training establishment and pressed into service by the best people available. However four Shermans to knock out one Tiger tally's with historical accounts.
Of course there are unrealistic bits, but it isn't a documentary, it is a film. Sure the Germans may not have been knocked over so easily, but the Americans wouldn't have been so bunched up and in the open, but it had to be visible on a cinema screen. And yes I agree there are probably two or three occasions where they would have been knocked out.
Yep you don't see enough of the Tiger and it would be great to see it charging about the place, but any damage to the running gear could literally run into hundreds of thousands of pounds, if it was my tank I'd be pretty restrictive about what I let people do with it too. Still better to see a real one do that than half a dozen CGI ones or converted T-34s.
The bit where the disabled Sherman fends off an infantry division at the crossroads is based on an actual event detailed in Belton Y Cooper's autobiography "Death Traps". Sure tactically it was a little different as the surviving crewman fired HE at the road in front of the infantry to keep them at a distance, but when he ran out of ammo for all of the guns he ended up dropping grenades out of the hatches to get the Germans climbing on the tank.
There are plenty of pics of Shermans and other vehicles in Europe with logs on the sides, they were less for protection and more for putting under the tracks if they got stuck in the mud.
Link to "www.3ad.com"
There will never be a WWII film that everybody agrees is spot on, sure it some flaws, but I think they are greatly outweighed by the good bits.


2015-10-01 18:56


Aircraft at : http://impdb.org/index.php?title=Fury_%282014%29

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